In our age, we need to seal the wolf residence, not hide in the dust ~ this is war, and we need the drum of war instead of retreating!

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Author: Zhou Xiaoping from official account: draw (zg5201949)

Foreword: yesterday, China made a rare disclosure of the United States’ soft war military actions against China, including the CIA’s use of Microsoft’s back door and phishing emails to break into the information database of Northwestern Polytechnical University of China for data theft, and the United States’ criminal record of using IOS and Android systems to indiscriminately monitor the information of all Chinese mobile phone users. This kind of openness makes us ordinary people see for the first time how cruel and real a war without smoke of gunpowder is.

If you still remember my article “nine unique tactics of the American Cultural Cold War against China” written eight years ago, you should remember my call at that time and the first time that the aggressive acts, evidence and war situation analysis of the US military’s cultural war against China were made public on the Internet. However, it is a pity that after so many years, we still haven’t paid enough attention to it. We still confine the concept of “war” to the traditional and old “gun” level, but don’t realize that war will change and become unrecognizable.

In the late Qing Dynasty, it was not that the Chinese military attache deliberately tried to deceive the court and described the invasion of foreigners as “border quarrels and trouble making”, but that according to the traditional war concept at that time, an ultra long-distance war needed to mobilize at least hundreds of thousands of people for logistical support in order to support the long-distance expedition of tens of thousands of people. Under the limitation of this traditional knowledge of war, which has lasted for thousands of years, any military attache of the Qing Dynasty could not realize that hundreds and thousands of people who could hardly see any logistics support Army under the skin would come to launch a war. According to the past thinking pattern and cognition, such a little foreigner can only come to “quarrel and stir up trouble”.

But the problem is that the war at that time has changed. The outbreak of industrial technology has made great changes in human transportation, transportation, communication, food storage and weapons, and even weapons. The main reason is that the efficiency of transportation, transportation, communication and food storage brought about by technology has greatly changed the form of war, making it unrecognizable. When war broke out under the eyes of the world, It is still impossible to realize that this is war.

The same is true today. Under the deterrence of nuclear weapons, the United States cannot rashly launch a traditional war. Under China’s strong missile technology and anti intervention capability, the United States will not rashly launch a traditional military attack. However, this does not mean that the United States has not launched a war against China.

The war of biochemical virus poisoning is a war, the war of financial black hole bloodsucking is a war, the war of cultivating market technology compradors, the war of supporting black china anti Chinese literati and artists, the war of corrupting and invading cultural and educational systems, the war of planting spiritual opium, the war of buying network technology mercenaries, the war of using software to dominate monitoring and launch network attacks, all of which are wars. The war has broken out, but some people are not aware of it at all. They are appallingly slow.

In fact, I’m in a particularly bad mood these days. I’m listening to the song “how I want to live” written by Russia for the pilots who died in the Syrian war. I don’t know how to say it. I always feel that this song is full of sincerity, full of the supreme respect of Russian literary and art workers for heroes. It is a work that can make people cry at any time. This kind of work greatly encourages the morale of the Russian nation, They can be closely united in difficult times and soft wars to enhance the probability of defeating NATO.

But what about us? We are not without heroes. Whether it is Sino US friction or Sino Indian confrontation, whether it is soldiers or scientists, over the past few decades, including these years, our nation has erupted into countless heroic stories and countless heroic people and objects worthy of our respect and memory. But what are our writers and artists doing? I haven’t heard or seen any song, song or work that makes people cry!

Compared with poor Russia, China is much richer than them. We have huge funds, amazing productivity and perfect industrial chain. We have clear instructions and clear high-level policies from leaders. We have the world’s largest writers’ associations, web associations, music associations, film associations, literary and art federations, academies and so on. Logically speaking, we should have the world’s most powerful literary and artistic creation ability.

