In order to get promoted, the husband invited the leader to the house for dinner, made the wife wear black silk, and deliberately sent the wife to the leader

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Chen Yong is a small clerk. He has no skills, but he is a smooth person. He often pleases his boss, so he is not bad in the company.

But the recent personnel transfer, the new boss was airborne, and he didn’t like Chen Yong’s flattery, which made Chen Yong a little bit in trouble.

At a company dinner, Chen Yong took his wife Wang Yu with him. The new boss Guo Xin’s eyes lit up after seeing Wang Yu, and he stared at her blankly.

This is not to mention, Guo Xin deliberately sat next to Wang Yu, and sneaked a hand of Wang Yu under the table while no one was paying attention. All this was seen by Chen Yong.

Chen Yong’s strengths in observing words and expressions, you can see at a glance that Guo Xin is interested in his wife.

When he got home, Chen Yong’s face was ashen. He kicked Wang Yu and yelled, “You bitch! You are going to attract bees and butterflies behind my back, do you think I am a small temple and want to climb high branches?”

Wang Yu said sadly: “Am I that kind of woman in your eyes?”

Chen Yong said angrily, “Then why are you flirting with that man Guo Xin?”

“I don’t, but he is always staring at me. I take into account that he is your leader, otherwise how could I be bullied by him?”

After saying that, he cried bitterly.

Chen Yong also knew that Wang Yu was wronged. He was angry but could only lose his temper at his wife.

“Okay, I get it. If you wronged your wife, let my husband kiss me.”

Chen Yong’s libido came up, and he threw down Wang Yu like a hungry wolf, venting his dissatisfaction.

Since then, Chen Yong has always felt that the new boss is always targeting him intentionally or unintentionally.

“Chen Yong, your plan doesn’t work, you need to redo it.”

Guo Xin coldly threw the copy on the table, the voice was so loud that everyone in the company heard it, and Chen Yong felt extremely embarrassed.

“Give it to me before get off work.”

Chen Yong was sitting at the desk in despair. He felt that Guo Xin seemed to be deliberately making things difficult for him. When he thought of this possibility, Chen Yongxin began to panic.

Thinking of Guo Xin’s hospitality to Wang Yu at the company dinner, Chen Yong immediately had an idea to ask his wife Wang Yu to please Guo Xin and say good things to him.

But after all, it was his own wife. Wearing this green hat on his head would make anyone feel embarrassed. Chen Yong was unwilling.

Seeing that the new boss didn’t want to see him, everyone in the office began to isolate him. Seeing that the new employees were almost riding on his head, Chen Yong finally couldn’t sit still. He weighed it and finally came to a conclusion. “A career is like life, women are like clothes” conclusion.

Chen Yong made up his mind to invite Guo Xin to his house for dinner, and called his wife Wang Yu to dress up better, “It’s better to wear black silk.”

Wang Yu was inexplicable, “Just invite the leader to eat out, so I don’t have to go?”

Chen Yong hesitated to tell Wang Yu the plan in his heart, so he had to explain vaguely, “Home-cooked dishes can show our sincerity. You are so good at cooking, so show off your skills. Wife, remember to toast the leader later. This time Regarding my future career, let’s be more enthusiastic.”

Wang Yu was finally persuaded by him. He didn’t say anything more. He went into the kitchen and worked hard for a while. Seeing that Chen Yong was about to go home, he went in and changed into the dress he had instructed.

After a while, Chen Yong brought Guo Xin home. Wang Yu stood at the door to greet him. After saying hello, he tugged his short skirt uncomfortably. Seeing her like that, Chen Yong felt guilty and disappointed for a while. , glanced at her and stopped looking.

At the dinner table, Chen Yong kept adding vegetables to Guo Xin.

“Mr. Guo, eat more, this is my wife’s specialty.”

Guo Xin glanced at Wang Yu meaningfully, and took a big mouthful.

During the dinner, Chen Yong kept winking at Wang Yu, but Wang Yu was helpless and picked up the glass to toast Guo Xin.

Every time he toasted, Guo Xin drank it all. Chen Yong felt that the time was right, so he said to Guo Xin: “Just now the neighbor asked me to help fix their bed. I’ll go there and I’ll be back in a while, Mr. Guo, please go ahead first. Eat and drink, my daughter-in-law will serve you well.”

