In response to the Australian Incident, Dong Xuan revealed that Gao Yunxiang was alienated by relatives and friends after the accident

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Dong Xuan recently participated in the program “50 kilometers Taohuawu 2”. Her sense of presence in the program is not very good. She spends most of her time with Song Dandan. However, in the latest issue, under Song Dandan’s inquiry, Dong Xuan responded to the Australian Incident. Dong Xuan revealed that after Gao Yunxiang had an accident, many relatives and friends around him alienated him. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Dong Xuan’s response to the Australian Incident

Song Dandan asked Dong Xuan about Australia in the program. At the beginning, Dong Xuan’s ex husband Gao Yunxiang was arrested in Australia for sexual assault. The melon eaters should be familiar with this matter. At that time, Dong Xuan also flew directly to Australia to help deal with this matter. Many also scolded Dong Xuan because they thought that Dong Xuan should not help this scum man who betrayed her. However, Dong Xuan had other views. Dong Xuan said that when it happened, Gao Yunxiang’s parents were in poor health, and Gao Yunxiang had no friends in Australia, so he flew to Australia to help deal with the matter.

Dong Xuan said that with and without children, the way to deal with such things is different. The implication is that Gao Yunxiang is, after all, the father of his children, and he cannot die. Dong Xuan said that after the Australian Incident, many friends outside the inner circle ignored Gao Yunxiang and even directly blacked his contact information. And there are their friends. Forwarding this news directly in the circle of friends is completely a joke mentality.

Gao Yunxiang was alienated by relatives and friends after the accident

Dong Xuan said that only when things happen will he know what a true friend is and what a false friend is. It can be seen that Dong Xuan is also a good woman who values love and righteousness. It can only be said that Gao Yunxiang failed Dong Xuan. In fact, when Gao Yunxiang had an accident, Dong Xuan was pregnant with a second child. Later, it was obvious that Dong Xuan chose to give up the child. Although she helped Gao Yunxiang, she still chose to divorce.

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