Indecisive America!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

Recently, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman khatibzad used a very interesting word when commenting on the topic of the United States and Iran on the return of the United States to the Iran nuclear negotiations: “indecisive”.

The word indecision comes from Han Feizi’s death march. In this article, Han Feizi lists a total of 48 signs that a country symbolizes death. Indecision is one of them. The whole paragraph of this paragraph is like this: “those who slow down but fail to succeed, those who are soft and indecisive, those who have no determination of likes and dislikes, and those who have no determination can die.”

However, Hanfeizi also said this after listing the symptoms of the subjugation of the forty-eight Central Plains: “Those who perish in the war must die. It is said that they can perish. The two Yaos cannot be the king, and the two Jies cannot be the king. The opportunity of the king’s death must be used to control the chaos, and the strength of the weak must be the same. The broken wood must pass through the bark, and the damage of the wall must pass through the gap. However, although the wood is the bark, there is no wind without breaking; although the wall is the gap, there is no rain without damage. It is not difficult for the master of ten thousand horses to serve the martial arts and practice as the king of the war. It is not difficult for him to have both the world and the world.”

The general meaning of this passage is: Although these are signs of extinction, they do not necessarily lead to national subjugation. However, if another successful country can take advantage of the situation and deal with such a country with many signs of subjugation by certain means, it will not be difficult to rule the world.

This is a long article called “the death march”, which lists 48 signs of national subjugation. I will not list them one by one. First of all, let’s take a look at why the United States, which was as swift and resolute in its invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, was indecisive in its response to the Iraqi nuclear issue? Is such indecision a symbol of American weakness?

In fact, khatibzad himself has given the answer. When explaining this indecision, he clearly mentioned that the United States has been too much interference from Israel on the issue of the US Iran nuclear negotiations, so it appears indecisive. It was Israel.

This actually makes many people feel strange. People always think that Israel is just a tool of the United States in the Middle East to control the resources in the Middle East. As long as it takes the initiative in the Palestinian Israeli issue, the United States can intervene in the Middle East issue anytime and anywhere, thus influencing the energy trend of the Middle East. However, I have long denied this statement. As I said earlier, although Israel is small, it is parasitic in the central nervous system of the United States like a parasite. Many of the foreign policies of the United States have long been controlled by Israel, and the United States cannot decide by itself. Neither the democratic government, which is not very friendly to Israel, nor the trump government, which is willing to do its bit for Israel, can escape the Israeli control in the United States.

Now, the United States has been reduced to talking with Venezuela about lifting sanctions to ease the current energy crisis in Europe and the United States. Iran, which can more easily solve Europe’s energy urgency, is arguably the goal of the United States. This is also the main reason why Biden tried his best to promote the return of the United States to the Iran nuclear agreement after he took office. If the relationship between Iran and Russia can be divided, it will not only solve the urgent need for energy in Europe, but also make Russia less a firm ally in the world. Therefore, Biden administration really wants to establish temporary relations with Iran. It can only be temporary. First, loosen Iran’s ties, so that Europe can be more firmly opposed to Russia. It is not too late to deal with Iran after Russia is settled.

Iran is obviously not a fool. Naturally, it can see through this idea of the United States. However, Iran is also willing to take advantage of the Russian Ukrainian crisis to make its life easier. In the oneortwo years since the conclusion of the Iranian nuclear talks in 2015, Iran has indeed obtained a lot of resources. It is also through the deregulation of that period of time that Iran and Europe have established a close relationship. It is a pity that Europe is not up to standard. After the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement, it did not dare to take a step forward, thus missing a good opportunity.

But now, Iran is willing to use the Russian Ukrainian crisis to loosen its ties. As long as the United States lifts the sanctions on Iran, the energy channels reached between Iran and Europe a few years ago can be restored immediately, so that Europe can strengthen its attitude towards Russia. However, after trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement, he added a lot of sanctions against Iran, such as characterizing Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. This makes it more difficult for the United States to return to the Iran nuclear agreement. It is difficult for trump to remove these new ties. Many of them need the approval of the U.S. Congress, which is not something the U.S. president can remove at will. This gives Israel’s lobbyists in the United States an opportunity to take advantage of it. It is almost impossible for Biden to bypass these lobbying groups. If a resolution is directly aimed at Russia, it is easier to pass the resolution in Congress. If this matter involves Iran, then Israel has something to say.

Therefore, what khatibzad said about indecision actually means that the Biden administration is unable to face up to the existence of the Israeli factor, nor is it able to break through Israel’s interference with the US government.

Israel certainly does not want Iran to get a breather. Even a year or two is not allowed, because he knows that Iran is currently Israel’s biggest opponent in the Middle East. Now, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries have made peace with Israel openly and secretly. Only Iran is still clinging to Israel. Moreover, Iran has always been unwilling to withdraw its military presence in Syria, which gives Israel a great sense of insecurity. If the United States loosens its ties, If Iran recovers its strength, it will be difficult for Israel to expand in the Jordan River and the Golan Heights. Even part of the land that has been swallowed will be spit out again because of the strength of Syria. So what is the European crisis for Israel? What is the Russo Ukrainian war? One third of one mu of land is the real interest. Biden wants to use Iran to urge Europe to further rely on the United States, which is not a necessary option for Israel.

Because today’s Europe has been inseparable from the United States. At best, it’s just a little sad. But what does it have to do with Israel? The Israelis still bear in mind the indifference and cruelty of Europeans more than 70 years ago. Therefore, the idea that the United States wants to use the LiLang to further control Europe is not a must for Israel. Since it is not an option, it is better to be ruthless and completely destroy the process of the US Iraq negotiations. Not long ago, Iranian military officials were assassinated in the street, which is naturally a common move of Israel.

On the one hand, it has increased anti us and anti Israeli hatred in Iran, and on the other hand, it has lobbied in the United States to prevent the Biden administration from improving relations with Iran. Israel has always been very successful in this matter. This time, when no exception.

But does the United States really have nothing to do with Israel? The answer is yes, there is really no way. The first sentence of the “death march” is that “the country of a mortal Lord is small and his family is large, and those who have light power but heavy officials can die.” It means that if a country’s government has little power and the domestic interest groups have great power, then the country will also face the crisis of extinction. The reason why the United States is indecisive in the face of Israel is that the current US government cannot escape the fate of controlling interest groups. Military industry groups, Wall Street groups, traditional energy groups, Jewish groups in Israel, and even the rifle association are all planning and arguing for their respective interests. And ignore the true foundation of a country – the life and death of the people. Then the threat of the country’s subjugation will become even more obvious. The reason why they agree on the issue of Russia is that a war that does not involve the United States can make these interest groups rich together.

So the question is, is the Biden administration really indecisive? No. The opinions of the major interest groups in the United States on China are surprisingly unanimous. In their understanding, Russia is the enemy of the United States, and China is not? Therefore, we should not naively think that America’s indecision towards Iran will also lead to indecision towards China. For China, their attack must be quick, timely, cruel and malicious.

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