In Britain, a pound can buy a Telecom Group!

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Source: wechat official account: authorized daily Yijian

Here’s a pound. What can you buy?

According to the latest exchange rate, a pound is equivalent to 8.34 yuan, and this bowl of beef noodles can’t afford it.

But in Britain, a pound can buy a Telecom Group!

According to the report of the financial times, British tru Telecom Group will be sold for 1 pound.

In 2020, the Telecom Group was valued at £ 410million.

Just two years later, no matter how much you lose, it can’t be worth a pound.

I looked at the price of Chinese cabbage in the supermarket. A 2.5kg Chinese cabbage costs a little more than 8 yuan.

What is the price of cabbage? This is called cabbage price.

Strange? No wonder, because the boss of TRU Telecom Group is the famous Roman Abramovich, the former boss of Chelsea in the Premier League.

He is Russian.

Abu owns 23% of the company, and the remaining shares are held by two other partners.

It is reported that tru group has suffered losses for 15 consecutive years, including a loss of 16million pounds in 2020.

However, even so, tru group still has a valuation of 410million pounds in 2020, and the investment of Hei, Abu and their partners in this business has exceeded 300million pounds.

As a result, the company will be sold for one pound, let alone recover the cost. Even Abu didn’t have enough fuel money to go by car to sign the contract.

What you sell is what you buy. Who is the buyer of this Telecom Group?

A German businessman named Hakan Koch and his partner kucios will hold 90% and 10% respectively. The deal will be concluded this month.

Of course, in order to prevent others from saying that they are taking advantage of the fire and taking advantage of it, the German businessman also said that he would promise to invest more than 10 million pounds in the company and pay a fine of 660000 dollars issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Seeing this, I want to say: generous, but it’s really generous. Someone else’s 400million yuan group gave it to you for free. Just take it as you order. You have to invest 10million yuan and help pay a fine of 660000 yuan. How can this be called looting? It’s just charity!

So, that’s it.

Tru Telecom Group was transferred from Abu to the Germans in an almost free way.

I don’t know how much the German businessman will give to the British government privately. Otherwise, he can find such a big bargain?

I am not without a pound. I am willing to pay two pounds if I want.

What, you said I was robbing?

Bullshit, can it be called robbery about businessmen?

This is a business transaction, not a robbery!

Moreover, the UK also said that tru group had suffered losses for 15 consecutive years. If it performed well after the transaction and could realize its value through listing or financing, Abu and his partners would be able to get back up to one third of the investment capital. However, if Abu was still sanctioned at that time, he would not receive the capital.

What people say is: Abramovich, you have invested 300 million yuan. If the company goes public and makes money, you can get back 100 million yuan. How about it? Is it generous enough?

However, if you were still on the sanctions list of our British government at that time, I would be embarrassed. We had to accept the money in tears…

When a bitch set up a memorial archway for herself.

Excuse me, this is not robbery. What is robbery?

I can’t understand that in 2022, the government of a country dares to do such things openly.

Moreover, this also appeared in Britain, which has always adhered to freedom and democracy and shouted that private property is sacred and inviolable.

It’s a great irony.


Since the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in February, the Western sanctions against Russia have been round after round.

As long as it is related to Russia, whether it is foreign exchange, steel and energy, or rich athletes, even the cat and dog tree, it should follow the sanctions.

Among them, he is Abu, and all his assets in the UK have been frozen.

Not long ago, on May 30, Abramovich sold the Premier League Chelsea club he had been in charge of for 19 years to the American Burley group.

But it was not a pound, but 4.25 billion pounds.

It can be said that this is a sky high price.

However, due to the sanctions of the British government, Abu had no access to the money, so Abu had to go through the motions and announced that he would donate all the 2.5 billion pounds he received to charity.

Although they can’t get money, why, when selling Chelsea, the British government allowed him to sell it for 4.25 billion yuan, and let him go through the motions and donate the wealth to charities.

However, when selling tru group, Britain did not even go through the motions. It directly tore its face and forced him to sell it at an insulting price of one pound.

Why is this?

Because the British lost face.

At the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, on February 26, the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom and Canada issued a joint statement, announcing that Russia was prohibited from using the swift international settlement system.

Swift, the Global Banking Financial Telecommunication Association, has an unquestionable position in the field of cross-border capital clearing.

Swift was established in 1973, covering more than 200 countries and regions. More than 11000 financial institutions use swift. The system processes more than 42million pieces of information every day. In Russia alone, 466 financial institutions are swift members.

Expelling Russia from the swift system will be one of the most severe financial sanctions, which will cause a major blow to Russia’s foreign trade and international settlement.

At that time, Russia will not be able to settle energy accounts with most European countries, and Russia is extremely dependent on energy exports.

Therefore, at that time, many people looked down on Russia, saying that this measure was a financial nuclear bomb and that Russia’s economy would collapse.

At that time, the ruble exchange rate also plummeted from 75 rubles to 150 rubles, a record low.

Russia is about to end, which was a consensus of all Western investors at that time.

Unexpectedly, on March 31, Putin signed the decree of natural gas trade settlement in rubles.

Want to continue to buy our energy? Didn’t swift stop us? OK, let’s settle it directly in roubles.

As a result, the rouble rebounded all the way.