After speaking, ignoring Wang Yu’s gaze, he walked out.

Until the footsteps were getting farther and farther, Guo Xin looked at Wang Yu and said, “Why are you with him? Chen Yong is not a person worthy of trust for life.”

The corners of Wang Yu’s mouth collapsed, and she said with tears in her eyes: “Are you a good man worthy of trust? You didn’t break up with me for the future.”

It turns out that Guo Xin and Wang Yu are both people from the same village, and they are each other’s first love.

Just when Wang Yu was full of joy and wanted to marry his lover, Guo Xin and his third uncle found him a hard but rich job, which was supposed to be good, but it was too far to go to a big city.

Guo Xin couldn’t take Wang Yu with him, and promised to come back and marry Wang Yu after he got out of the way.

Wang Yu waited three years for the news that Guo Xin married a city girl.

“I didn’t do it on purpose. You don’t know how difficult it was for me at the time. I was the only outsider who bullied me. I was forced to marry her.”

“What’s the point of saying that now?”

Wang Yu tilted her head and cried even more sadly.

Guo Xin looked at the woman he once loved, took out a tissue and gently wiped Wang Yu’s tears.

“Don’t cry, I’m sorry for you.”

Guo Xin’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and with the effect of alcohol, his brain became hot and he kissed the woman’s lips.

Wang Yu was startled, she pushed Guo Xin away: “Are you crazy? We are all married now.”

Guo Xin sneered: “Do you think Chen Yong really went out to repair furniture for the neighbors?”

“What do you mean?”

“Xiaoyu, I said that Chen Yong is not a good man. He just uses you to please me to ensure his status in the company.”


At first Wang Yu just thought that Chen Yong was just asking himself to toast or something, but he didn’t expect to be betrayed so thoroughly by him.

They didn’t do anything that night. Guo Xin left Wang Yu a contact information, so that she could contact him at any time if she encountered any difficulties in the future, and left.

Chen Yong wandered outside for nearly three hours, and he estimated that it was almost the same, so he started to walk back.

When he got home, he found that Wang Yu had fallen asleep, so he hurriedly called Wang Yu up.

“Wife, how’s it going?”

Wang Yu didn’t want to see Chen Yong at this time, she said coldly, “What’s the matter? Isn’t this what you want?”

Chen Yong firmly believed that Guo Xin must have slept with Wang Yu, but at the same time he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

But this is indeed what he meant. He knew that he was wrong, and he fell asleep on his side without saying a word.

In the company, Guo Xin’s attitude towards Chen Yong has been better recently than before, at least there is no trouble with Chen Yong.

Chen Yong thought that this beauty trick should be the first to bear fruit.

Wang Yu has become more and more dissatisfied with Chen Yong since he met Guo Xin last time.

In the past, Chen Yong never refused to marry Wang Yuxing, but now Wang Yu often makes excuses not to let Chen Yong touch her.

Once Chen Yong couldn’t stand it anymore, he lifted the quilt and dragged Wang Yu out.

“Damn it! Do you think he can fall in love with you if you do it once? Only I will take you in like you.”

Wang Yu was also on fire, she shouted at Chen Yong: “Is there anyone who cuckolds yourself like this? I’m your wife, not a prostitute you bought. Don’t you think it’s unconscionable to do so?”

Chen Yong didn’t expect that his always submissive wife could play like a shrew. He believed even more that Wang Yu was interested in Guo Xin and wanted to leave him and climb up the ranks.

“How dare you challenge me? I don’t think you know who your man is!”

Chen Yong tore off Wang Yu’s clothes and rushed in without any foreplay.

“Ah! Chen Yong, you are not human! Let me go!”

Chen Yong became more and more agitated. He regarded Wang Yu as the object of venting, and he kept murmuring: “I’ll let you do it with other men! Is his technique better or mine? ”

Wang Yu, being a female class, could not resist Chen Yong at all. She finally gave up her resistance and allowed Chen Yong to commit violence on herself.

Chen Yong felt a little guilty afterwards. He looked at Wang Yu, who was bruised all over, and said to her, “Okay, it’s my fault, don’t mention it in the future.”

