In ancient mythology, the ancestor of zombies is & ldquo; ? & rdquo; What are the two legends of?

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In countless film and television works, zombies have appeared. Their strength is infinite, they are not afraid of big guns, and they are very bloodthirsty. In the myth system of ancient China, the four zombie kings were defined as the source of all zombies. They are Yu and yinggou, and Hanyu (also known as female Yu) plus Hou Qing.

Among them, yinggou, Hanyu and houqing were the generals and daughters of the Yellow Emperor during the Yellow Emperor’s war against Chiyou. They got one third of their souls from Yu. Since then, the body has become extremely powerful. Wherever you go, you will be thousands of miles away. So it is said that Yu should be the ancestor of all zombies. Then where does Yu come from? There are two legends about Li in ancient Chinese myths. It is said that Yun was one of the four fierce beasts in ancient China {the skull of Pangu was transformed}. When the Yellow Emperor fought Chiyou, Yun took the opportunity to mess with the world. After Fuxi and Nuwa knew about it, they decided to subdue Yun. Unfortunately, Yun has a strong constitution. In frustration, Fuxi used the eight trigrams array to trap Yun, and Nuwa on the other side used his divine power to divide Yun’s soul into three and suppress her body under the divine tree.


Who knows that he is not only physically strong, but also spiritually strong. One of the three souls sealed escaped from the seal and entered the body of yinggou, a general under the Yellow Emperor. Finally yinggou went crazy and fought with the Yellow Emperor for 49 days. He was killed by the Yellow Emperor, but his soul was nowhere to be seen (it is said that the general got yinggou’s soul and turned into a zombie).

The other two souls of Yu entered the bodies of Hou Qing, a general under the Yellow Emperor, and the daughter of the emperor, Yu. The two also began to go crazy. In the end, Hou Qing was beheaded by Nu Wa, and nu Yu was beheaded by Ying long. This is a legend about Yu. Let’s take a look at the second one. In Chinese myths and legends, there is a scene in which Gonggong angrily touched the mountain of Buzhou, and then the heaven and earth split and Nuwa filled the sky with five colored sacred stones. In Buzhou mountain, the Tianzhu was broken, the four poles were abandoned, the Kyushu was split, and the water was endless. Nuwa’s mother first went to the far north and found a sleeping turtle (also known as the ancient giant turtle) to help her carry colorful sacred stones to fill the sky.

Later, Nu Wa found that it was more necessary to support the pillar of heaven to mend the sky. She had no choice but to kill xuangui and use his four feet to act as a new pillar of heaven. This paragraph was recorded in the book “Lan Ming Xun”, Volume I of Huainan Zi, by Liu An, king of Huainan in the Western Han Dynasty. Although the four poles have been fixed since then, the place where the Black Turtle’s body is located has become a barren land full of swamps and miasma. And the soul of xuangui was also unwilling to die for mending the sky, so he became an ancient fierce beast. Therefore, the origin of Yu also has a certain relationship with Gonggong’s anger. This is the second legend about Yu.


What’s more interesting is that in the canonization list and journey to the West in later generations, people often define Yu as a golden light fairy. With the end of the war of canonization, golden light fairy was taken as a mount by the Tzu hang Taoist. This is also known as the mount of master Guanyin, jinmaoli. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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