In Chinese mythology “ Magu ” Who is it? What does it mean to sacrifice one’s life?

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[Magu offers his birthday] the hero of the story:

Magu, also known as the goddess of longevity, the immortal Xuji CHONGYING, the goddess of folk belief of the Han nationality, is a Taoist figure.

What does “Ma Gu Xian Shou” mean?

Offer: give something to an elder or a loved one. To congratulate on one’s birthday.

[Magu xianshou] where did it come from?

Volume 7 of the legend of Immortals: “Ma Gu, a native of Jianchang, practiced Taoism in Yugu mountain in the southeast of mouzhou. On March 3, on the birthday of the queen mother of the west, Ma Gu made wine with Ganoderma lucidum by the Jiangzhu River to celebrate her birthday.”

Words and expressions of “Magu xianshou”:

[pronunciation of Magu xianshou]: m á G ? xiàn shòu

[usage of Magu offering his life]: commendatory meaning, predicate


[Magu xianshou] allusions:

Magu was a girl of the northern minorities in the northern and Southern Dynasties. At that time, the Han nationality in the north and the minority nationalities such as Jie, Di, Qiang and Xianbei lived together. Therefore, there were many contacts between them. Ma Gu’s father, Ma Qiu, raises horses for others in a market town. Ma Gu’s mother was robbed by officers and soldiers in a war and never came back. Ma Qiu has always had a bad temper because she lost her wife. The Magu family has long been a neighbor of the Han people. Since childhood, she learned a good hand in sewing from the Han people. When she was a little older, she often did sewing for rich people.

One day, Ma Gu did some needlework in a family. The master was very satisfied and gave her a big peach. In ancient times, peaches were top-grade among fruits. Ma Gu was reluctant to eat them. She carried them in her arms and wanted to take them home to taste fresh with her father.

Magu passed the street and saw a circle of people around the roadside. She looked inside curiously. It turned out that an old woman in yellow was lying on the ground, dying. “The old woman is hungry. If she eats something, she may be well,” said several friends nearby However, everyone just said, and no one gave anything to the old woman to eat. At that time, the army was in chaos. Young people were dragged to war. The fields were deserted and the food was very precious. Ma Gu couldn’t see it, so she took out the peach from her arms, squatted down to help the old woman, and fed her the peach. The peaches were sweet and juicy. The old woman soon enjoyed them. The people around all praised Ma Gu. At this time, the old woman said, “thank you, son. Can you give me some atherosclerotic soup?” “Well, I’ll go back and cook it for you.” Ma Gu was very happy to see her wife speak. She helped her wife sit under the eaves of Dong Street and walked home three steps at a time.

When Ma Gu came home, she made a fire to cook porridge. When her father Ma Qiu came home, she told her father what had happened in the street. Unexpectedly, Ma Qiu said with a heavy face, “this old fellow, let’s just starve to death! It’s already a great blessing for her that you give her peaches. Our family’s food is not enough, and you dare to cook porridge for her on your own. It’s really shameful!” Father refused to let Ma Gu send porridge to the old woman, and shut her up in the back room.

In the middle of the night, Ma Gu was still thinking about the safety of the old woman in yellow clothes. Hearing the sound of her father’s deep sleep in the front room, she walked out of the back room gently, scooped a bowl of porridge from the pot, and hurried to the street. But there was no sign of the old woman except the barking of dogs. Ma Gu is very anxious and looks for the old woman everywhere. In the moonlight, I saw a peach stone left in the place where the old woman was sitting, so I picked it up. At this time, Ma Qiu’s father woke up and found that his daughter was not at home. He found Ma Gu in the street. When he met Ma Gu, he angrily pushed and pushed Ma Gu home and beat her severely.

The next night, Ma Gu, who had not dozed off the night before, saw her wife in yellow coming towards her with a smile. The old woman touched Ma Gu’s head and said, “thank you, son. Thanks for your kindness. That peach is really a good thing. I have eaten enough to prolong my life. Don’t worry.” Then he turned to leave.

With tears in her eyes, Ma Gu buried her head in her mother-in-law’s arms and cried. The old woman comforted her and said, “good boy, don’t be sad. We will have a chance to meet again in the future.” Then he floated away. Ma Gu woke up crying in her sleep, savored the things in her dream, and felt that the old woman in yellow was very unusual.