On the other hand, Guo Xin has a trace of regret for Wang Yu. He really did love Wang Yu back then, but it was just a good thing.

Although he left Wang Yu’s contact information that day, Wang Yu never contacted him once.

Guo Xin wanted to see Wang Yu, so he stopped Chen Yong before leaving get off work.

“Thank you for taking care of your husband and wife last time. This time I will be the host. Please go out to eat.”

Chen Yong understood Guo Xin’s meaning in seconds. He thought to himself that he would accompany him once anyway. After spending more time with him, he could ask Guo Xin for a promotion, so he agreed.

After listening to Chen Yong, Wang Yu said incredulously, “You want to betray me again?”

“How can it be a betrayal? This time it’s just going to eat, don’t think about it.”

“I’m not going! I’m going to go by yourself!”

Chen Yong was anxious when he heard it: “Don’t be shameless! You must go!”

Wang Yu was dragged by Chen Yongqiang. Guo Xin saw a circle of purple marks on Wang Yu’s hand with sharp eyes. He said to Chen Yong angrily, “Did you beat her?”

“It’s nothing, she’s skinny, I’ll do it with a little force, hehe.”

Seeing Guo Xin caring about his wife, Chen Yong felt uncomfortable, thinking that he would endure it for promotion anyway.

During the meal, Guo Xin blatantly flirted with Wang Yu this time, and invited Wang Yu to have supper in front of Chen Yong.

“Chen Yong, is it okay for me to take your wife to dinner?”

Chen Yong felt guilty and didn’t dare to look at Wang Yu. He said, “It’s okay, I’m not feeling well in my stomach today, so I’ll go first and eat slowly.”

After Chen Yong left, Guo Xin hugged Wang Yu: “Xiaoyu, I miss you so much.”

Wang Yu gave up on Chen Yong completely. She thought to herself, since that was the case, why didn’t she go with her heart. Anyway, she had been obsessed with her first love all these years.

So Wang Yu also hugged Chen Guoxin back and told him how Chen Yong treated him rudely after that day.

After hearing this, Guo Xin kissed the woman in his arms distressedly, “You have suffered.”

The face of Wang Yu in his arms turned red, Guo Xin remembered the bits and pieces of being with Wang Yu before, he couldn’t bear it anymore, he kissed Wang Yu passionately, his hands were not idle, and he took off her underwear. ..

Guo Xin treats Wang Yu very gently, and Wang Yu gradually sinks under Guo Xin’s gentle offensive.

After the passion, Guo Xin promised Wang Yu that he would treat her well in the future.

After following Guo Xin, Wang Yu was no longer afraid of Chen Yong at home. When Chen Yong lost his temper with Wang Yu, Wang Yu moved out of Guo Xin as a shield.

“Chen Yong, do you dare to treat me badly? Aren’t you afraid that I will tell Guo Xin to trouble you?”

Chen Yong said that he was suffering, because Guo Xin did promote himself and raise his salary, all of which were attributed to Wang Yu.

“Okay, okay, do what you want.”

With Chen Yong’s tacit approval, the affair between Wang Yu and Guo Xin also became open and aboveboard.

As long as Guo Xin misses Wang Yu, he will reserve a room in the hotel, and Wang Yu will go directly without reporting to Chen Yong.

Once Wang Yu was lying next to Guo Xin and suggested to him: “Guo Xin, I want to see you every day now, but I don’t want to face Chen Yong for a moment.”

Guo Xin said with a smile: “I also want to be with you every day, but you see that we are both married, and now I am very satisfied.”

“But I’m not satisfied! How about we all get divorced, and then we get married and stay together forever?”

Guo Xin persuaded unnaturally, “Can Chen Yong agree?”

Wang Yu said indifferently: “Of course he will agree. He has a little girl outside now, and my relationship with his husband and wife has long since existed in name only.”

Indeed, since Chen Yong was promoted and raised his salary, he also had some small money. His wife Wang Yu slept with Guo Xin. Now Chen Yong dislikes Wang Yu very much. He feels disgusted when they both sleep in the same bed. Not to mention touching her.

Under the introduction of a friend, he met a young girl. After a romantic night, he rented a house outside and lived with the girl, and he did not return home all day and night.

