In ancient folk tales, why was aunt Ma finally called?

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In ancient times, people celebrated the birthday of the elderly, which was divided into men and women. Men hung a picture of men’s birthday and women hung a picture of women’s birthday. The female longevity star is usually painted with aunt Ma, so it is called “aunt Ma offering her birthday”. The Magu in the painting is as beautiful as heaven, soaring through the clouds and mist; Or floating in the clouds; Or offer a birthday gift with two hands on a tray: a pot of wine and several peaches. Wine is the longevity wine brewed by Ma Gu himself, while peach is the flat peach presented by the queen mother; Sometimes she carries a slender bamboo branch on her shoulder, with a pot of wine hanging on it, and a boy next to her carries a huge fairy peach. However, no matter what kind of Magu figure, peaches and wine are always essential, because in people’s hearts, peaches and wine are symbols of longevity. The figure of “Magu offering longevity” shows longevity by offering peaches and wine. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Magu was a minority girl in the northern post Zhao Dynasty during the northern and Southern Dynasties. She is handsome and beautiful, wearing dazzling clothes, with a big bun on her head, and the long hair at the back of her head hangs down to her waist. Ma Gu is not only good-looking, but also kind-hearted, and often helps the poor. However, Ma Gu’s father is a tyrannical, vicious, arrogant, domineering, malicious person who often bullies the people.


Although her father has a bad reputation, as a daughter, Ma Gu is still very filial to him. Once, Magu went to the mountains to pick fruit and finally picked a peach. At that time, peaches were the best of fruits and were very rare. Ma Gu couldn’t bear to eat, so she put the peach in her arms and brought it home to her father to eat.

Ma Gu rushed home with peaches and suddenly saw a group of people around the roadside, so she walked over curiously to see what happened. It turned out that an old woman in yellow fell ill by the roadside and was dying. The onlookers said, “the old woman must be hungry. If she can get something to eat, she may be able to survive. But where can I find food in this chaos?” So everyone just stood there, talking to each other, and no one walked home to get something to eat for the old woman. The old woman soon died. Ma Gu couldn’t see it anymore. She hurriedly took out the peach from her arms, squatted down and fed her a little bit.

Ma Gu, this is a big, sweet, juicy peach. After the old woman ate it, she soon woke up. The onlookers couldn’t help but tut tut praising aunt Ma for her kindness and saying that she would be rewarded.

The old woman was really hungry. After eating peaches, although she woke up, she still had no strength, so she opened her mouth and said to Ma Gu, “good boy, thank you so much. Can you make me some porridge soup?”

At that time, it was a time of famine. People had little food, and many people starved to death because they had no food, so food was extremely precious. However, Ma Gu really couldn’t bear the old woman to starve to death, so she readily promised, “I’ll cook something for you now, and you can wait for me here for a while.” With that, Ma Gu quickly ran home to cook porridge for the old woman.

Unfortunately, Ma Qiu’s father knew about Ma Gu. When he heard that Ma Gu had given the old woman peaches and was still cooking porridge for the old woman, he was very angry, so he locked up Ma Gu and didn’t allow her to go out.

Ma Gu was worried about the old woman beside the road. When her father fell asleep in the middle of the night, Ma Gu quietly carried the porridge out the door. But when she came to the place where the old woman was lying during the day, she didn’t see any shadow of the old woman. In the moonlight, where the old woman sat, there was a peach stone left there. Unable to find the old woman anymore, Ma Gu had to pick up the peach stones on the ground and go home. When she got home and lay in bed, as soon as she closed her eyes, she saw the old woman in the daytime, still wearing yellow clothes, coming towards her with a smile: “good child, wronged you. You don’t have to be sad, I’m fine. We’ll still have a chance to meet in the future.” With that, he drifted away.


In the morning, after getting up, Ma Gu planted the peach stone she picked up in the evening in her yard. A month later, it grew into a tall and big peach tree. In the first month of the second year, the peach trees were full of big and red peaches. Ma Gu used these peaches to help the elderly who fled. Strangely, after eating Magu’s peaches, these old people not only didn’t feel hungry, but also doubled their spirits, and even had no previous minor problems. Ma Gu also realized that the old woman came from heaven, not a beggar.

Later, Ma Qiu, the father of Ma Gu, made great contributions to the war. The emperor appointed him a senior official and asked him to be responsible for the new palace. In order to repair the palace as soon as possible, Ma Qiu can go to the emperor to ask for credit and receive rewards. So he tried his best to enslave the people and let them work day and night without any time to rest. Ma Qiu also stipulated that only when the chicken crowed, people could have a moment of rest. Ma Gu was very sympathetic to these people, so in the evening, she hid in the chicken nest and learned to crow. In this way, as long as Ma Gu crows, all the chickens will crow, so that the people have a rest time. But this matter was soon discovered by Ma Qiu. He found out that it was his female Magu xianshouer who was hindering his fame. He was very angry and wanted to beat his daughter severely.

Hearing the news, Ma Gu fled to the mountain. Ma Qiu’s anger increased, and she decided to burn the mountain and burn her daughter to death. At this critical moment. The queen mother passed by here. She had heard that Magu had done a lot of good things. Now that she was suffering such a disaster, she saved Magu and took her as a disciple.

On March 3, the Queen Mother’s birthday, a peach blossom festival was held, and all kinds of immortals came to celebrate her birthday. Four flower immortals, Baihua, peony, peony and begonia, came to invite Ma Gu to join them. Four flower fairies sent their own fairy flowers to celebrate the birthday of the queen mother. Ma Gu didn’t bring flowers, but only an extremely old jar, which contained longevity wine brewed with Ganoderma lucidum by the Jiangzhu river. This wine is particularly mellow. As soon as the jar lid is opened, it immediately overflows with fragrance. All the immortals who came to celebrate her birthday praised Ma Gu’s dexterity and the blessing of the queen mother. The queen mother also praised Ma Gu beautifully. This is the origin of Ma Gu’s sacrifice. Ma Gu was thus named “goddess of longevity” by the queen mother. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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