In the journey to the west, when lishimin arrived in the underworld, why did the hell kings of the ten halls meet him?

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As we all know, in the journey to the west, Tang Xuanzang and his three disciples finally got the scripture after going through the “91 difficulties”. The following is a detailed introduction to the article made up by China

In journey to the west, there is a very wonderful description, that is, lishimin was entangled by the Dragon King of Jinghe River to the local government to fight a lawsuit, and was revived by Tian Shou.

However, this description leads to a big problem, that is, how high lishimin’s status is, why even the king of hell in the ten halls should come out to greet him?

If all the emperors in the world have this treatment, then why is Li Yuan, Li Shimin’s father, unable to be reborn, living in the streets of hell and becoming a ghost?

This problem is quite complicated, because behind it is the ultimate deception of learning scriptures from the west, because the real “scriptures” are in the Tang Dynasty



There was a reason why Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty visited the prefectures. The things were as follows:

The Dragon King of Jinghe River accidentally found that his aquarium was always captured by a fisherman, so he went to investigate the reason, and finally found that a diviner named yuanshoucheng was making trouble.

So he disguised himself as a human figure and bet with yuanshoucheng about the rain. Finally, in order to win the bet, the Dragon King of Jinghe River tampered with the imperial edict of the Jade Emperor and violated the heaven’s order. In desperation, he turned to yuanshoucheng for help. The solution was to ask Taizong of the Tang Dynasty to protect him.

Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty promised to protect him. He also knew that Wei Zheng was the one to be executed this time. So he also pulled Wei Zheng at night and wouldn’t let him go. Unexpectedly, Wei Zheng was so powerful that he killed the Dragon King of the Jinghe River in his dream.

In this way, the Dragon King of Jinghe gave a dream to Emperor Taizong every day, asking him to pay for his life. After a long time, Emperor Taizong died and went to the underground to find the Dragon King of Jinghe to file a lawsuit.

This is where the strange thing started

Judge Cui was the first to meet him. He knelt down at the roadside early and shouted:

“Your Majesty, forgive me for my mistakes!”

If the judge is only a small official, and it is reasonable for him to kneel down to meet him, then the following treatment will be confusing:

“The ten kings came out of the Senluo hall and bowed their backs to meet the Emperor Taizong.”

The supreme ruler of the underground, the ten Palace yamas, all ran out of the palace to “control their backs and bow down” to meet lishimin. This kind of treatment is unimaginable.

Even if lishimin is the king of man and the king of hell in the ten halls is the ghost king, it is also a level, but the dialogue between several people is obviously distinguished from each other. For example, when King Qin Guang spoke, he had to “bow his hand”. When lishimin finished his words, the ten hell kings had to “bow” quickly. In the words of hell, he was a “ghost minister” and should salute.


So, do all people have this treatment?

Obviously not. The king of the Wuji kingdom was thrown into the well by the lion spirit. Although it was because he had offended Manjusri Bodhisattva, where is the soul of the past three years?

If the yama of the ten halls respected him as the king of the Tang Dynasty, he didn’t have to wait for Sunwukong to save him. He successfully appealed in the underground. Why did he wander in the underground for three years?

More importantly, Li Shimin’s father, Emperor Gaozu of Tang Dynasty, Li Yuan, is still in the underworld. He is not only unpopular, but also dare to scold them:


“I saw the former leader Li Yuan beside the street, the former brother Jiancheng, so the younger brother Yuanji… Fortunately, judge Cui called a green faced fanged ghost emissary, drank Jiancheng and Yuanji back, and the Taizong had to get away…”

Judge Cui knelt down to meet lishimin from afar, but he didn’t even want to look at Li Yuan. Li Yuan also had no sense of existence. He looked at all this coldly and allowed his two sons to pull lishimin and the ghost emissary to drink Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji back.

From this, it can be seen that not every king and the king of the ten halls took special care of them. They not only gave them more courtesy, but also increased their life expectancy:

“Judge Cui was surprised. He took a large amount of thick ink and added two pictures to the word” one “, but presented the book.”

Moreover, when judge Cui checked the life and death book of lishimin, he said that the book was called “the general book of Tianlu, king of all countries in the world”. In other words, there are tens of thousands of countries in the world, and the Tianlu of all kings is recorded in this book.

There are so many kings in every country. If every king takes care of them, the ghost emissaries in the hell will not be tired to death? Oh, they are not tired to death. After they are tired to death, they come in from the door and come back to life with blood. Ha ha


Then, why did the king of the ten halls treat lishimin so kindly?

First of all, after all, journey to the west is a novel, and it was created in an imperial society. Therefore, it is natural that the status of man king, especially the king of the Tang Dynasty, is high.

Secondly, the Tang Dynasty is so powerful that it occupies the southern support of the four continents. The mantra of the Tang monk who goes to the west to learn scriptures is that “the poor monk comes from the eastern land of the Tang Dynasty”. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva wrote a letter to respect the king of the Tang Dynasty as " Present to the emperor of Tang Dynasty;, We can see the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty:

??" From the picture of Hua Yi, the world is the best& quot;

What’s more, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, lishimin, was assisted by very powerful people, such as Prime Minister Wei Zheng, who was a Cao official placed in the civil society by the heaven. Having a dream can kill the Dragon King, and writing a letter can make ghosts go to hell with them. They are better than the monkey king. Lishimin himself sighs:

“If there is such a hero in the court, he is worried about the instability of the country?”

