In the face of difficulties, why still say that China’s future will be better!

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“Good” or


, is never an absolute word, but a relative word.

Without comparison, we can never draw a conclusion


Because the standard of “good” is constantly changing and has never been constant. 30 years ago, if you had a permanent bike, you could get it, but today, if you have a Tesla, you may not get it.

How to judge good or bad?

Han Meimei only got 58 points in the exam. Did she do well?

You really can’t just pass the score of 58 points. Whether he did well or not, because good or bad is never absolute.

Maybe the school had an Olympiad math exam, and the questions were extremely difficult. The highest score of the school was only 59 points, and the average score of the school was only 30 points. She ranked second in the whole school.

This is a standard for judging. There is another possibility. This is a regular exam. But Han Meimei once indulged in games. She was at the bottom of the original exam and often handed in blank papers. This semester, she learned from the pain. She studied until midnight every day. Her 58 score was qualitatively improved compared with the original, and her ranking increased by 12.

Therefore, in this case, it can also be said that she did well in the exam.

We must be clear,

“Good” has never been an absolute standard, and it is always compared.

There are always two methods of comparison.

One is horizontal comparison, which is to compare two or more similar things in the same time dimension;

For example, the first kind of Han Meimei above is compared with the whole school;

One is vertical comparison, which is to compare a single sample in different time dimensions;

For example, if Han Meimei’s score is higher than that of the last time.

Without these two standards, you will never know whether it is good or bad.

You just graduated from college, earning 10000 a month, and you’re very happy. As a result, when you get together with your classmates, you find that the per capita salary is 12000, and you feel bad instantly

Fortunately, Li Lei participated in the middle school sports meeting. He ran the 100 meters for 11.6 seconds, ranking first in the city. As a result, his father said he was not good at it, and scolded him directly, because Su Bingtian ran 9.83 seconds;

Such parents are not only mentally retarded, but also bastards.

So, what is good?

100 years later, there was a famine in the world, and many people couldn’t even eat steamed bread. You said that I was too bitter when eating steamed buns. Last year, I was still eating abalone

If you say this, you will be beaten.

Or we annihilate the enemy by 10000, seize the position, and celebrate the victory. You have to say that we lost the battle, because we sacrificed two soldiers. How can we say that we won

Without horizontal and vertical comparison, there is no good.

Many people think clearly when evaluating whether they are good or not, and they are completely confused when evaluating whether the country is good or not.

I don’t even know the most basic right and wrong views.

Indeed, since 2022, there have been many things that have made us blocked, such as Edinburgh incident, beating incident, textbook incident, red code incident In addition, the overall employment situation this year is not good, many people are very depressed.

I was also very anxious and wrote a series of sharp articles. Edinburgh has written at least 7 articles, beating people has written 4 articles, and teaching materials have written 5 articles

But when I write these articles, there is a basic premise, or based on the basic principles and logic, that is, China as a whole is upward, and it will only get better and better.

Recently, because some numbers have been blocked, I haven’t written social comments recently. I wrote a series of international perspectives and saw various wonderful comments. The more representative ones are:

What do you say about the western world? Now we all have beatings, which is a mess. How can you say that the west is not good without conscience?

Recently, there are many similar views, but I still haven’t seen their evaluation criteria. What criteria do they adopt to consider it a “mess” in China?

What is the basis?

Of course, first of all, I don’t deny that the beating incident is relatively bad, has a serious impact on our values, and is a social problem that must be completely solved. But because of this, we are not qualified to talk about things in other countries? Not qualified to know international information? Because we are “in a mess”?

In fact, we look at the hot search every day. No matter how good it is, there are always oneortwo negative messages every day, or campus bullying, fraud, fighting, corruption

You make everyone in China, with a population of 1.4 billion, become a sage and never have an accident? No one can do it in another 100 million years.

Is it a mess if there is negative information?

First of all, by horizontal comparison, the murder rate per 100000 people in the United States is 6.5, which is 8-10 times that of China. There will definitely be no “beating incident” in China in the United States, because few people dare to go out for a walk when it is dark in the United States

Not only the murder rate, in the first four months of 2022, 19841 people in the United States have been killed by gunfire, and another 16799 people have been injured. The total number of casualties is 36640, more than the casualties of Russian soldiers on the Russian Ukrainian battlefield!

