In order to show off her good figure, a female technician in Nanjing deliberately dresses less than her colleagues

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The world of adults has never been easy. Even some beautiful beauties in front of others have the same hard side as us in private. Recently, on the streets of Nanjing late at night, two people got off work from a foot bath shop. In order to be more beautiful than others, the woman dressed in cool clothes and waited for the bus on the street late at night.

Nanjing: In order to show off, female technicians deliberately dress less than their colleagues, in order to be more beautiful than others! : She’s doing better than me!

Recently, a netizen encountered the following scene on the late-night street in Jiangning District, Nanjing. Two girls dressed in too cool clothes were anxiously waiting for an online car-hailing. They must have just got off work soon, so why are these two girls? Will you be waiting for the car in such a cool dress on the street in the middle of the night?

Soon an insider revealed the inside story to us. It turned out that the two girls were technicians in a nearby foot bath shop, and one of them was the top salesman in the shop. Therefore, the other girl with poor performance wanted to be on the street. To attract people’s attention, I deliberately wear this to show off my good figure.

From the pictures exposed on the Internet, we can see a girl with long hair fluttering, wearing a light white high fashion dress, and carrying a small box in her hand. At first glance, she is a skilled senior female technician , and the other girl, although her overall temperament is a bit worse than her size, but when she put on a rather cool open-back fashion dress, this also made the woman suddenly burst with confidence.

And the reason why women wear such cool clothes is that they want to be the best on the streets in the middle of the night. After all, in the foot bath shop, they are already at the bottom of the shop, on the streets of the night. , can’t you make a comeback in terms of appearance?

So is what this insider revealed really the truth? With doubts, we then found the woman in the picture wearing a high fashion dress with an open back. After some inquiry, it turned out to be the truth.

Then the girl began to reveal to us the anguish hidden in her heart. It turns out that the woman has always been the top seller here after entering this foot bath shop for the first time, but with the arrival of this long-haired beauty, Many old customers abandoned her one after another, which naturally made the girl feel revenge in her heart. Therefore, in order to show off after get off work every day, she deliberately wore less than the sales crown. The reason is because the sales crown is better than the female performance. many.

There is a saying that there is no room for two tigers in one mountain, especially in a place like the foot bath shop, which is famous for its looks and skills. Whoever has good looks and skills will have more customers, and their wages will naturally increase accordingly.

The woman was originally the top seller in this store, but with the arrival of another woman, not only did she lose her position as the top seller, but even many old customers abandoned themselves. Naturally, there will be revenge in the heart.

In order to satisfy a sense of vanity in her heart, she wore less fabric than the crown on the street in the middle of the night, in order to let the strangers on the street in the middle of the night put their eyes on her.

Beauty is the nature of every woman. Even if there is no competitive pressure in the workplace, I believe that when two young and beautiful girls appear on the street in the middle of the night, they will involuntarily show their beauty in all aspects to strangers, so as to achieve The purpose of Yan pressing the other side.

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