In the journey to the west, why does Sunwukong never kill all those demon kings?

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On the way to get scriptures, the demon kings that Sunwukong met were basically safe, but the goblins were killed!

On the surface, it’s because the demon king has strong magic skills. Monkey king can’t even kill him if he wants to. But when he thinks deeply, in fact, the little demons are all victims.

Demon kings have backgrounds

The demon king in journey to the west is basically the mount, pet and childhood of the immortals in the upper world. The reason why they are demons in the lower world is that some of them are negligent, some are out of town, and some are sleepy.

For the omniscient immortal, is this reason a little funny? On the surface, these demon king’s lower realms are “wild and hard to tame” and “eager to think of the world”. In fact, they are “under orders”.


Whose order did you “serve”? It goes without saying. They are demons. They are not only a sin, but also a credit, because they are the “fate” of Tang Sanzang and his party. It is only after you have answered the ninety-nine eighty-one calamity that learning scriptures can be considered complete.

Learning scriptures is a matter decided by the leaders themselves and the biggest thing in the three realms. Everything should focus on this matter. So there is no difference between the lower bound of the demon king and the tolerance.

What a clever man Sunwukong is! After several times, Monkey King understood what was going on. It turned out that these demon kings had backgrounds! It turns out that they all serve for learning scriptures! Since we are our own people, how can we kill them?

In the future, all of us will be colleagues. If we hurt someone’s mount or boy, if they don’t talk about it, they won’t know how much they hate you! So although Sunwukong fought with the demon king to death, he never dared to kill him.

Little demons are all victims

Little demons are usually plants and wild animals that have just turned into human beings. Their cultivation is low. Everyone can bully them. Their life must be very miserable.

All of a sudden, a demon with powerful magic, legal and martial arts skills came, occupied a mountain and a cave, and began to recruit soldiers on a large scale. Isn’t that a good thing? It’s good to take shelter under the big demon. You can stop being bullied, have enough to eat, and stop hiding!

So, on the way from the eastern Tang Dynasty to Lingshan mountain, the demon kings of the lower world gathered a group of small demons to annex the territory and plunder the surrounding areas. They had a good time. But the little demons didn’t know that all this was a conspiracy. They are for sacrifice.

As soon as the scripture reader arrives, it will be the end of all this! When the time comes, the big demon’s ass will be patted back to the fairyland, so he won’t bother to care about them! Waiting for them are the iron rod of Monkey King and the rake of pig Wuneng!

When those big demons returned to the celestial world and the heavenly palace, did they ever take a little demon with them? When the big demons were in the lower world, did they carefully teach the secret spells of the little demons? There is nothing. These little demons are just tools used by the demon kings. They will be thrown away when they are used up. It doesn’t matter whether they live or die!


When the big demons gave up their little brother, there was no trace of old love, no trace of nostalgia, no trace of regret. How cool, how cruel, how heartless!

Beheading demons and Demons

When the demon king is taken away by the master, it is the time when the little demons are destroyed: when the cave is destroyed, it is often necessary to set a fire to kill the little demons! Then the master and apprentice continued to travel westward, leaving only devastation!

Why should Sunwukong and others kill all these monsters?

First of all, the monkey king is often tied up by these demon kings. He has faced life and death for several times. How difficult it is to fight. He has long held back his anger. These little demons are just used to vent their anger.

Besides, if you don’t kill a few monsters, this “robbery” will end. It always makes people feel that something is missing. Let’s cut off these monsters!

Finally, to kill these monsters is to eliminate the harm for the people! Prevent them from harming the world again after escaping.

However, all the above are superficial phenomena. In fact, there is a conspiracy:

Along the way, the demons in a certain area were gathered together by the way of the lower boundary of the demon king, and then they were exterminated, weakening the power of the demon clan. At the same time, those demons that are likely to become big demons were exterminated in the “embryonic stage” to eliminate future troubles!


How many monsters must be killed along the way! Who makes the demon clan the lowest and most unpopular among the three realms!

In any era, people without background and background will often become victims. This is the sadness of the little man.

What’s more sad is that although little people understand this truth, they still go on and on, preferring to be used by others, they also have to bear a heavy price silently! Only in this way can they realize their ideals.

In the eyes of the upper world, these monsters, like ants in the soil, do not know that they can trample tens of thousands of them to death!

Even if those little monsters knew that their future was miserable, how many monsters had the talent and luck of the monkey king and the ox demon king? The upper limit they can cultivate has already been decided!

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