In order to squeeze out all your resources!

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“You are fired!”

This is the golden phrase of trump, a big real estate developer, in his booming program. It is also his favorite phrase after he became president.

Now, this habit of threatening to fire people has spread to musk, his “steel Guardian”.

Recently, musk sent an e-mail to Tesla employees, asking them to return to the office after finishing remote work and be on duty 40 hours a week, or they will leave the company.



Musk also took his own overtime work in the factory as an example. In subsequent emails, he introduced that the most meaningful products were realized in the factory overtime work, and even set up a workplace PUA, saying that “if I were like you, Tesla would be gone long ago”.

Although musk spits out lotus flowers, we are used to seeing the group of Internet performing artists in China. We can get to Musk’s point in an instant. Going to work on duty is just an excuse. Musk is really going to lay off staff, and it is still an internal layoff.


In my judgment, before long, 10% of Tesla’s office employees in the United States will be eliminated and optimized by the bottom because they “can’t work overtime”. Even, with more and more Tesla students “graduating”, Musk’s 996 and 007 inner volume scriptures learned from Dongtu Datang will also appear in Tesla in the United States.

Moreover, if musk successfully completes the acquisition of twitter, the first company in Silicon Valley to announce that it can work permanently at home, its employees will also be ordered to work, and those who disobey will be laid off for not coming to work.

Compared with Midea’s high-profile cutting of branches and branches, Gree’s salary cut layoffs, and Er Ma’s high salary graduation, musk, who has brought capitalism to the extreme, can hold high the hat that is not in line with professional ethics, expel the prickly employees cheaply, and then force other employees to work hard and squeeze the last resources.

This is probably why musk, whom we admire, became the richest man in the capitalist world.

And this kind of inside roll is not only effective in business, but also conducive to squeezing employees. The political field can also take advantage of this to plunder non-commercial goods.

It has been 100 days since the U.S. provoked the conflict in Ukraine. Russia has won military victories one after another, and the European Union has increased its sanctions. It seems that they have achieved great success, but in fact they are bleeding.

In order to keep “allies” neutral in special military operations, Russia has given up a large number of core interests.

As soon as Biden returned from his visit to East Asia, Putin released the China Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Railway, which had been suppressed by him for 20 years, allowing China to expand its sphere of influence to Central Asia. It also exported cheap agricultural products and energy to India, sold them to the world after OEM, and offered modi the pricing power of bulk commodities.

Next, with Biden’s visit to the Middle East, Putin will also transfer the dominant power of opec+ to the Salman family, transfer the share of Russia’s production reduction to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, and make concessions to the IRAN US agreement in the six party talks on the Iranian nuclear issue to reduce the constraints of Russian terms.

Not to mention providing free energy to Serbia and Hungary in Europe. Facing Erdogan, the gatekeeper of NATO, Putin is bound to transfer his sphere of influence in northern Syria and the Caucasus to seek Turkey’s support.

At the other end of Europe, the French and German engines are driven crazy by the public’s demand for sanctions against Russia and cheap bread and oil and gas. The producer price index in March and April increased by 36.9% and 37.2% respectively year-on-year, continuing to set a new record.

They can only impose sanctions on Russia while buying food and energy at a high price from China and India, and have made a series of compromises on Seychelles and Hungary.

Just like musk fire employees will trigger internal conflicts and contribute surplus value to capitalism, the United States provoked the fire in Ukraine, which also made the entire European internal conflicts sell their core interests one after another. And as long as it is rolled up, it is not so easy to stop. All parties want to squeeze the last bit of interest from it before they stop.

Therefore, it is estimated that if the special military action continues for a few months, European politicians will have to kneel down and ask for China’s new energy help and the shelved China EU investment agreement. Like Putin, there is nothing to sell.

As a lesson for the past and a lesson for the future, we should also use carrots and sticks reasonably to stabilize the rear and prevent Asia from being ignited after Europe.

After all, the back garden of the United States, South America, Brazil and Colombia will probably turn left. In addition, Argentina and Chile, which have completed the left turn, the United States will face the fierce impact of left-wing thoughts. South American countries will also seek “independence” from the United States’ sphere of influence.


At that time, if a fire is lit, many stolen Guevara may emerge from the backyard of the United States, stirring the Biden government into a pot of porridge and plunging it into the endless internal turmoil of the Americas.

The collapse of Europe is inevitable. Next, this brave game is to see who can go to the final victory in Asia and America.

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