Introduction to Historical Legends: Heroes brave three goblins

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Long ago, Yugu people had no fire. Later, a hero took a fire from somewhere, and Yugu people lived a life of heating and eating cooked meat.


In order not to let the fire go out, when the fire was not used, they picked up a large piece of cow dung and burned it and buried it in the ash. When the fire was used next time, they took it out as a fire. It is said that if the fire is extinguished, there is no other way but to ask for fire from a demon. And that demon is ferocious and cruel. He lives by eating human flesh and drinking human blood.

At that time, there was a newly married couple. The man went hunting far away, and it would be many days before he came back. Before he left home, he repeatedly told his beloved wife how to look after the house, how to cook, how to guard against monsters and so on, but he only forgot to explain how to look after the fire.

The wife stayed at home alone because her husband was out, feeling extremely lonely and lonely. She was very anxious and bored. On this day, she cooked some rice early, ate it carelessly, and lay in bed before dark.

When she got up to make breakfast the next day, she found that the fire in the stove had been extinguished, and there was not even a spark. She was extremely anxious, because fire was very important to their lives. Without fire, she had to make do with some dried meat. In the evening, she suddenly saw a puff of smoke from the Nanshan slope, which made her very happy. Thinking that there must be fire there, she hurried to the smoking place.

She ran and ran. She was far away from home. It was getting dark and the night was getting deeper and deeper. But the idea of looking for fire made her desperate. Finally, she came to the south slope. I saw a tent here, which was flashing with fire. She ran in excitedly. She saw a white haired granny sitting in the accounting room. She was roasting meat! There is a little dog lying next to it.


Seeing a beautiful young woman running in, the old lady with white hair looked very happy, so she asked her intimately, “son, it’s so late. Why did you come here alone? Where did you come from and what happened to me?”

The new daughter-in-law saw that the white haired old lady was so amiable, so she let her emotions vent and unknowingly shed tears. She said to the old lady, “old lady, my man went out hunting, and I accidentally put out the fire at home, so I can’t cook and keep warm. Please show mercy and give me a little fire. What can I do without fire?” Then she told grandma where she lived.

“Alas, boy, it’s really difficult for you. It’s so far away that it’s hard to take this fire! Well, let’s put your robe open, and I’ll set it off for you. Then you can take the fire home.”

With that, the white haired old lady put a layer of ash on the skirt of her new daughter-in-law’s robe, a layer of sheep dung, and finally a layer of fire. Then, put a layer of dung and fire on it, and cover it with a layer of ash. Well, you must be more careful in the future, but you can’t put out the fire anymore. After all this, the old lady with white hair told her again.

The new daughter-in-law was very happy to get the fire. After thanking and saying goodbye, she continued to go back. As a result, a fire line was sprinkled all the way, and there was only a few fires left at home. But she never expected that the old lady was turned into a three headed demon.

The next day, as soon as it got dark, the goblin who turned into a white haired grandmother showed its original shape. It rode on its little dog and came to the new daughter-in-law’s home according to the place the new daughter-in-law said last night.

The new daughter-in-law saw a three headed goblin coming to her house. She was as scared as chaff and trembled all over. The goblin said to her, “don’t be afraid, son, I gave you the fire last night. Don’t you know me now? Put your head out and let me have a look.” As soon as the new daughter-in-law stretched out her head, the goblin stabbed her forehead with an awl and took half a bowl of blood with a wooden bowl. After drinking it, she said, “well, if you listen to me, I’ll spare you. Stretch out your feet and let me have a look.” The new wife timidly stretched out her feet, and the goblin plunged another awl into the center of her feet, took half a bowl of blood with a wooden bowl, and fed its little dog.

However, this is not the end. The goblin then said to his new wife, “Oh, good, you are so obedient. Look at my little dog looking at you. It knows that your blood is very delicious. Well, stretch out that foot again?” Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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