Inspirational Stories: the power of dreams

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Inspirational Stories: the power of dreams

On november28,2002, three days before Thanksgiving, a man named senny in Chicago. Smith’s middle-aged man filed a petition with the local court, asking for redemption of his right to travel to Egypt. Such appeals are very common in American society. However, the case caused an uproar.

The case is very simple. It happened 40 years ago, when senny. Smith is six years old and is in first grade in Wellington. One day, the conduct teacher Mary. Miss an asked them to tell each one their own dream. The 24 students in the class were very enthusiastic, especially Senni. He said two at one go: one was to own a heifer, the other was to travel to Egypt. But when Mary. When miss an asked a boy named Jamie, he suddenly lost his dream. In order to make Jamie have a dream, she suggested that Jamie buy one from her classmates. So in Mary. Under the witness of Miss ANN, Jamie bought one from sunny, who had two dreams, for 3 cents. Because Saini wanted to have a calf so much at that time, he gave up his second dream &mdash& mdash; Travel to Egypt.

Forty years have passed, senny. Smith is middle-aged and has made some achievements in business. In the past 40 years, I have been to many places &mdash& mdash; Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan &hellip& hellip; However, he should have never set foot in Egypt. Didn’t he want to go to Egypt? He said that he had never forgotten his dream of going to Egypt since he sold it. However, as a devout Christian and an honest businessman, he could not go to Egypt because he sold his act together with his dream.

On the eve of Thanksgiving in 2002, he and his wife planned to travel to Africa. When designing the travel route, his wife took the pyramids in Egypt as one of the sightseeing projects. Senny. Smith decided to redeem the dream, because he felt that only then could he set foot on the land calmly.

Senny. Smith failed to redeem the dream, because the federal court approved that the dream was worth 30million dollars, senny. Smith will have to go bankrupt if he wants to redeem it.

Jamie’s reply said that when I received the copy sent by Mr. Smith’s lawyer, I was packing up and preparing to go to Egypt with my family. ( this seems to be my reason for rejecting Mr. Smith’s request to redeem that dream.

In fact, the real reason is not that we are preparing to go to Egypt, but the value of this dream. I was a poor boy when I was young. I am too poor to have my own dream. However, since I bought a dream from Mr. Smith for 3 cents with the encouragement of Miss Mary, I have been completely inspired and become rich. I am no longer lax, my study has made great progress. The reason why I was admitted to the University of Washington, I want to benefit entirely from this dream. Because I want to go to Egypt.

The reason why I can know my beautiful and virtuous wife also benefits from this dream. She is a fascinating person about Egypt. If I hadn’t bought that dream, we would never meet in the library, let alone have a romantic and charming love. My son is now studying at Stanford University. I think he also benefited from this dream. Because I told him since childhood: “ I have a dream, that is to go to Egypt. If you can get good grades, I will take you to that beautiful place& rdquo; I think he was summoned by Egypt to Stanford University.

Now, I have six supermarkets in Chicago, with a total value of about $25million. I think if I didn’t have the dream of traveling to Egypt, I would never have these wealth. Dear judge, I think if this dream belongs to you, you will surely think that this dream has been integrated into your life and is closely connected with your life and your destiny; You will think that this dream is your priceless treasure.

It will cost US $30million to redeem a dream sold for 3 cents. In our opinion, it may not be necessary or worth it at all. However, according to the Chicago telegraph, not long ago, senny. Smith has appealed to the federal court, saying that even if he spent $300million to bring a lawsuit against his great grandchildren, he would redeem his childhood dream.

Philosophy of life:

What is the power of dreams? After reading this story, I believe everyone will have different understanding in their hearts. However, one thing is certain, that is, your future achievements will be as big as your dreams, and your achievements will never exceed your dreams.

Inspirational story: tap your full potential, the power of dreams, and write to all dreamers to firmly believe in the power of dreams

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