Lishimin also has qinshubao and Yuchi Gong under his command. These two brave generals can fight wars and ghosts. Even if people are gone, they will not dare to draw a picture

“The two princes, Hu and Qin, hung their clothes in front of them, painted them and stuck them on the door. At night, there was nothing wrong.”

Of course, another reason is that judge Cui is an old minister of the Tang Dynasty. Before lishimin went to the underground, Wei Zheng introduced judge Cui:

“Cui Jue was a minister of the first emperor of the Supreme Court. He was first ordered by Zizhou and later promoted to minister of rites. He made friends with his ministers in Japan and knew them well.”

The reason why he saluted lishimin but turned a blind eye to Li Yuan on the roadside was that Li Yuan had offended him when he was in power.



The above reasons are all external. In fact, behind the real reasons, there is a shocking secret:

Remember, any literary works, including the current international disputes, can not be separated from the word “money”. As the saying goes, “money can make the devil push the mill”. In the western travel society, money can even lead the world.

Because the killing of Jinghe Dragon King was a trap, the purpose was to deceive lishimin, and to tell him with examples:

Look, your father Li Yuan doesn’t believe in Buddhism. As a result, he can’t be reborn after he dies. He’s still waiting for you here. When you really die, we can’t protect you.

At the top of the Buddhist world, there was also a public debate, saying bad things about the Tang Dynasty:

“… but those who support the southern regions are greedy for prostitution and disaster, killing more and fighting more. It’s just the so-called fierce field of words. It’s a sea of right and wrong. I have three collections of scriptures, which can persuade people to do good.”

In fact, after looking through the whole journey to the west, we will find that it is the South supporting Buzhou that is really peaceful and enjoyable, and the West niuhezhou where the Buddha is located is really greedy for sex and disaster, killing more and fighting more.

Don’t think that the monks in Xiniu Hezhou chant scriptures to enter the Western Paradise. In fact, the real paradise is in the East. When the Tang Monk’s teachers and disciples went to Yuhua state of Tianzhu, they met a monk kneeling down to Tang monk. Tang Monk asked him why he knelt down. The man replied:

“All the good people here look forward to practicing in your Chinese place. They see that the teacher is well dressed. As expected, he was trained by a previous student, so he can benefit from this. So he worships now.”

That is to say, how ironic is it that Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty sent Tang monks to the west to learn Buddhist scriptures, but the people in the West wanted to give birth to the Tang Dynasty?


So why did the Tathagata Buddha lie and cheat Taizong of the Tang Dynasty to send someone to fetch scriptures?

Just now I mentioned “money”, because the Tang Dynasty is too rich, but Guanyin Bodhisattva walked around and found that the people of the Tang Dynasty do not believe in Buddhism at all. How can they get their money?

But if we believe in Buddhism, can the country be peaceful and strong?

Of course not. On the way to learn Buddhist scriptures, Tang monks, teachers and disciples once passed through a defeated country, which also existed in history, called sheweiguo. At that time, they believed in Buddhism very much:

“It is said that the Buddha gave the garden to the orphan in the city of shewei… He bought the crown prince’s garden with gold as bricks and filled the garden…”

The old monk of the temple also confirmed what Tang monk said:


“This temple was originally a lonely garden Temple given by the state of shewei… Because it is for the lonely elders to invite the Buddha to preach scriptures and pave the ground with gold bricks, it has changed its name.”

At that time, the country of shewei was so powerful that it paved roads with gold bricks. The Tang Dynasty was not so bold, but such a rich country believed in Buddhism. Why did it decline?

It was because he believed in Buddhism too much. Later, after master Tang Seng got the wordless scriptures, he went to the Tathagata Buddha to comment. The Tathagata Buddha replied:

“Don’t shout. I already know the two of them are asking about human affairs… I went down the mountain to the monks of the time and recited this sutra with him at the home of Zhao elder in the state of shewei to keep the living safe and the dead detached. I only asked him to come back with three bushels of rice and three liters of gold. I also said that they were too cheap to teach their children and grandchildren to use it…”

It’s conceivable that it’s just a sutra. The Buddha received three bushels of rice and three liters of gold from others. Even so, he said he would sell it at a low price!

It was precisely because the state of shewei had been drained that the Buddhist world turned its attention to the eastern Tang Dynasty and encouraged lishimin to send people to the west to learn Buddhist scriptures.

The reason is that the Mahayana Dharma of the Tang Dynasty can not transcend the wronged souls. In fact, this sentence is also bullshit. After liuboqin’s father died, it was the Tang monk who read the Mahayana Dharma. Who says it can not transcend?

As a matter of fact, the king of hell in the ten halls was ordered by the Tibetans Bodhisattva. Needless to say, the Tibetans Bodhisattva affirmed the leaders of the Buddhist world. This is actually a fraud. I cheated lishimin, a fool, to give you enough respect. At the same time, I used your father’s experience to make you believe in Buddhism.

Fortunately, the journey to the West ended when the Buddhist scriptures were learned. Otherwise, the final outcome of the Buddhist worship in the Tang Dynasty must have been drained of the last drop of blood and become the second sheweiguo! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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