Introduction to kuishu, the Chinese myth of the twenty-eight constellations, what is the third of the seven constellations in the west?

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Kuimu wolf, belonging to wood, is a wolf; One of the twenty-eight constellations in Chinese mythology, the first of the seven constellations of the western white tiger. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Originated from the Chinese people’s natural worship of ancient stars, it is the product of the combination of ancient Chinese mythology and astronomy.

It has the meaning of the Treasury of heaven, so kuishu is more auspicious.

Kui, Lou, Wei, Pleiades, Bi, Shen, and Kui in the mouth. “The romance of gods” records that the former name of gods was Li Xiong, who died in the ten thousand immortals array; In journey to the west, the lower boundary was incarnated as a yellow robed monster in the Baoxiang country.

Kui Su star is roughly located between +21 ° to +41 ° right latitude and 0 ° 37 to 1 ° 22 right longitude. Next to Kui Su is the famous M31 Nebula (Andromeda Galaxy).



Kuimu wolf, belonging to wood, is a weasel. One of the 28 stars in ancient Chinese mythology. For the first night in the west, it means the Treasury of heaven, so Kuiyu is more auspicious.

Kui Su is on duty to camp well, build dajichang, bury marriage, and use this day to enter the Grange day by day.

Wu congguan, Zhong Shenye, Lord of Kuixing God. Zhong Shen has six people, surnamed hei and Shi Sheng. Yi Dan gauze single clothes, with sword, Kuixing God. It governs the six prefectures at the top and the Qinshan mountain at the bottom.

Star location

Kui, “Shuowen”: “between two legs (B ì, thigh)”, and “Guangya”: “hip, Kui also.” Kuixu sixteen stars, the left and right halves are like two legs. “Bu Tian Ge” describes Kui Su as: “the waist is thin, the head is pointed like broken shoes, and sixteen stars surround the shoes.”

From 1 to 9, kaleidoscope belongs to Andromeda, and from 10 to 16, kaleidoscope belongs to Pisces. Most of these 16 stars are dark stars of the fourth and fifth order, of which the brightest kuixiu (Fairy beta) is a second-class star. There is a bright spot with an apparent magnitude of about fourth order above kuixu (that is, near the toe of kuixu’s shoe), which is the famous Andromeda Nebula (M31).

Xingguan explanation

From 1 to 9, kaleidoscope belongs to Andromeda, and from 10 to 16, kaleidoscope belongs to Pisces. Most of these 16 stars are dark stars of the fourth and fifth order, of which the brightest kuixiu (Fairy beta) is a second-class star.

On behalf of the tiger tail, there are 9-star officials, the first night for the white tiger.

Related works

“The romance of gods”

In the romance of immortality, Li Xiong, who was a apostolic, was confused and died in the Wanxian formation. “Three moustaches are a foot long, three flowers are not old, Penglai Island is not in love, and he was killed and sealed as a Kui Mu wolf”.

Journey to the West

In journey to the west, the story of Kui Mu Wolf appears in the 29th and 30th times. Kui Mu wolf is a yellow robed monster. Kui Mulang said in the Jade Emperor’s preface, “long live, forgive your death. That treasure is like a king and princess, and it’s also an extraordinary person. She was originally a jade girl serving incense in the incense hall. Because she wanted to have an affair with your minister, your minister was afraid to pollute the beauty of the heavenly palace. She wanted to go down to the world first, and was born in the inner court of the imperial palace. She was a minister who lived up to her early stage, turned into a demon, occupied the famous mountain, photographed her to the cave, and married her for thirteen years.


One drink and one peck, could it be that it was decided before, and now it was Sun Dasheng who came here to succeed. ” After returning to heaven, Kui Mu Lang was punished to burn fire for the supreme Lao Jun and soon resumed his original post. He helped Wukong out of trouble with other twenty-seven nights in xiaoleiyin temple, and helped Wukong fight rhinoceros with other “Sanmu” bird stars in Xuanying cave. He can be called the best transformed monster in journey to the west, except for several disciples of Tang monk.

Character evaluation


Kui Mu Lang’s practice in the list of gods “trained the three flowers are not old”, the book of journey to the west is far before the list of gods, and journey to the West has its own mythological system, so journey to the west is not related to Kui Mu Lang in the list of gods.

“Journey to the west” has been refined into “sarizi Linglong inner alchemy”. Sarizi is cultivated by Buddhism, Linglong inner alchemy is cultivated by Taoism, and “sarizi Linglong inner alchemy” has been completed, which shows that Kui Mu Buddhism and Taoism are both cultivated.

Kumwolf is powerful. The original said that twenty pig Bajie sand monks could not beat kumwolf: but it said that the Eight Precepts, sand monks and monsters had fought for thirty rounds, and there was no match. Why are you in a tie? In terms of gambling methods, not to mention two monks, that is, 20, can’t defeat the demon. Only for the sake of Tang Monk’s life, there is the Dharma protector who only protects him. In the air, there are the six Ding and six Jia, five directions Jiedi, four value Gongcao, and eighteen guardian Jialan, helping monk Bajie Sha.


Monkey king turned into a hundred flowers ashamed to tease, and accidentally obtained his Buddhist relic Linglong inner alchemy. Kuimulang and Sunwukong fought alone for 50-60 times without winning, but then Sunwukong threw a flaw and hit him without a trace: his two battles had 50-60 times without winning. The walker was secretly happy and said, “this monster, his knife, can also withstand Lao sun’s stick. When Lao sun loses a flaw to him, he can recognize it.” Good Monkey King, raise his stick with both hands to make a high sounding horse. The monster didn’t know that it was a trick. Seeing that there was time, he danced a treasured knife and ran down three ways to chop. The walker turned sharply and leveled off his knife. He made a peach stealing potential at the bottom of the leaf again. Looking at a stick on the top of the goblin’s head, he beat him without a trace. He quickly closed the stick and looked at it, and the goblin disappeared. The walker was shocked and said, “my son, I can’t help but fight, and then I lost it. If he was killed, haodao also had some pus and blood, how could there be no trace? I think he left.”

How about Kui Mulang and Sunwukong when he didn’t lose his inner alchemy? The original text said that Kui Mulang was the God general who was afraid of when Sun Wukong made havoc in the heavenly palace: the member of the twenty-seven constellations, received the will, went out of the gate of heaven, and each recited spells to startle Kui Xing. Where did you tell him to hide? He turned out to be the God general who was afraid of when sun Dasheng caused havoc in the heavenly palace. He flashed in the mountain stream and was hidden by the moisture, so he never saw him. He listened to the stars chanting mantras, and then dared to stand out and follow the crowd to the upper bound. On the way to get scriptures in the west, he didn’t remember his past grievances with monkey king, and fought against xiaoleiyin temple and four-star rhinoceros monster. It can be seen that he is also a magnanimous person.

Interpersonal relationship

Kuimulang has a good interpersonal relationship, and the punishment for his adultery is also light. “After receiving the gold medal, he was demoted to dourate palace to burn a fire with the supreme Lao Jun, and he was paid a bad salary. He was reinstated with meritorious service, and his crime was aggravated without meritorious service.”. Maybe his defense said well: “today, sun Dasheng is here to succeed”. Soon, the official returned to his original position. Later, in the battle of xiaoleiyin and the four-star rhinoceros hunt, the official returned to his original position. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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