When she got up in the morning, Magu planted the peach stones she had hidden in her yard. In a year, she grew into a big peach tree. It is strange that this peach tree blooms in the first month of each year, and produces big and red peaches in March. Every March, many people come to see it. In the third month of the lunar calendar, when there was no time to catch up, Magu used peaches to help some poor and hungry elderly people nearby. What’s more strange is that the old people are well fed after eating the peaches sent by Magu. Not only can they not feel hungry without eating for a few days, but also their minor diseases have been cured. Seeing that Aunt Ma is so kind and capable, the old people in the market town privately say that she is an immortal. Every March, when they send peaches, they call her “aunt Ma offering her birthday”.

Shile expanded his territory, conquered many places in the north, and became king of Zhao himself. Ma Qiu was also granted the title of general for the eastern expedition by shile because of his bravery in fighting and his military achievements. He was in charge of a territory including the market town where he used to live. Ma Qiu returned home in fine clothes. A large group of people shouted before and then threw away. It was very imposing. Everywhere he went, the people made way for him. In order to show off himself, he also built a magnificent general’s mansion. However, her daughter Magu is still getting along with her neighbors as usual, and her appearance has not changed at all. Ma Qiu is not satisfied with her daughter’s situation and feels that she has lost her face as a top general. They sent soldiers to cut down the peach trees and burn the original house, forcing Ma Gu to live in the general’s house.

Ma Gu lives in the general’s residence. Although she eats and wears clothes, she can’t communicate with her neighbors, so she is not happy at all. Once, she was really bored. Accompanied by her maid, she went out of the house to relax. She saw large-scale construction around the market town. Many migrant workers were working hard. All of them were yellow, skinny and ragged. He asked the maid what was the matter. The maid replied, “these are the captives and laborers captured by the general. The market town is going to build a city to fight with foreigners. Look, miss, the general is overseeing the work there!” Following the direction pointed by the maid, Ma Gu saw that her father was beating every worker who passed in front of him with a whip. She kept shouting “hurry! Hurry!”


Ma Gu couldn’t stand it. She hurried forward to persuade: “Dad, let these people catch their breath.” Dingqiu didn’t expect her daughter would come here to take care of his affairs. She stared at him and said angrily, “go, go! What do girls know!” After that, I will never talk to Ma Gu again.

Seeing that the migrant workers suffered many injuries and injuries, Ma Gu sympathized with their suffering very much. She often took some medicine from the general’s house to treat the migrant workers without telling her father, and sometimes sewed up clothes for the migrant workers. Knowing that she was ma Qiu’s daughter, the migrant workers were puzzled and said, “how could the general have such a good daughter?” Knowing that the migrant workers worked night shifts for a long time and had to keep crowing before they could rest, Ma Gu asked his father to give the migrant workers more rest time again. As a result, she was reprimanded by her father. Knowing that it would be useless to ask her father again, Ma Gu decided to find another way.

One night, on the fourth watch, Ma Gu got up quietly, came to the chicken nest and gently imitated the rooster’s cry: “Oh, oh, oh -” the rooster in the chicken nest woke up, held his head up and cried: “Oh, oh, oh -” other roosters in the market town heard it and followed it. When the night shift workers heard the rooster crow, they shouted excitedly, “work is over!” They were glad to be able to leave work early. It was like this for several days. They didn’t expect that the cock crowed early was the help of Magu.

The rooster crows early, which arouses Ma Qiu’s suspicion, because every rooster crows from around the general’s house. So he sent people to spy on Ma Gu, and finally confirmed his suspicions. Ma Qiu is very angry. She must punish her daughter, so she asks someone to lock Ma Gu into the boudoir first.

Ma Gu was locked in her boudoir and tried to escape, but there was nothing she could do. At this time, a window opened, and Ma Gu saw that she was an old woman in yellow. The old woman said, “son, we meet again. Your fate with your father is over. You’d better go with me.” It turned out that the old woman in yellow was Lishan’s mother. Last time, she ate Magu’s peaches, which were ordinary peaches, but left behind a fairy peach kernel. She asked Magu to help the poor old people. She thought that Magu was a kind girl, so she came to rescue her this time and took her to become an immortal.

Ma Qiu comes home and wants to beat her daughter hard, but when she opens the door, she can’t find Ma Gu, so she has to beat the lock man hard. Since then, Ma Qiu has never seen her daughter again. However, after Ma Gu became an immortal following Lishan’s mother, she often gives peaches to poor old people in March every year. Many people have met her. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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