In 2022, Xiao Zhan, Jin Taiheng and Wang Yibo ranked among the top three in the world’s most handsome faces

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The British magazine “the Nubia magazine” holds a list of the most handsome faces every year. Many fans of stars also attach great importance to this list and vote crazily for their idols every time. The ranking of the world’s most handsome faces in 2022 has been released, with Xiao Zhan, Jin Taiheng and Wang Yibo occupying the top three on the list. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Ranking of the world’s most handsome faces in 2022

The Nubia magazine’s list of the most handsome faces, the contestants are all men. Today, let’s introduce the top ten on the 2022 list:

First place: Xiao Zhan, Chinese nationality. Xiao Zhan, who is a singer, became popular with his pleading. Later, he played Zhuxian, ACE army and Douluo mainland. Please give more advice for the rest of your life, which is also loved by everyone.

Second place: Kim Tae hang, Korean nationality. Kim Tae Hang is a member of the Korean men’s bulletproof Youth League and the most popular member in the group. His representative work is stigma.

Third place: Wang Yibo, Chinese nationality. Wang Yibo first made his debut as a member of the men’s group uniq, and later became popular because of his role in the petition. Later, he accompanied you to the top of the world. Youfei, the wind rises in Luoyang, is also very popular, and the song is very popular.

The fourth place: Jin shuozhen, whose nationality is South Korea. Jin shuozhen is also a member of the bulletproof Youth League. She is also very popular at home and abroad. Her representative work is “Wake”.

The fifth place: Kerem bursin, whose nationality is Turkey. Kerem bursin is an actor whose masterpiece is “tap your heart”.

Xiao Zhan, Jin Taiheng, Wang Yibo occupied the top three

Sixth place: can yaman, Turkish nationality. Can yaman is an actor, and his representative works are false destiny.

Seventh place: Rege Jean page, whose nationality is British. Rege Jean page is an actor whose representative works are “predatory city”.

Eighth place: Henry Cavill, nationality should be. Henry Cavill is an actor whose representative works are Tudor Dynasty.

Ninth place: C Luo, Portuguese nationality. Ronaldo is a professional football player in Portugal and is very famous all over the world.

Tenth: timothé E chalamet, whose nationality is both American and French, timothé E chalamet is a singer and actor. People prefer to call him sweet tea. His representative works include “please call me in your name” and “a rainy day in New York”.

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