In the myth, the old mother of Lishan Mountain spanned many times. What heroic female generals did she teach?

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In the legends of the past dynasties, the old mother of Lishan appeared as a kind old milk. The legend about her is really haunting. According to the legend, Lishan’s mother spans many times, has extremely powerful magic power, and has taught heroic female generals in various times, such as zhongwuyan, the wife of King Xuan of Qi, fanlihua, the wife of xuedingshan, liujinding, the wife of Gao Junbao, Muguiying, Zhu Yingtai, female generals of Yang, and so on. They are all disciples of Lishan’s mother. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


1. The Warring States Period: Zhong Wuyan, the salt free empress in the main palace in Xinjiang, was recruited as a disciple from the heroic spring and Autumn period, also known as the legend of the salt free empress.

2. Tang Dynasty: on the way to learn Buddhist scriptures from Tang monks and disciples, she came out of Mo’s village together with several Bodhisattvas such as Guanyin, Manjusri and Puxian. She disguised herself as the widow’s mother, Jia Mo, while the three Bodhisattvas turned into three beautiful daughters, who were true, loving and compassionate. Zhu Bajie was fascinated by seven meat and eight elements, and the old tune of Tang Dynasty was red in the face. From the novel Journey to the west, a hundred chapters of the Ming Dynasty

In the earlier Yuan drama journey to the west, Lishan’s mother was Sunwukong’s sister.

Then, when Li Bai was a child, he went to grind the embroidery needle in front of him, waiting for Li Bai to ask her, “what are you grinding?” She said that as long as there is perseverance, an iron pestle can be ground into a needle. Then Li Bai was greatly inspired. From then on, he worked hard and became a poet.

During the reign of Emperor Taizong Zhenguan, she also accepted fanlihua, the daughter of Hanjiang pass general of the Xiliang state, as an apprentice to teach her how to move mountains and seas and become soldiers. Then he told her to go down the mountain to find a husband like this. He had to pass three difficulties before he agreed.

According to the records in xuedingshan’s expedition to the West: Marshal fan, commonly known as fanlihua, was born during the Zhenguan period of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. His father fanhong was the general guarding the Han River pass of the West Turks, and his brothers Fanlong and Fanhu helped guard the pass. Fan Lihua learned arts from her mother in Lishan when she was young. It took eight years and her Taoist skills were excellent. It not only has the method of moving mountains and seas, but also is equipped with various treasures, such as the immortal sword, the divine whip, the huntian chessboard, the separation cloud symbol and the heaven and earth circle.

When Yicheng went down the mountain, the old mother of Lishan told her that she would marry general xuedingshan of the Tang Dynasty to help with the expedition to the West. ” In addition, he said: “you two were the golden virgin and the jade girl in front of the Jade Emperor’s God. One day, at the heaven flat peach conference, the golden boy accidentally damaged Qiongyao, and the jade girl also broke the crystal bottle. In the anger of the Jade Emperor’s God, they will be punished. At that time, the Antarctic fairy came forward and told him that the golden virgin and the jade girl still have a long-standing relationship. He suggested that they be demoted to the mortal world and become a couple to make the front.”


When fanlihuabing arrived at Hanjiang pass, he obeyed his master’s orders to surrender to the Tang Dynasty, and tied the knot with xuedingshan to help the Tang Dynasty continue to pacify the West. After xuerengui’s death, he succeeded the Grand Marshal of the western expedition, and finally ended up in the rebellion of Xiliang. Because of his great contribution, he was granted the Marquis of Weining by Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty.

3. Song Dynasty: according to the storytelling “a group of immortals break the gate of heaven”, the old mother of Lishan accepted Muguiying as an apprentice As a result, the disciple had a bad life and became a widow. He had to lead a group of old widows and young widows to fight the Liao soldiers.

Biography of white snake

Biography of the White Snake (4 pieces)

There is also a saying that Bai Suzhen and empress Bai are also her disciples. Bai Niangzi in the legends of Leifeng Pagoda and Leifeng Baojuan in the Qing Dynasty all claimed to be under the tutelage of Lishan old mother. But when the White Ape boy asked the white snake to confront the old mother of Li Shan, the White Snake dared not. Therefore, she did not know whether her words were true or false.

It is said that during the Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty, Xuxuan (or Xuxian), the supervisor of the king of pharmacies in Hangzhou, met Bai Suzhen and her maid Qingqing (also known as Xiaoqing, herring and green snake) in the West Lake. They took shelter in the same boat and married.

4. Qing Dynasty: after Zhu Yingtai died in love, he was saved by Lishan’s mother in a printed novel. He also taught magic and became a female Sword Fairy. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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