“Give me some more time, now is not the time.”

Guo Xin comforted the woman.

Wang Yu wanted to say something else, but Guo Xin turned over immediately, overbearingly and forcefully overwhelmed the woman, and launched a new round of attacks…

In the end, Guo Xin couldn’t stand Wang Yu’s soft and hard bubbles, so he found a big house for Wang Yu, gave Wang Yu the key, and asked her to move in.

When Wang Yu was about to pack up, he didn’t expect Chen Yong to stay at home in a rare way.

“Yo! Is this moving out?”

Chen Yong crossed his calf, his face full of pride.

“What’s the point of moving or not? You live with that little girl anyway, so don’t disturb anyone.”

Wang Yu mocked Chen Yong sarcastically.

Chen Yong shrugged indifferently, stood up and said to Wang Yu, “I advise you not to take it too seriously. You don’t know how much you have? Do you think Guo Xin will divorce you for you?”

“none of your business.”

Wang Yu also knew that it would not be easy to get Guo Xin to divorce, but she would wait. At present, it is a matter of time to divorce Chen Yong in this situation, and now she can only firmly grasp Guo Xin as a life-saving straw.

“I don’t want to care. If you want to get a divorce, I will accompany you at any time.”

Chen Yong actually wanted to get a divorce because the woman outside him was already pregnant with his child.

“Okay! When we have time, we will complete the divorce procedures.”

Guo Xin found a good house for Wang Yu, and he asked Wang Yu to quit his job and enjoy himself at home with peace of mind.

Wang Yu had a very comfortable life these days. When she married Chen Yong before, it was very hard for her to be a waiter, and she had to wait on Chen Yong when she got home.

Guo Xin is different. He is very considerate of himself, and sometimes he will take the initiative to cook for Wang Yu, and the two are so compatible in intercourse.

Over time, Wang Yu became more and more inseparable from Guo Xin.

When Guo Xin went home to accompany his wife, Wang Yu even shed tears silently.

One night, Guo Xin was halfway through having sex with Wang Yu, and was suddenly startled by the phone ringing.

Guo Xin glanced at it, and instantly retreated from Wang Yu’s body, put on his pants and ran out.

“Are you so afraid of her? What can you do if you don’t go for a day?”

Guo Xin was impatient and said without turning his head: “Don’t make trouble, you stay at home.”

Wang Yu watched Guo Xin drive fast from the windowsill, and soon disappeared.

She was lying alone on the big bed, swearing in her heart that she must find a way to get Guo Xin divorced.

Guo Xin doesn’t like to wear condoms when they go to bed with Wang Yu, and Guo Xin also knows about Wang Yu taking contraceptives.

But recently Wang Yu secretly replaced the contraceptive pill with a vitamin pill. She thought that if she was pregnant with Guo Xin’s child, then Guo Xin would definitely divorce for the child.

A few months later, Wang Yu was really pregnant with a child. When he got the confirmed order, Wang Yu couldn’t help but feel excited, and asked Guo Xin to go home today no matter what.

After Guo Xin came back, Wang Yu excitedly said to Guo Xin, “Guo Xin, I have good news for you.”

“What good news?”

“I’m pregnant and we’re going to have a baby.”

Wang Yu took out the diagnosis list and handed it to Guo Xin.

She thought that Guo Xin would be as happy as herself for this little life that was about to be born.

Unexpectedly, Guo Xin frowned and said to Wang Yu, “You haven’t been taking contraceptive pills, how could you be pregnant? This child can’t be kept, so let’s abort it while the moon is young.”

Wang Yu looked at Guo Xin in disbelief: “You want to kill our child? This is your child, how can you bear it!”

“Wang Yu, I have a wife and children. You also know how much hard work I have paid to get to this day. This child came at a wrong time. We will talk about it later.”

“I don’t fight! This is my child!”

Wang Yu

Firmly shouted at Guo Xin.

“Wang Yu! Think clearly for yourself, I will not be responsible for this child.”

After speaking, Guo Xin left angrily, leaving Wang Yu alone with emotional breakdown and crying hysterically.

After that, Guo Xin has no further contact with Wang Yu. Wang Yu calls Guo Xin every day, and it is always busy.

