India, recently got into two big troubles!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin

India has recently run into two big problems.

In China, a large number of people took to the streets, protested, and then burned the train; Foreign countries and many countries have strongly condemned various diplomatic notes that India is too insulting.

At the same time, India is really good at provoking trouble at home and abroad.

Let’s start with India. By the end of this weekend, the large-scale demonstration was entering its fourth day. It was the “agnipath” conscription plan launched by the modi government that stirred up the hornet’s nest.

According to the plan, India will recruit 46000 young men and women between the ages of 17 and a half and 21 to join the army this year. These new young people, called “agniveers”, can receive a monthly salary of 30000-40000 rupees (about 2600-3400 yuan) during their service and receive free insurance of 4800000 rupees (about 412000 yuan).

But there are also differences. Ordinary Indian soldiers can serve for 17 years, but “fire fighters” can only serve for 4 years. After the expiration of the four-year period, only a quarter of the “fire fighters” are likely to become non commissioned officers and continue to serve in the army. Others will retire after receiving a one-time subsidy of about 10000 yuan to find jobs.

Indian Defense Minister Manmohan Singh claimed that the plan is of revolutionary significance and will give more Indian young people the opportunity to join the army, making the average age of the Indian army “as young as the Indian population”.

However, according to the general analysis, the modi government’s approach is still to save money, reduce the expanding military salary and welfare expenditure, and thus spend more military money on modernization.


The government wants to save money, and the welfare of soldiers is damaged. Although the Indian military says it is extravagant, Indians who see through all this are very unhappy. Because it’s very simple. Being a soldier changes your destiny. It’s a way for many young Indians; But now, the so-called “road of fire” will cut off their hope. 75% of the young people who join the army will face unemployment in four years.

On June 16, protests broke out in Haryana and Bihar, India, and then quickly spread to the whole country. The protests also have Indian characteristics, such as closing roads, throwing stones, burning tires and burning trains.

It’s sad to see.

India’s infrastructure is very poor. Trains are a tool for many people to travel, so that trains with people are a major feature of India. But when the anger erupted to the extreme, the train became the object of misfortune and burned like a toy.

This weekend, the protest entered its fourth day. However, judging from the anger of Indians, the burned trains are not enough. It is expected that more trains and cars will burn.

Abroad, many countries are also angry with India.

So that in Kuwait and other Middle Eastern countries, you can find modi’s portrait on the street, but sorry, modi has a big shoe print on his face.

This is also a major feature of popular protests in the Middle East.

India upset these countries because of the big mouth of the spokeswoman of the ruling party. In a recent television debate, nupur Sharma, the spokesman of the Indian people’s party, was found to have insulted the prophet of the Islamic world on the topic of marriage.

What’s more troublesome is that Jindal, the media director of the Delhi branch of the Indian people’s party, also defended that Sharma was “right”. Sharma believed that she said this because someone insulted the Hindu God first.

Insulting the prophet obviously seriously offends the religious feelings of the other party. You know, the cause of the Benghazi incident was the words and deeds insulting the prophet, which finally led to the siege of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and the death of the U.S. ambassador. The aftermath was also an important reason for Hillary Clinton’s failure in the election.

Now India has made a similar mistake. Anyway, dozens of Muslim countries including the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Oman, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran immediately strongly condemned Sharma’s remarks.

Qatar also summoned the Indian Ambassador to express its serious dissatisfaction and urged the Indian government to “immediately condemn these remarks and make a public apology to all Muslims in the world”. Saudi Arabia also strongly condemned this “insulting speech” and urged India to “respect faith and religion”.

There are still 200million Muslims in India. Many angry Muslim people took to the streets and clashed violently with the police.

What should I do?

Modi could only kill Ma Su with tears. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) took urgent measures to suspend Sharma and expel Jindal from the party.

However, it is thought-provoking for a spokesman of the ruling party who should know all kinds of sensitive points to make such remarks. Many Muslim countries are still angry. In some parts of the Middle East, a boycott campaign against Indian products has been launched.


Finally, what do you think?

Let’s go for three.

First, I can’t understand the background. In fact, development is the last word.

It’s true. It’s unimaginable that such a big mistake should be made in a less complicated conscription plan. This further illustrates the problems existing in India’s development. For young Indians, being a soldier means employment, and retirement means unemployment. But this new plan has dashed the hopes of many Indians.

India’s young population structure is the biggest dividend of India’s development; But this is also a kind of pressure. You have to give young people hope and work. In the final analysis, development is the absolute principle. India, with its heavy task, is less militaristic.

Second, populism is really a double-edged sword.

In order to quell the dissatisfaction of the outside world, India quickly cut through the mess and dealt with two party dignitaries. However, it is worth noting that among the Indian people, at least among the Hindu population, people fell to the side of Sharma and others, thinking that she had only said some facts.

In fact, this is the necessity after the populist split. Populism can stir up people’s emotions and shift the domestic focus. In many cases, it is also easy to hurt yourself. The Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs has also expressed its position on the Sharma issue. Spokesman wangwenbin said, “China has always maintained that different civilizations and religions should respect each other and live together on an equal footing, and should abandon arrogance and Prejudice…”

This is really a pertinent statement.

Third, old fairy Modi, his magic power actually has its limits.

Although there is a famous saying on social media, “old fairy Modi,

“Boundless power”, I understand. It has the element of ridicule, but I still admire modi more. Whether it’s eloquence, wrist, or softness, modi really has a set of skills.

But the side effects of populism, the military ambition that cannot be supported by financial resources, and the public sentiment that will explode. Modi reckons he’s also in trouble. No matter how powerful the magic power is, the comrades around us can’t dig holes. Moreover, the people on the street are still reluctant to let go. All this is very Indian. This weekend, it is estimated that many burning dramas will be staged in the chaotic Indian streets

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