In order to save Xu Xian, Bai Suzhen was beaten back to her original form by the virgin, and then killed by the fairy child

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In the 1990s, a film and television drama “the legend of the new white lady” was very popular in Asia, which also pushed the story of white snake and Xu Xian to a new climax. The drama is adapted from a classical novel and tells the story of white snake repaying his kindness. Of course, there are differences between the story prototype and film and television. I regret that I have told it in the previous article, but I won’t show it here.

There are two versions of the story of the White Snake, or the story of the White Snake, or the story of the Three Pagodas of the West Lake. The answers are different, but it is certain that the story is stereotyped. It was written in the Leifeng Pagoda in the eternal town of the white lady in fengmenglong’s cautionary tale of the Ming Dynasty. Later, there were the classic novels “Legend of Leifeng Pagoda” written by the owner of Yushan and “complete biography of white snake” written by the owner of the dream flower hall.

Film and television images of white snake, Xu Xian and Xiaoqing (picture)

The legend of the new white lady is based on the classical novels legend of Leifeng Pagoda and the complete biography of the white snake. In other words, these two books are the source and source of the popular legend of the new white lady.

In these two novels, some plots are quite different from those in the legend of the new white lady. For example, in the film and television series, Bai Suzhen seems to be a monk with high magic power. With 1500 years of magic power, she can fight with the God of wealth, zhaogongming, for several rounds. It can be said that she is invincible, or at least rarely defeated. However, in the original book legend of Leifeng Pagoda, it is not the case. It has weakened a lot and has even been killed by others. What’s going on? And listen to me in detail:

Whether in the original novel legend of Leifeng Pagoda or the film and television drama legend of the new white lady, there is the same plot, that is, on the Dragon Boat Festival, Bai Suzhen drank realgar wine and showed her original shape, scaring Xu Xian to death. Later, in order to save Xu Xian, white snake first went to the yaochi lake to steal the elixir, but later, under the guidance of the Bodhisattva, she went to the Antarctic palace to steal the elixir.

In the legend of the new white lady, Bai Suzhen was met by the boy of the Antarctic fairy after taking the fairy grass. They fought with each other for dozens of rounds without winning. However, the white snake obviously prevailed. After several rounds of fighting, the White Snake was somewhat overwhelmed. At the critical moment, the Antarctic fairy and the deer boy fairy rushed to save the White Snake and asked him to take the fairy grass back to save Xu Xian.

Stills of the film and television image of the virgin of yaochi (picture)

In the fifth episode of the legend of Leifeng Pagoda, “taking hundreds of risks to steal pills from the yaochi pool to solve the twin family hall’s disease”, although the general direction of the story has not changed, there are many ways out in details. In the book, the White Snake first went to the virgin of yaochi to try to steal the elixir, but was scolded by the White Ape boy of the virgin. He also wanted to take her to the virgin of yaochi and the old mother of Li Shan. The White Snake knew that “if he took her into the cave, her life would be hard to protect.” so she gushed a pearl from her mouth and hit him in the face when the boy didn’t pay attention. The boy was not on guard. The bridge of his nose was beaten with blood. He endured the pain and went to the cave to tell the virgin of yaochi, The white snake turned around and ran away. Hearing that the snake demon hurt people, the virgin of yaochi was furious and went out of the cave. Seeing the White Snake running away, the virgin shouted, “where are you going, evil animal!”, However, he laid a snare, put Bai Suzhen in it, and beat Bai Suzhen back to her original shape. Just before the virgin raised her demon cutting sword to kill the White Snake, luckily, Guanyin Bodhisattva rushed to save the white snake with words, recovered her body, and told Xu Xian that she could go to the Antarctic palace to find the Antarctic fairy for fairy grass.

Bai Suzhen, who narrowly escaped death, came to the Antarctic palace to save Xu Xian. The Antarctic fairy had known the clue, so he asked the deer guard boy to bring back the fairy grass to Bai Suzhen. Bai Suzhen returned happily with the fairy grass. However, he didn’t want to meet another fairy boy of the Antarctic fairy, baihetong boy. He had just returned from traveling outside. He didn’t know anything about the white snake. Seeing that the White Snake was evil, he caught up with the White Snake and wanted to accept her, Yelled “evil beast, where are you going!”, Bai Suzhen was scared to death on the spot when she heard baihetongzi’s voice. It can be said that it was a second kill. The original text reads: “Bai heard the voice of the crane boy. His soul had already drifted away. He fell down from the air and died at the foot of the mountain. The crane boy flew down, opened his eyes and mouth, and was about to peck.”

Do you feel familiar with Bai Suzhen’s death method? Yes, the plot in journey to the west is the story of the Pleiades star officer and the centipede spirit. Baihe boy was about to peck at the body of the white snake. Fortunately, Baiying boy driven by Guanyin Bodhisattva arrived and stopped Baihe boy in time. He said to Baihe boy, “don’t hurt his life. This evil animal deserves it. I came here according to the decree of the Buddha of the South China Sea (Guanyin Bodhisattva). I’m afraid senior brother didn’t know his fate and killed his life. I ordered my brother to come here to be equal. I hope senior brother will be merciful and act according to the number. Let him go.” The white crane boy was persuaded by the Bodhisattva’s emissary. Of course, he would sell his face, so he replied: “since elder martial brother came here according to the Buddha’s decree, I should follow his orders and forgive him.” Then he flew away.

Stills of white crane boy characters (picture)

The white crane is gone. What about the dead white snake? Don’t worry. After listening to regret, the white Ying boy came to the white snake’s body and recited the true mantra of bringing the dead back to life. Then he blew an immortal breath into the white snake’s face, and the white snake came back to life. Then he knelt down and thanked the white Ying boy. The original text reads: “when Ying Tong came near and saw that Bai was dead, he immediately recited the true mantra of bringing the dead back to life. He blew the immortal air on Bai’s face. Bai woke up and hurriedly knelt down to thank Ying Tong for saving his life.”

Later, the original work is similar to that in the film and television. I regret that I didn’t speak much in the past. Bai Suzhen’s feelings for Xu Xian can also be seen from this place. It is reasonable to adapt the legend of the new white lady into the story of the white snake’s gratitude to Xu Xian. After all, in this episode, it shows that the white snake has deep feelings for Xu Xian. In order to save Xu Xian, he can ignore his own life and even die: once he was beaten back to his original form by the virgin of yaochi, once he was killed by the white crane boy, and fortunately twice he was saved by Guanyin Bodhisattva, To continue to write love with Xu Xian!

Bai Suzhen, the snake demon, said: “it was Bai Suzhen. The Dragon Boat Festival was in its original form, but he had no choice but to scare xuhanwen to death. Regardless of stealing pills from thousands of miles away, it was full of dangers and ill fated. He was beaten to its original form once and his soul was killed once. Fortunately, he was married in his previous life, and the husband and wife were reconciled to each other! (text: Pan repentance)

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