In the era of truss, what is the trend of China UK relations?

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: planting flower city (ID: hqsycn)

Truss defeated sunak and became the new British Prime Minister. In this regard, a group of people began to explain why she could become the British Prime Minister.

In fact, such things that can not be predicted in advance and explain “rationality” afterwards are meaningless.

This article only solves one question: how will China UK relations move after truss becomes British Prime Minister?

? screenshot of truss video

There are two basic logics for China UK relations:

1. The British must find a supporter

At the time of brexit, there were two opinions on Sino British relations.

The first is that China UK relations will be better

At that time, China UK relations were in the “golden decade”. Many people believed that after brexit, Britain, without the protection of its “family”, would cooperate more closely with China for its own development.

The second is the author’s view that the “golden decade” between China and Britain is coming to an end

The reason for judging is very simple. The Anglo Saxons started with robbers. Robbers are used to robbing others, and they are most worried about being robbed by others. This natural psychological defect and lack of security lead them to look for backers. Only China, the United States and Russia can be Britain’s backers. It is self-evident who Britain will choose.

Under such circumstances, if Sino US relations are good, Sino British relations must be good; But if there is a confrontation between China and the United States, what will happen between China and Britain? The answer is very clear.

After that, the development of Sino British relations was indeed as expected by the author. The “golden decade” between China and Britain ended and more confrontation emerged.

2. Punctuality demand of established countries

Out of the competition for resources, out of the West’s desire to preserve rich interests forever, and out of the desire to lock up backward countries, they have the most basic need for punctuality, which leads to their natural antagonism against backward countries and is also the ideological basis for them to form value alliances.

The west is engaged in “anti globalization” and “unilateralism”. They themselves know that this is not good, but the reality has made them forget about the long term and think about the immediate future first. Even if they drink poison to quench their thirst, they will drink it first. Even if you’re rotten, just make your opponent worse.

This antagonism is not only against China and Russia, but also against all third world countries. “Carbon neutrality” is the biggest overt plot made by the west to lock up (and plunder) backward countries. However, at present, China and Russia are the most prominent, and the confrontation with the west is also the most intense.

Russia and Europe are neighbors, threatening each other like “life and death”. China and Europe are separated by thousands of miles, and no one can pose a life and death threat to anyone. However, the contradiction between the above-mentioned interest competition, success and rise has led to confrontation (of course, there will also be cooperation and interests).

If you understand the above two points, you can easily judge the trend of China UK relations in the future.

Although it doesn’t mean much, based on the understanding of the causes and consequences, I’d like to briefly explain why truss won in the end.

In itself, truss and sunak belong to the conservative camp, and their policy propositions are almost the same. The difference is only in the small aspects of “different levels of toughness towards China and Russia and different levels of assistance to enterprises”.

It is generally believed that sunak is an elite and has a more professional ability to solve the current British economic difficulties, energy crisis, high inflation, rising cost of living and other problems.

At the beginning, sunak’s support rate did lead all the way, but after the Conservative Party members voted in late July, his support rate fell all the way, which is generally believed to be caused by his loyalty and ethnic origin.

Sunak is one of the initiators of Johnson’s “resignation tide” and is considered as a “stabber” behind his back, which makes people feel that his loyalty is questionable. Comparatively speaking, truss has always stood firmly beside Johnson.

Another thing is that sunak is of Indian descent. Many people believe that sunak lost the election because the British can’t accept a non white person as the British Prime Minister.

These two points led to sunak’s defeat.

Why did truss win?

In addition to the opponent factor, it is also because of truss himself. She can win, not because she is deep, but because she is shallow – a fickle person who looks crazy and threatens to destroy the world by pressing the nuclear button. Her words and deeds look like a “little sister”.

Hegel once said that great things and people often appear twice; Marx said that the first time was a tragedy, and the second time was a comedy.

Truss especially likes to imitate Mrs. Thatcher and wants to become a new generation of iron lady. I don’t know if Thatcher’s appearance is a tragedy, but truss’s coming on stage is likely to be a comedy. The once “sun never sets”, like the last sunset glow in the evening, is gradually fading.

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