In Chinese myths and legends, how did the Suiren take fire artificially?

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There are many legends about how human life evolved from primitive people to the early days of clan commune in ancient China. Legend has it that there are some great men who are often both leaders and inventors. Most of these legends were imagined by the ancients according to the life of primitive people in ancient times. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Primitive man’s tools are very simple. There are many beasts around him. They will hurt him anytime, anywhere. Later, they saw birds making nests in trees, and wild animals could not climb up and hurt them. Like birds, primitive people built nests in trees, that is, they built a hut in trees. It’s much safer. Later, people called it “build a wood into a nest” (nest sound ch รก o, that is, a bird’s Nest). Who invented it? Of course, everyone groped it out together. But in legend, it is said that there was a man who taught us to do this. His name is “Youchao family”.


The earliest primitive people didn’t know how to use fire. Everything was eaten raw, not to mention the raw fruits of plants. Even the wild animals were eaten alive, even with hair and blood. Later, the use of fire was invented (traces of using fire have been found on the Peking Man Site in Zhoukoudian, indicating that the use of fire was known at that time).

The phenomenon of fire has long existed in nature. Volcanoes erupt and there is fire; When there is thunder and lightning, there will be a fire in the woods. However, the primitive people began to see fire and could not use it. Instead, they were scared to death. Later, I occasionally picked up wild animals that were burned to death by fire and tasted them. They tasted delicious. After many experiments, people gradually learned to burn food with fire, and tried to save the fire so that it would last forever.

After quite a long time, people drilled hard and sharp wood on another piece of hard wood to get sparks; Some people knock flints to make fire. This shows that workers can take fire (according to archaeological materials, cave people at the top of the mountain already know how to take fire manually). Who invented it? Of course, it is a working people, but according to legend, it is also said to be a person, called “Suiren”.


Man made fire is a great invention. Since then, people can eat cooked food at any time, and the variety of food has also increased. It is said that Suiren also taught people to fish. It turns out that things like fish, turtles, clams and clams have a fishy smell and can’t be eaten. If you have a way to make a fire, you can cook them to eat.

After a long time, people began to use ropes to make nets and nets to hunt. They also invented bows and arrows, which are much better than hunting with wooden sticks and stone tools. Not only animals on the ground, but also birds in the sky and fish in the water can be shot and captured. Most of the birds and animals captured are alive. If they can’t finish eating for a while, they can stay for watching and keeping until the next time. In this way, people can learn to feed again. This work of netting, hunting and raising livestock is the experience accumulated by people in their labor. According to the legend, the man who invented these things was the Fuxi family, or the paoxi family ?? Blister means kitchen, and victim means animal.

I don’t know how many years have passed since this period of fishing and hunting, and human civilization has become more and more advanced. At first, people occasionally scattered a handful of wild millet on the ground. In the next year, they found that seedlings grew on the ground. In autumn, they grew into more millet. As a result, people planted a large number of them. They used wood to make a kind of farm tool for farming, which is called leidan ? A spade with a handle. They use Lei to cultivate land and plant grain, and the harvest will be even greater. Later, legend said that the man who planted these crops was a man named “Shennong”.

The legendary Shennong had personally tasted all kinds of wild grass and fruits, sweet, bitter and even poisonous. He not only found many edible foods, but also found many medicinal herbs that could cure diseases. It is said that the medical industry began at that time.

From the Youchao family to the Shennong family, these legendary figures actually do not exist. However, it is reasonable that the development of primitive people’s productive forces has been reflected from building wood as a nest, drilling wood for fire, fishing, hunting, animal husbandry and the development of agriculture. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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