In a dream of Red Mansions, did Xue Baochai enjoy her stay at Jia’s residence?

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A dream of Red Mansions, an ancient Chinese novel in the form of chapters and chapters, is one of the four classics in China, with 120 passages. It is a human novel with world influence, an encyclopedia of Chinese feudal society, and a master of traditional culture. The author encouraged himself by “talking about the main theme and recording the facts”, only according to his own facts and feelings, following the track, getting rid of the old set, being fresh and unique, and achieving extraordinary artistic achievements. The following Chinese story network editor brings you relevant content to share with you.

In a dream of Red Mansions, Xue Baochai’s family came uninvited. Jia’s mother and Jia Zheng politely asked them to stay, and the family took advantage of the slope to live. So, is Xue Baochai comfortable in Jia’s residence? I’m not happy. The reasons are as follows:

First, Jia Baoyu, whom she wants to marry, doesn’t like her.

Xue Baochai wanted to go to the palace to be the accompaniment of the princess, but she failed. So he gave up and wanted to marry Jia Baoyu as his wife. However, Baoyu grew up with Daiyu, and their relationship was much better than that of Baochai. So Bao Chai tried to set Daiyu in front of Mrs. Wang. Mrs. Wang disliked Lin Daiyu.


Once, when everyone was chatting in Mrs. Wang’s room, Mrs. Jia sent a maid to let Baoyu and Daiyu have dinner. Daiyu left Baoyu and left. Baochai asked Baoyu to chase Lin Daiyu. She said, “you should go seriously. If you don’t want to eat, he’s not at ease. Why bother?”

Baochai said this to tell Mrs. Wang that Lin Daiyu’s pettiness was getting angry again. Your precious son is hesitating whether to go after Miss Lin!

Baoyu was afraid that Mrs. Wang would anger Daiyu, so she did not go to Daiyu. He finished his meal in a hurry and was about to leave. Baochai said, “tell him to eat quickly and see sister Lin. what do you want him to do here?”

Baochai is no doubt telling Mrs. Wang that your son’s soul has been taken away by Lin Daiyu, and she is in charge of it!


Which mother would like her son to be ruled by a girl? Which mother wants to see her son’s soul taken away by other women, and which mother wants her son to be better to other girls than herself? Baochai’s words undoubtedly struck Mrs. Wang hard for a while, making Mrs. Wang jealous of Lin Daiyu’s position in Baoyu’s heart.

However, no matter what moves Bao Chai uses, even if Mrs. Wang doesn’t like Lin Daiyu, Jia Baoyu is still obsessed with Daiyu. To Baoyu, Baochai is just an ordinary sister.

Jia Baoyu also thought that Baochai had influenced his heart to heart talk with Daiyu, and drove Baochai to play cards with Jia’s mother. What’s more, Baoyu even lifted her legs and left when Baochai urged him to study and make progress! Leaving Baochai, Baochai blushed with embarrassment. Afterwards, Bao Chai also called Bao Chai a Lu Shu, which polluted the clean place of the boudoir.

Baochai did not understand why she was inferior to Lin Daiyu? Why doesn’t Baoyu like herself?

Second, the old lady likes Baochai on the surface, but she doesn’t like Baochai either.

The old lady’s attitude towards Xue Baochai was that of her relatives’ children. She was polite and polite. I will never treat Xue Baochai as I did Lin Daiyu.


In front of grandma Liu, Jia’s mother called Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu “two yuers are abominable!” Call Xue Baochai: “you are Xue Da girl!”

The old lady said on the surface that none of the four girls in our family could compare with Bao! This sounds like a compliment to Xue Baochai, but when you carefully smack the taste, you can understand that the old lady is treating Daiyu as her own child and Baochai as a guest in disguise. Because Yuan Chun is the imperial concubine, Jia’s mother has to kneel down when she sees yuan Chun. Yuan Chun is no longer a girl of Jia’s family, but a high imperial concubine. The Jia mother dared not regard yuan Chun as her own girl. Jia Mu thought Daiyu was her own child.

Although Baoqin looks better, she can’t compare with Xue Baochai in other aspects. However, the old lady loved Baoqin so much that she gave Baoqin the precious Fu dimple fur. Baochai could not help but say to Baoqin, “I don’t believe my children are inferior to you!” Baochai doesn’t understand why she is inferior to Baoqin! What’s so good about Baoqin that the old lady loves her so much!

Jia’s mother took 20 liang of silver to hold a 15th birthday party for Baochai. This is the first time that Jia Mu has ordered to leave. She reminded Xue’s family to marry Xue Baochai quickly and not to waste time in Jia’s house.

When the birthday party failed, the Jia’s mother continued to drive Xue Baochai out of the temple. She turned down the proposal of a 15-year-old girl. And told Taoist Zhang that Baoyu should not marry early. Baochai, don’t waste your time. If you want to marry Baoyu, wait!

Jia’s mother also skillfully solved the golden and jade marriage in Qingxu temple. Xue Baochai has a golden lock, and Shi Xiangyun has a golden Qilin. Baochai is the sister with the gold lock, and Xiangyun is the sister with the gold Qilin. This is to tell the Xue family that Xue Baochai is not the only one who has a golden and jade marriage. Shi Xiangyun and Baoyu also have a golden and jade marriage. Bao Chai, go and find another childe with jade!


Third, people’s difficulties.

Jia’s mother is the old ancestor of the Jia family. Xue Baochai is not liked by the old ancestors. She must have a hard time in the Jia family.

Xing Xiuyan lived in the yard of Yingchun, and was made difficult by the girls in Yingchun’s room. The people in the Jia family are all rich and noble and two snobs. Seeing that my ancestors don’t like Miss Bao, I must be very embarrassed for her.

Fortunately, Bao Chai can handle affairs and use money to pave the way. She has bought many servants. She had a better life.

Bao Chai bought Jin Chuan. After Jin Chuan died, Bao Chai and the wife said that Jin Chuan had worn her clothes. It can be seen that Baochai has given Jinchuan clothes. Yuchuan is Jinchuan’s sister, and Baochai will also give Yuchuan clothes. Mrs. Wang also has two big girls, Caixia and Caiyun. Baochai will also buy them off. People in Baoyu’s room, from the servant to the girl, and their mother, Baochai bought them off one by one. Mingyan’s mother was bribed by Baochai and recognized Yinger as her goddaughter.

Eunuchs in the Imperial Palace often beat the autumn breeze to the Jia family, and the servants of the Jia family often beat the autumn breeze to Xue Baochai. Xue Baochai’s life in the Jia family must not have been comfortable at home.

Xue Baochai’s life in the Jia family was not comfortable. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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