Looking at this data, where can you see that China is in a mess?

Even if 19 children were shot and killed in the Texas shooting incident in the United States, it will not be as hot as we search the above 50 and 40 beating incidents, because Americans are used to

Of course, you can say that the United States is too bad. Why should we compare with the United States.

Unfortunately, the United States is not bad at all. You think the United States is bad because you are in China.

On April 15, 2022, data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency showed that the Department handled as many as 221303 illegal immigrants arriving at the southern border of the United States in March. Thousands of illegal immigrants trek across mountains and rivers every year and want to go to the United States.

In the recent illegal immigration tragedy, more than 50 immigrants were piled in trucks and died because of the heat and water shortage, but even so, a large number of people still want to pass, even if they risk death!

Why? Because the United States is really a paradise compared with central and South America.

Honduras’ murder rate is 90.42, which is almost 15 times that of the United States. If we make a comparison, according to this data, in a city with a population of 20million, such as Shenzhen, nearly 20000 people die of murder every year, which is basically equivalent to fighting.

Mexican drug dealers are rampant, dare to sell drugs in the market, openly shoot the mayor and threaten the president;

El Salvador is flooded with gangs, and 1million of the 6.7 million people are related to gangs, which is a serious job;

Therefore, for these countries, the United States is simply too good and too safe. How can we say that the United States is rotten?

As we said, without comparison, you never know whether it is good or bad.

After making a horizontal comparison, we will make a vertical comparison. I dare say:

The current 10 years are the best 10 years for public security in China.

2022 is the best year for public security in China.

Next year, and the next 10 years, will be better.

This trend will never change.

Some people say that the current social security is too bad. How good the original security was.

Is the person who said this crazy, or is he living in a paradise I don’t know?

Wu Dou in the 1970s, car bandits and road bullies in the 1980s, fierce bandits in the 1990s, flying car gangs in the 2000s, bullying and underground gambling in the 10s The above is basically invisible today. Although it does not mean absolute elimination, it is hard to find.

In particular, as of the end of April 2020, 3120 underworld related organizations, 9888 underworld related criminal groups, 388442 criminal suspects were arrested, and 67190 underworld related corruption and protective umbrellas were investigated and dealt with in 2018

Are these figures meaningless?

Today’s social security is much better than 20 years ago, and it is getting better and better with the naked eye.

You know, the murderous bandits like baibaoshan and Zhang Jun, who have caused a sensation in the country, have been under arrest for only more than 20 years.

Without horizontal comparison, you will not have judgment.

Just as after the poison textbook incident, many people said that the public opinion environment in China was too bad.

Those who say this are still too forgetful. You need to know that 10 years ago, the public knowledge was rampant, and the fairy tales of German sewers were still spreading everywhere. “America in the next life” was still a sincere blessing, but only 10 years later, it was about to become a curse.

Nine years ago, Carina Lau traveled to Beijing, took photos in Tian’anmen Square and left messages on her microblog. Because she wrote “Oriental red, the sun in my heart”, she was openly abused by thousands of people on her microblog. No one dared to speak to him, because at that time, “patriotism” was still a disgrace.

After only nine years, the offensive and defensive positions have changed qualitatively. The public knowledge has become a street mouse, and the Jingri exquisite people have become rare animals. How can we come to the conclusion that “our public opinion environment is poor”?

How did these people come to the conclusion that it was a mess?

Are you lying with your eyes open?

Whether it is vertical comparison or horizontal comparison, whether it is data or memory, it clearly tells us that society is getting better and better. China is the country with the highest global security index.

Just because there is a social order, why can’t the whole China?

This is good. For example, there is an epidemic in Xi’an, and pregnant women have miscarriage. The hate nationalists can’t wait to jump out and say that it’s all the fault of the anti epidemic, otherwise they won’t miscarry.

