India won again?

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Original: Shen Peng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

It was reported on September 2 that India’s GDP once again surpassed that of the United Kingdom, becoming the fifth largest economy in the world.

According to the GDP data of various countries released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), India, as a former colony of the United Kingdom, successfully surpassed the United Kingdom in the last three months of 2021, becoming the fifth largest economy in the world, second only to the United States, China, Japan and Germany, and further expanded its leading edge over the United Kingdom in the first quarter of this year. According to IMF data, India’s corrected nominal GDP in the first three months of 2022 was US $854.7 billion, while the UK’s figure for the same period was US $816 billion.

In fact, you may not know that India surpassed the United Kingdom once in 2016, and later in 2019, India surpassed the United Kingdom once again… This “fifth largest economy in the world” has been hyped for many years.

Let’s not talk about India’s industry and manufacturing. Let’s talk about India’s food crisis.

India’s hunger index this year is 30.3, ranking 102nd in the world. It is already at a serious level of hunger. There are still 800 million people in the world who cannot eat enough, of which 200 million are concentrated in India, which is one of the countries with the highest hunger level in the world. If you can’t eat, what’s GDP? In India, only 9.6% of infants aged 6 months to 23 months can eat the “minimum acceptable diet”. This also means that less than 10% of infants in India are properly fed. The child mortality rate is as high as 20.8%, which is the highest in all countries. The stunting rate of children also reached 37.9%, reaching the “very high” level.

The arable area of India is much higher than that of China. Crops can reach two or three crops a year, which is also a natural choice for agricultural development. However, a large area of land in India is in the hands of landlords, and mechanization and modern agriculture can not be promoted. Therefore, the production efficiency has always been low. Moreover, because of the greed and profit seeking of Indian grain traders, India’s grain exports have reached new highs, but it can’t feed its own people.

In terms of nutrition, North Korea also eats better than India.

The rapid development of India’s economy in a few years is also related to India’s keeping pace with the times, integrating with the world and learning the advanced GDP statistics methods of western countries.

In 2015, India adjusted its GDP accounting method and forced the monthly manufacturing index to be bound to the same kind of goods. For example, India produced an Indian car, which was forced to be equivalent to Audi cars in the market; Agriculture and animal husbandry no longer measure output by total meat production and total products. Start to give birth to different parts of the statistics of new economic value. In order to count the output of organic fertilizer, the “excretion rate” index of goats and sheep was even introduced.

For example, in China’s GDP accounting, small individual businesses such as roadside stalls and night markets are not included. India not only includes such small individuals but also the GDP of cow dung sales, and even the gray income is included in GDP, that is, official bribery is also included in GDP… With the support of such an advanced “algorithm”, it is natural for India’s GDP to take off.

Although we all know what India’s GDP is, we all know that India’s GDP has actually shrunk significantly in the past two years. The reason why it can still surpass the United Kingdom is that the United Kingdom has shrunk even more. However, the Indian people do not care. The Indian people are too patriotic. On the Internet, Indian netizens are killing all sides and celebrating with the whole world, cheering “India’s victory over the suzerain state”.

For the British Empire, this matter is still a bit embarrassing. Isn’t it treacherous that the former colony has surpassed its master? The American media fanned the flames and advocated India’s economic take-off, but its former father could not bear it, so British netizens and Indian netizens began to fight on the Internet.

The Englishman said in a strange way: Congratulations, but it’s a pity that most people in India are still living in poverty, can’t eat enough, and their living standard is not even as good as my dog’s.. India is still taking financial assistance from Britain.

Indians are angry: the white skin of dog day is ungrateful. You noble lords are popular, but they don’t know that the white children in your streets have no food to eat and have to rely on our Indian charities to feed them.

Some people say that GDP calculation is unscientific: India’s PPP (purchasing power parity) ranks third in the world. Living in India is much more comfortable than living in London. Living in India at 2000 rupees a month is far better than living in London at 3000 pounds a month.

Some people also describe the beautiful life in India: the poor people in India are living in peace. Everyone has free food, housing and medical insurance. The poor people in India are much happier than the poor people in Britain.

There are also people who poke the British Lung tube: “we have not eliminated poverty by making money through plunder and colonial rule”. “I want to talk about whether your ancestors were thieves and robbers, and whether your family was built with wealth from robbery?”

There are also Indians who are full of self-confidence: what is it to beat Britain? We will surpass China sooner or later.

What do you say I can refute? Do you know India better than Indians?

Indians don’t need any evidence or logic to argue. They can beat you with justifications by making up a story.

I am not satisfied with anything else, so I am convinced by the strong patriotism of Indian netizens.

Each of them is so ordinary, but so confident.

I have never heard of Indians reflecting, repenting and smearing their country on the Internet.

How on earth did they do it?

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