However, it is a pity that we are silent here. No matter how many amazing stories broke out by soldiers, scientists or ordinary people of this nation, our literary and art workers can not eulogize them from the bottom of their hearts. At most, they are only fake works of “more steel, less gas” and “more wheels” that are used to win awards and earn box office, or elaborate fake works. The melody is very high, the score is very expensive, the stage is very beautiful, but there is no spirit!

We enrich our pockets, but wither our souls. Russia has emerged from the heavy blow of the disintegration of the Soviet Union. It is ragged but tough. Unknowingly, we all live like we hate. Our literary and artistic work is sorry for the Chinese people today.

Nan Rendong, who fought for the cause of Tianyan to the last moment of his life, is not worth writing a song “how much I want to live”?

Lin Junde, who worked for China’s military technology to the last breath of his life, isn’t it worth writing a song “how much I want to live”?

Chen Hongjun, Chen Xiangrong, Xiao Siyuan and Wang zhuoran, who sacrificed their lives to defend national sovereignty, are not worth writing a song “how to live”?

Those ordinary policemen, doctors, nurses and volunteers who died in the anti epidemic action are not worth writing a song “how to live”?

Those fire fighters and Chongqing people who unite as one to fight the fire devil in the mountain fire in Chongqing are not worth writing a song “how to live”?

It was a war, and our band stopped playing. This is a great war, and our bards sing praises of the enemy. This is a battle of life and death, but our words, sounds and pictures are full of grey breath. The morale that should have been encouraged was suppressed, the heroes that should have been eulogized were shelved, and the hearts that should have been gathered were teased and even mocked.

Some literati who secretly whitewash and praise the Japanese invaders in China and spread rumors to discredit our soldiers were held up at the altar and returned to China to continue to win awards after winning awards in the West.

Some things full of shit and urine come into the house.

Some of the garbage that passes knives to the west is extravagant and hedonistic.

Some people who wave the flag and shout for the United States have achieved success.

Some have disturbed our public opinion and become rich.

Some of them poison teaching materials and films and television, and gain fame and fortune.

This is our present situation on the invisible battlefield! The enemy is at the foot of the city, but we are not aware of the outbreak of war. The enemy has penetrated into the soul of our literature and art, while we are still singing and dancing, carving buildings and brocade and fur. How can this happen?

I hate that my talent is limited, I can only write garbage articles, I can’t make movies, I can’t write good songs, and I can only continue to be lonely and angry, and continue to write fast. I do not mourn for myself when I lie in a lonely village. I still want to defend Luntai for my country.

We should use Huawei instead of apple, we should open the great wall instead of Tesla, we should use Hongmeng instead of Microsoft, we should worship heroes instead of traffic stars, what we need in this era is to seal the wolf rather than hide in the dust!!! This is a soft burial and cultural slaughter of a national spiritual core and the spirit of the times. It is the biggest crisis the Chinese nation has faced in the past five thousand years. In ancient times, even our weakest Dynasty never denied the greatness of the Chinese culture in the Central Plains, nor worshipped the dogs, Xiongnu, Dirong, Xiayi, Hufan or Kunlun nu. But today, we are facing the self pollution, self depreciation and self denial of our nation’s most fundamental culture and spiritual core; What we are facing is the “spiritual virus” and “Cultural Cold War” encountered in the most fundamental cultural and spiritual core.

No matter how many times we were defeated before, we still stood up because our respect for our own culture and spiritual core has never been questioned or shaken, so our civilization has been passed down to this day. And now in this invisible soft war, if we are defeated, we will completely disappear, and even words will not be left in the end. A nation that has lost its cultural self-confidence and spiritual core support is like a machine King Kong controlled by a virus. Even if this machine King Kong is full of super weapons and has the power to destroy heaven and earth, it can only marry others in the end.

This is a war. We need the drums of war instead of retreating. What we need in this era is to seal the wolf’s residence, not to hide in the dust! Resist, my fellow citizens. Don’t let our generation become sinners of Chinese culture.

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