If we don’t fight the epidemic according to their ideas, it’s not a pregnant woman who has miscarried. It’s estimated that tens of thousands of people will die because of the virus, and it’s because the run on the medical system will cause unknown pregnant women to be unable to seek medical treatment

Just like the beating incident, everyone is writing. What normal people write is to make an appeal and express their anger, but the hate nationalists are still the same, denying the whole with a case, or confusing the public with a set of lies to solve the body question.

Even if the United States would not hit people, because there are guns The United States will not hit people, that is, gunfight.

According to their logic, no matter how hard the teacher works, even if 50 people and 49 people in a class get 100 points, as long as one person fails, the whole class fails.

In fact, there is a very simple criterion to judge whether a society has made progress and improved, that is, whether everyone is willing to stay.

In the 1980s and 1990s, today’s scene also appeared in China, where a large number of people smuggled into Japan or the United States.

At that time, Fujian, Guangdong and Zhejiang were once hot areas for illegal immigration, because at that time, Japan worked for a month and Shanghai bought suites; Washing dishes in the United States for a month earns more than a professor for a year

Stowaways risked huge risks, lost their wealth, and then went abroad with usury. In 1993, the largest stowaway case ever occurred was a sensation. They took the golden adventure, a ship with more than 260 illegal immigrants, to Houhai, near queens, New York. According to the original plan of the snakehead, New York will send a contact person to the high seas in a small speedboat after their arrival, and then pick up the smugglers ashore in batches.

Unexpectedly, the original contact died in a vendetta with the Chinese gangs. The golden adventure waited on the high seas for two weeks. After running out of water and food, the snake head on the ship decided to venture into the offshore and let all stowaways swim ashore by themselves. In the end, 10 of the 286 people drowned, 6 escaped, and all the other stowaways were arrested

But today, in addition to some rich people who want to run to the United States, ordinary people who are crazy to run there?

Because it’s better to earn more by delivering takeout in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen than by doing illegal work in the United States today.

Over the past 20 years, China’s per capita wage has increased 32 times compared with the United States and 107 times compared with Japan;

Moreover, the proportion of Chinese students returning home has increased from 18.7% 20 years ago to 84.46% today.

Read this data, called “a mess”? Just because of a beating, do you want to run to the United States and get shot?

I have written several economic articles, but no matter what problems the economy encounters today, it is still “stable and good”. This is a fact.

Because even if the unemployment rate has increased compared with last year, young people are not willing to go to factories. Factories are still difficult to recruit, and many enterprises have to go to Southeast Asia or Africa.

More than 20 years ago, they were still trying to go to the factory. At that time, Korean enterprises were arrogant and domineering, and they could always ask workers to kneel down for them. How dare they try this today?

Not only will this scene never happen again, but the business of Korean enterprises is getting worse and worse. Today’s economic aggregate is about the same as that of Jiangsu Province, and China is no longer a magnitude opponent at all.

Edinburgh incident, beating incident, textbook incident, red code incident These are things we must take seriously and hold accountable.

However, the solution of the problem requires time and process.

Just like three years ago, many people said that no matter how much Nike humiliated China, consumers will eventually pay But time finally proved everything. Today, Nike’s sales have plummeted month by month and are about to climb out of China. The sales volume of Anta Li Ning and other domestic products rose slightly

Nike will pay the price for what it has done.

Therefore, in that sentence, the case can never deny the fact that China is stable and good.

Finally, I have to say that the Nationalist Party is becoming less and less successful.

Many nationalist parties 30 years ago also dared to face their fate bravely. They were unanimous in their hearts. They dared to sell all their possessions, borrowed usury, risked their lives and embarked on the stowaway freighter under the arrangement of the snake head, and drifted on the vast sea.

Unfortunately, many people have struggled in the United States or Japan for decades before they find themselves a joke, because the past 20 years have been China’s golden 20 years, with the best opportunities and the fastest development speed in the world, but they have worked in American restaurants for 20 years without seeing the sun

But in any case, they are brave and brave.

Unlike today’s Nationalist Party, which admires the United States while clinging to China and refuses to leave.

You know, Zhao Lijian has long said: China, freedom to come and go

Please also hate the National Party to make a brave choice loyal to their views.

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