Indian conscience Amir Khan’s house is exposed to participate in a revenge party

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Many friends who like watching movies should know Amir Khan. His previous film wrestling bar dad, three fools making a big fuss in Bollywood, is also very popular in China. Indian conscience Amir Khan collapsed. As a national star of India, Amir Khan was unexpectedly exposed to participate in a revenge party. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Indian conscience Amir Khan collapsed

Amir Khan is called “Indian conscience” because his image has always been very positive, and in India, where the racial system is strict and women have low status, he has always helped women speak in public. In the eyes of many Chinese netizens, Amir Khan is also an actor trying to change the image of India. Unexpectedly, Amir Khan has been repeatedly exposed to negative scandals in the past two years.

Amir Khan was not only accused by the cooperative actresses of abusing his wife’s fertility by making phone calls on the set, smashing his wife with his mobile phone, but also accused of being a narrow-minded person. Actress Karki Kohalin even said that Amir Khan had a set on the surface and a set on the back. Moreover, Amir Khan was accused that his two marriages were seamless. During his marriage with his second wife, he also hooked up with an actress 28 years younger than him. Amir Khan was supposed to help women. His private participation in female hatred parties is enough to show that he is a hypocrite.

Amir Khan is exposed to attend a party against women

Many Chinese netizens said that although they were surprised by the scandals of Amir Khan, they seemed to have traces to follow when thinking carefully. Because Amir Khan’s idol is Chinese star Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan also likes to do good deeds. He can achieve great success in his career as an actor, but his private life is worrying. Amir Khan and his idols are very similar. They are both powerful movies, but their personal character is very bad. There are few men who grew up in India to understand that women support gender equality.

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