It rebounded all the way from the lowest point to 57 rubles per dollar, up nearly 200%…


The rouble staged a perfect counter attack, which was considered by Wall Street observers as the “worst performing currency in the world” and became the “best performing currency in the world” this year.

For another easy to understand example, in mid March this year, you spent onemillion yuan to buy rubles.

Then, at the end of May, you will get 3million yuan!

The same is true of buying in euros and dollars.

If anyone had been optimistic about the future of the ruble at that time and bought it wantonly, he would be able to make a lot of money today and be free of wealth.

Seeing this, someone would like to ask, does the appreciation of the ruble have anything to do with the British government’s handling of Abu Dhabi?

Yes, of course, and it matters a lot!

The British originally intended to collapse the Russian economy through strong sanctions.

But I didn’t expect that it’s OK not to impose sanctions. Once you impose sanctions, you will increase the value by more than three times.

How can we fight this war? How can we face the great British Empire? The British face is almost swollen.

Who signed the ruble settlement order? Putin.

The British can’t move Putin, but I heard that you have a good relationship between Abu and Putin. OK, I’ll cut you!

The British simply tear off their masks and refuse to act.

He directly forced Abu to sell the Telecom Group. Moreover, he had to be severely humiliated at the insulting price of one pound to vent his hatred.

As for the so-called protection of private property in the west, it is sacred and inviolable.

In the face of the British government, all this has become bullshit.

People say that private property is inviolable. Who does it protect? They were British aristocrats and capitalists who were born and raised here.

Even if you have a good relationship with the British royal family, what’s the use? Remember, you will always be an outsider.

If you are not of our own race, your heart will be different. People will never regard you as their own.

Seeing this, someone would like to say, why is the British government so barbaric? Isn’t this a clear robbery?

Yeah, you think it’s a robbery.

What did Britain’s ancestors start with, that is, being a robber, driving ships and cannons to plunder all over the world?

The world’s largest British Museum alone has the largest collection of Chinese lost cultural relics, up to 23000 pieces at present.

Anyone who has been to the British Museum knows that there is a hall 33 inside, which is the eternal pain in the hearts of our Chinese people.

Because what is displayed in hall 33 is all shocking Chinese national treasures!

Shuangyang Zun in Shang Dynasty, Jingang Sutra on Cloisonne porcelain altar in Ming Dynasty, and tri colored pottery in Tang Dynasty.

There is also the painting of women’s history by Gukaizhi, a painter of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

This is the earliest Chinese silk painting in the world, and its value in the history of art is unparalleled.


It’s obviously something left by our ancestors. Why did it go across the sea to the British Museum?

This also begins more than a hundred years ago. Originally, this painting was the love of Emperor Qianlong’s desk. He hid it in the Old Summer Palace.

one thousand eight hundred and sixty

In, two robbers broke into the summer palace. One was English and the other was France.

The British took the painting directly and took it back to Britain. Now it is stored in the Stein secret room in the museum. Only during the exhibition period can you have a good look. It is one of the top ten treasures of the British Museum.

So, an ironic thing happened: many art lovers in China, in order to see the style of the women’s history proverb, did not hesitate to travel across the sea to a foreign country, just to appreciate our Chinese treasures

The British were robbers in their ancestry. They had the glory of the sun never setting Empire only by cruel plundering and colonial expansion.

The bloody days of that year passed, and they kept silent.

Now I want to wash the white, so I began to wave the stick of democracy and freedom under the guise of benevolence and righteousness.

Some time ago, it was also reported that Glasgow, UK, had returned all 17 ancient Benin bronzes to Nigeria.

The British media at that time reported that this reflected their civilization and civilization and was the dawn of human social progress.


But how many Nigerian things are there in the British Museum?

Why do you pretend to be deaf and dumb and refuse to return so many Chinese cultural relics to us?

It doesn’t mean that we should be politically correct, civilized, and the dawn of human progress. How can we become mute now?

The things robbed from Africa are not very valuable anyway. A ceremony to return them will do the trick. We can also make a show that it is civilized.

However, there are 23000 cultural relics in China, many of which are treasures of the museum. They are really returned to us. Will the British Museum be closed the next day?

How could they give up!

In addition to refusing to return, the British have always refused to admit that those cultural relics were looted from China.

Their reason is that China was at war and was unable to protect these things.

Moreover, these are the treasures of all mankind. They are the same everywhere.

Yes, you can put it anywhere.

So why don’t you keep the scepter of the queen of England in the Palace Museum?

I heard that the queen of England is in poor health. It must be caused by these gold and silver artifacts. Since it is a treasure of all mankind, would you like to consider sending it to China?

Of course, we don’t care about British affairs. They haven’t been robbers for two days.

It’s not just a movie. Superheroes can save the world.

It is not by exporting the values of democracy and freedom that we can whitewash you.

A robber is a robber, which can never be changed.

However, we Chinese now have a lot of overseas assets in Europe and the United States. The example of Huawei ZTE is in front of us. Now there is a lesson of Abu pound.

It is certainly a good thing to make money abroad and earn money from foreigners. It is your ability to make money. No one objects and no one will stop you.

But as compatriots, I still want to remind you:

Seeking skin from a tiger is tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst.

European and American countries may have been beautiful, but now they have no bottom line.

Li Ka Shing is back. How about you?

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