In the dream of Red Mansions, Jia Yucun is arranged to continue to be Daiyu’s teacher. What is Lin Ruhai’s plan behind it?

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Linruhai, the character in a dream of Red Mansions, the son-in-law of Jia Mu and the father of Lindaiyu. Today’s China story network Xiaobian brings you a new interpretation~

Recently, when writing about the reasons why Daiyu entered the Jia family, I saw some readers leave messages saying that there were “five no marriages” in ancient times, and Daiyu’s situation coincided with the first kind of “no marriage for the eldest daughter of a deceased woman”, so linruhai arranged for Daiyu to go to the Jia family and be educated and raised by her grandmother.

Right or wrong of this statement will not be discussed here for the time being. Just from the arrangement made by linruhai for Daiyu, it does not mean that Daiyu will go to Jia’s house, but that Jiayu village will continue to be Daiyu’s teacher. This seems very hard, but it is very warm for Daiyu.

After Jiamin’s death, why did linruhai arrange Jiayu village to continue to be Daiyu’s teacher? It’s very meaningful.

I. Daiyu is linruhai’s only daughter, and she is not willing to leave.

It’s a pity that the Lin family is not prosperous and has a limited number of people. Although there are several schools, they are all tangs with Ruhai, and they are not very close to the clans. Today, Ruhai is 50 years old. He has only a three-year-old son, who died last year. Although there are several concubines, there is nothing to do if he has no children. Only his first wife, Jia Shi, had a daughter. Her baby name was Daiyu. She was five years old. The husband and wife loved each other like the Pearl of their eyes. Seeing that he was smart and handsome, he also wanted to make him know a few words, but pretended to be an adopted son and talked about the desolation under his knees.

It can be seen from this passage that after Jia Min’s death, Daiyu was not Lin Ruhai’s only relative, because Lin Ruhai had several concubines, but Lin Ruhai’s only daughter and the only child alive.

Unless Jia Min leaves his last words before his death, or Jia’s mother is tough, Lin Ruhai will not be willing to send her daughter away from home and go to her grandparents’ home for foster care.

II. Linruhai left Jiayu village to continue to be Daiyu’s teacher and insisted on keeping her daughter’s books.

Looking at the scene of another year, Mrs. Jia, the mother of the female student, died of a disease. The female student served the soup and medicine, and kept the mourning, so she said goodbye to the hall. Linruhai wanted to make the woman keep the rules and study, so he left him behind. Recently, because the female student was sad, she was timid and sickly, and violated the old disease, so she didn’t go to school for days. It’s boring to live in the rain village. When it’s sunny, I come out for a walk after dinner.


In this passage, it is clearly written that after Jia Min’s death, linruhai made an arrangement for Daiyu, that is, to continue to let Jia Yucun be her teacher and let Daiyu keep the rules and study.

In the second chapter of the book, it is mentioned that Lin Ruhai’s family has become a scholarly family in his generation. Linruhai himself is also a Tanhua. His only son died early. Although Lindaiyu is a daughter, linruhai also wants her to read, but pretends to be an adopted son and talks about the desolation under his knees.

In this way, Lindaiyu, like Wang Xifeng, was also raised at home as a boy. The difference is that Daiyu was only raised as a boy when she was a child. After all, in that society, women’s lack of talent is virtue. Girls don’t need to read. It’s OK to know a few strong female biographies. Li Wan is the best example.

However, linruhai is a Tanhua. Although he doesn’t want his daughter Lindaiyu to gain fame like him in the future, it is still very necessary to read. After the death of his first wife Jia Min, Jia Yucun was going to resign. Linruhai asked him to stay, hoping that he would continue to be Daiyu’s teacher and teach her to read.

Linruhai asked a scholar to teach his daughter Daiyu to read, which was rare in ancient times. It also shows that linruhai attaches importance to her daughter’s reading. How could Daiyu be arranged to go to her grandparents’ home for foster care since she attached importance to her studies and left Jiayu village to teach?

It can be seen that it was not linruhai who arranged Daiyu to live in Jia’s residence, but Jiamin, Daiyu’s mother. Before her death, Jia Min should write a letter to her mother, Jia Mu, informing her of her physical condition, and asking her mother for help.

It was with this letter that after Jia Min’s death, Jia’s mother arranged men and women to take Daiyu to Jia’s house. Even if linruhai was reluctant to give up, he had to agree that his daughter Daiyu would go to live as a sojourner with her grandmother.

The reason for this is that after Jia Min’s death, Jia Yucun resigned, and linruhai continued to ask him to teach Daiyu how to study. However, not long after, when Jia Yucun was walking outside, he knew that duzhongzhun’s restoration staff asked linruhai for help. Linruhai told Jia Yucun’s mother-in-law that they had sent men and women to pick him up. Jiayu village can go to Beijing with Daiyu, but Daiyu refuses to leave her father.

The schoolgirl could not bear to leave her parents, but her grandmother would like to leave.


This sentence clearly points out the attitude of Jia’s mother to accept Daiyu. Jia’s mother’s attitude is very tough. Even if Lin Ruhai doesn’t give up, he also tries to hold back his tears and tells Daiyu that he doesn’t want to continue. He asks Daiyu to go to her grandparents’ home to rest and be educated and raised by her grandmother and aunt. He is also relieved.

Linruhai’s words made people cry, but he had no choice. Daiyu had the opportunity to grow up with her father, but because of her grandmother’s insistence, she had to leave her father and follow the men and women boats of the Jia family to Kyoto.

Although Daiyu returned once after she left this time, she visited her father linruhai who was seriously ill. It can be seen that this departure is particularly important for linruhai and Daiyu.

Sometimes she couldn’t help thinking that if Daiyu didn’t go to her grandparents’ house, she wouldn’t die early. However, there is no if in the world, and there is no if in the book, because Daiyu’s life has already been arranged by CaoXueqin, including her meeting with Baoyu at Jia’s house. This is the beginning of Daiyu’s previous life when Jiang Zhu fairy repaid her kindness with tears, and also the beginning of her separation from her father linruhai.

If, as arranged by linruhai for Daiyu, Jia Yucun is left to continue to be Daiyu’s teacher, let her study at home, learn piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and stay with him, even if Daiyu studies hard, it is warm. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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