In the summer of Zhang Weiguo, Zhao Yan appeared. Are Zhang Weiguo and Zhao Yan married

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Zhang Weiguo’s summer actors include Huang Lei and Hai Qing. When they see them, many people think they are two. This time, they still play a pair, but in this play, the official matching of Huang Lei and Hai Qing has changed. In the summer of Zhang Weiguo, Zhao Yan appeared. Did Zhang Weiguo finally marry Zhao Yan? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Zhang Weiguo’s summer, Zhao Yan’s debut

Zhang Weiguo’s summer Zhao Yan is played by Mei Ting, who is also one of the leading stars of the play. In the play, she is an official partner of Huang Lei. Zhao Yan is Zhang Weiguo’s senior sister and Lin Hongnian’s junior sister. They have known each other since childhood. Moreover, the adolescent Zhang Weiguo has always regarded Zhao Yan as his goddess and once wrote a love letter to Zhao Yan. Unfortunately, the two were not together at the beginning. Later, they also got married separately, so they broke off contact.

In the latest episode, Zhang Weiguo went to acupuncture because of his waist injury, but he didn’t expect to meet Zhao Yan. Zhao Yan went to the hospital because of insomnia. Zhang Weiguo also seized the opportunity to add Zhao Yan’s wechat. Zhao Yan stayed in the hospital for a long time because she had to get the medicine. Zhang Weiguo, who finished acupuncture, hurriedly called Zhao Yan, and then asked Zhao Yan to have a meal together. Zhao Yan’s husband died, and the two of them have no children. Zhao Yan has no relatives, which is also the reason why Zhao Yan’s mental condition is not very good.

Are Zhang Weiguo and Zhao Yan married

From Zhang Weiguo’s attitude towards Zhao Yan and the conversation between Zhang Weiguo and Lin Hongnian, we can see that Zhang Weiguo still has ideas about Zhao Yan. Zhang Weiguo and Zhao Yan must have an emotional connection next, and from the stills released by the official before, there is also the picture of two people sleeping in the same bed. From this, we can guess that Zhang Weiguo and Zhao Yan should be married. Zhao Yan is so rich and beautiful. Zhang Weiguo and Zhao Yan definitely make money together.

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