After Wang Yu was sad, she calmed down and thought of a way. She felt that she was Guo Xin’s child after all, and Guo Xin would not be so cruel no matter what.

Wang Yu obviously underestimated the man’s determination. During the two months of her pregnancy, Guo Xin never showed up.

Wang Yu couldn’t bear it, so she went to Guo Xin’s unit, and the first person she met was Chen Yong.

Chen Yong was also surprised to see Wang Yu coming, so he pulled Wang Yu aside.

“Why are you here? Didn’t I already sign the divorce agreement?”

“Who’s looking for you? I’m looking for Guo Xin, is he there?”

Chen Yong sneered: “What? Abandoned? I told you long ago that he would not be with you for a long time.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. If you call him out, I don’t believe he can just sit back and ignore our mother and son.”

Chen Yong stared at Wang Yu’s belly in surprise: “You…you are pregnant with his child?”

Wang Yu touched his stomach and acquiesced.

Chen Yong pulled Wang Yu aside and said to her, “Go back first, Guo Xin’s wife is here, if he finds out about you, it will be miserable!”

Wang Yu just wanted to take this opportunity to force Guo Xin to divorce, so she pushed Chen Yong away and rushed into the company.

In the office, Guo Xin was massaging his wife Zhang Qin. When he saw Wang Yu who suddenly broke in, he was shocked and warned Wang Yu with his eyes to tell her not to say anything.

But Wang Yu is now in a broken boat and can’t care about anything. She shouted directly to Guo Xin: “Guo Xin! You are so cruel! Why don’t you see me? Even if you hate me, you are also towards the child in my belly. Don’t you hear it?”

Seeing Guo Xin’s panicked face, Zhang Qin instantly understood everything.

“Guo Xin, you spend my money to raise other women outside, you are really worthy of me!”

Zhang Qin slapped Guo Xin’s face.

Guo Xin’s wife Zhang Qin is a strong woman. She married him only because she saw Guo Xin’s face. Unexpectedly, Guo Xin, who was honest on the surface, was raising a mistress outside behind her back.

Guo Xin was like a pug in front of Zhang Qin, he immediately knelt down holding Zhang Qin’s legs.

“Wife, I’m just confused for a while. I haven’t contacted her for a long time. Can you forgive me this time?”

Wang Yu said angrily: “Guo Xin! You would rather be with this tigress than abandon our mother and son.”

Guo Xin saw that Zhang Qin’s face was wrong, glared at Wang Yu and said, “What child? Who knows which wild seed you are carrying, don’t rely on me.”

Wang Yu never thought that Guo Xin would call this child a “wild species”.

Zhang Qin was so angry that she wanted Guo Xin to tell the scandal that she was hiding from herself.

Or after being stimulated too much, Wang Yu felt the pain in her stomach was unbearable. She clutched her stomach and slowly squatted down. Suddenly, she felt wet for a while, and when she looked down, blood was pouring out.

She prayed to Guo Xin and said weakly, “Save the child, save me.”

When Wang Yu woke up and lay on the hospital bed, the doctor said to her with regret: “Your child is gone, and your uterus is damaged, and you will never have any more children in the future.”

Wang Yu actually laughed, laughed and shed tears, he was a scumbag, he deserved it, and he brought it on himself.

After being discharged from the hospital, Chen Yong came to find Wang Yu once. I heard that after everyone fell out last time, although Zhang Qin forgave Guo Xin, he transferred him to another branch.

And Chen Yong was miserable. Zhang Qin knew that Chen Yong was behind the fuel and fired him, and Chen Yong’s little girlfriend knew that the man didn’t have a job and couldn’t make money, so she also left him.

Now Chen Yong, who has nothing left, turned his head to look for Wang Yu, “I was bad in the past, I was a beast, we won’t divorce, can we live a good life?”

In the face of Chen Yong’s request for reconciliation, Wang Yu resolutely refused. She knew that women who depend on men for life are sad, and now she is a bloody lesson.

She went back to her old business and worked as a waiter in a restaurant. Although the work was hard, she was very practical.

Although she can no longer have children in the future, Wang Yu will not lose confidence in life. She will work hard to live and laugh at life.

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