In the Han Dynasty, the bride price was too expensive for a civil servant to get married at the age of 50

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The reason for the tragedy of the Cowherd and the weaver girl is that the cowherd wants to marry the daughter of the emperor of heaven. The gate is not suitable, so he has paid a heavy price.

“The bookofsongs · Xiaoya · Dadong” says: “there is a Han in Uygur heaven, and there is light in prison. The weaver girl, Yun Bi, has seven Xiangs all day long. Although the seven Xiangs, do not become a newspaper. The screen, who leads the ox, does not serve the box.” The weaver girl and morning glory here are pure friendship and have not had sexual relations yet. However, in the Han Dynasty, the ancient poem “Altair from afar” appeared:

A distant Altair, a Chinese girl in the Jiaojiao river. The hands are slender and plain, and the loom is woven.

All day long there is no chapter, and tears are like rain. The river and the Han are clear and shallow. How many times have they gone?

There is no language in the water.

With morning glory and weaver girl as the protagonists, it depicts the love between the two people who are happy with each other and fall in love until they can’t stay together forever. Hehan is not only clear, but also shallow and not broad. Why has it become an insurmountable obstacle for Cowherd and Weaver Girl? The author didn’t say so, but we might as well make some nonsense in combination with the reality of the marriage between the two Han Dynasties. The author himself is not an expert or scholar. If you think I am wrong, just ignore me.

Jing Chu Sui Shi Ji is a book about the customs of Jing Chu Sui written by Zong Jia of Liang Dynasty in the Southern Dynasty. It is also the earliest monograph in China to record the ancient Sui Shi Ling. It is recorded in the book: “the Taoist book says that morning glory married the weaver girl, took 20000 yuan from the emperor of heaven as a gift, and failed to return it for a long time, and was driven away in the camp.” In other words, the reason for the tragedy of the Cowherd and the weaver girl is that the cowherd wanted to marry the daughter of the emperor of heaven, and the door was not matched, so he paid a heavy price.

Someone is talking. The Cowherd and the weaver girl are just myths and legends. Wang Wei, just make a lie.

Then I will tell another story that is not a myth, but a story that is well known to those who have read some books in China – the story of Sima Xiangru and Zhuowenjun.

But little white face wants money, not beauty. Therefore, under Sima Xiangru’s performance of repeatedly crying for poverty, Zhuowenjun and Sima Xiangru returned to their hometown and wanted dad to share his property. This made Zhuo Wang sun so angry that he put down his cruel words: “women are not talented. I can’t bear to kill them. I don’t give a penny!”

Sima Xiangru frowned when he saw that the old man was difficult to deal with. He took Zhuowenjun back to Linqiong and opened a small tavern. He asked Zhuowenjun to be a lady. We don’t know whether there was a “three companions”. In short, according to the historical records, Wen Jun was in charge.

King Zhuo and his grandson fainted at once. Having raised such a big daughter, he had no choice but to give her “hundreds of children, millions of dollars, and clothes, quilts, and property at the time of marriage”.

As for the ending of Sima Xiangru and Zhuowenjun, Xijing miscellany records:

Wen Jun has a beautiful face, with eyebrows as bright as a distant mountain, and her face is often like a lotus. Her skin is as smooth as grease. He was seventeen and widowed, and he was extravagant. Therefore, it was more polite to read the talents of Changqing. Changqing, who had always been suffering from thirst quenching, returned to Chengdu and pleased Wen Jun, so he developed a chronic disease and died of this disease. Wen Jun is a eulogy, handed down to the world.

In a word, this couple will come to no good end. After joking, let’s get to the point.

Zhuo Wang sun gave his daughter so many things to marry with, in fact, because the concept of family began to rise. The higher the family, the higher the cost of marriage. We look at the Han system regulations: “the Queen’s gold is twentythousand Jin, and the money is twentythousand million.”

What is the concept of “twenty thousand yuan for money”? Compared with the property of 20000 middle-class families. Therefore, “on potential husband? Extravagance” says: “the cost of a meal will break the foundation of a lifetime.” So that even the “civil servants” working in state organs sometimes cannot afford it.

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a small official named Zhan Yun. He was a counsellor of Cao, and his income was limited. At the age of 50, he could not get married. Later, with the help of his superiors and colleagues, he barely raised enough money for the appointment. “National civil servants” have to endure until the age of 50, and the common people have no hope. With the increase of the bride price, the pomp of the wedding naturally becomes larger. Therefore, the “theory of potential husband” attacked: “the rich marry, with ten carriages and ten carriages. Riding slaves and servants lead each other. The rich compete with each other, and the poor are ashamed.”

So as long as we think of this layer, we will think that the cowherd will have to wait a year to meet his wife. In fact, there is no need to make a fuss. This is the case on earth, not to mention in heaven?

However, the common people are always very good at comforting themselves. The cowherd can’t get the weaver girl, so create Dongyong to take care of the seven fairies. Volume 62 of the Pearl forest of the court of justice quoted Liu Xiang’s biography of filial sons as saying:

Dong Yongzhe, who is less inclined to his parents, lives with his father. He is a man of boundless strength. His deer cart carries his father with him. The father finally sold himself to the rich man for the funeral. When he met a woman, he called and said, “may I be your wife.” Then they all came to Fu Gong. Duke Fu said, “who is the woman?” The answer was, “my forever wife wants to help pay the debt.” The duke said, “you weave threehundred horses and send you.” Ten days is the end. When I went out, I said, “my heavenly daughter, heaven has ordered me to help my son repay his debt.” I don’t know where I am when I finish speaking.

It’s certainly the spirit of Ah Q to let Tian Di’s daughter provide free door-to-door services.

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