Introduction to Liu Su, the Chinese myth of the twenty-eight constellations, what is the third of the seven constellations in the south?

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Liutuzhang, or Liusu, belongs to soil and is one of the twenty-eight immortals. It is the third of the seven immortals in the south. Originated from the Chinese people’s natural worship of ancient stars, it is the product of the combination of ancient Chinese mythology and astronomy. The beak of the rosefinch is like a willow leaf (the shape of the beak of birds is mostly the same). The beak is used for eating, so Liu Su is more auspicious. Liu tuzhang was originally named Wu Kun in the novel “the romance of gods”, and was canonized after being killed in the battle of immortals. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Introduction to Xingxiu

Liu tuzhang, one of the twenty-eight stars, belongs to soil and is called Zhang. It is the third night in the south. The mouth of the rosefinch is like a willow leaf (the shape of the bird’s mouth is mostly the same). The mouth is used for eating, so Liusu is more auspicious.

Liu Su built the Lord’s money, wealth and honor. He came home and buried his marriage. On this day, he recruited more masters of wealth and prosperity.

Kan, the neutron of the stem, the God of Liu Xing. Four Chinese gods, surnamed Jiao, named Shi Xiang, sheep head human body, dressed in yellow Wei single clothes, Liu Xing, the God of God.


Liu, formerly known as Yi, Yi means bird’s beak, which is similar to the meaning of horn as dragon horn. “Erya interprets heaven”: “it is called willow, willow, quail fire”, and the note says: “quail, bird name; fire belongs to the South”. Liusu eight stars, curved in shape, like beaks, also like weeping willows, “song of the sky”: “Liu eight stars, curved head as heavy as willows.”. Liu, Xing and Zhang Sansu all belong to the constellation Ophiuchus. Liu Su is located in the head of the snake, and the brightest one is Liu suliu (zeta), a third-class star.

Constellation meaning

In the twelve palaces, Liuxiu belongs to the four legged Crab House. This constellation is Hydra. There are fewer bright stars around Liuxiu. This red flashing constellation is longer. It is not only born from the right of Hydra, but also from below cancer, bending and rolling to the south of Leo and Virgo, and all the way to Libra. It is the evening between April and may, when stars appear in the southern sky.

This constellation is second only to the belly of the snake, that is, just below the first star of Leo. At the vertical line, it looks like a weeping willow. It is the rosefinch spreading its wings in the south. Because it is associated with the star of wine flag, this star is addicted to wine.

Constellations analysis

Liu subenming

The people of the constellation Liuxiu have a clear distinction between good and evil. They are stubborn, irritable and like to give alms and help others. However, a few people like to take advantage of others. Therefore, they will delay things. People should be cautious in their words and deeds. They should not commit many evils, otherwise they will become eternal hatred, and they should also be careful not to be cheated by others.

Life destiny

Liu Xing is the star of the emperor. He is a star with fierce personality. When he was young, he was unlucky. In his middle age, he had the best luck. Some of them had bad luck and failed to recover. Some people got up again in their later years and finally achieved great success. They were very devoted to what they loved. Considering everything was extreme, they were self-centered, resulting in isolation, poor popularity, the greatest impact on their career, and life was full of setbacks. Be cautious and down-to-earth, and your efforts will lead to success.


Personality analysis

The male of this constellation looks easygoing and kind, but in fact, he is arrogant and has a fierce personality. He is self willed, has a good mind and likes to learn skills. Once he touches his beliefs, he will be stubborn. The female appearance of the constellation Liuxiu looks mostly gentle and quiet. Beautiful, good memory, hard-working, is not to admit defeat, adhere to their views, some women are jealous, most of them are talented women; Talented, good at communication, because it is too subjective and rigid, others will stay away from it, and a few people will degenerate because they love vanity and are deceived by others.

Career analysis

Liu Su’s people are suitable for jobs with professional skills. Men can be doctors, artists, decorators and religious experts. Women are suitable for teachers, fashion designers, tour guides and art work.

Financial analysis

People in this constellation have ordinary financial fortune. As long as they can make tireless efforts, focus on their interests and use creativity, they can work hard and persevere, and they can save a lot of wealth. When people in this constellation encounter difficulties, noble people will reach out to help them out.


Love and marriage

The men of the constellation Liuxiu are misunderstood by the opposite sex because they can’t make love actively. They have a fierce personality but are also romantic. They attach great importance to the atmosphere when talking about love. Women in this constellation are mostly mild in appearance, but in fact, they are strict in nature and lack the gentleness of femininity. They are strong women and belong to late marriage type. Remarry or marry a man with a large age gap.

Personality simple criticism

Be clear about good and evil, and have a strong personality. Once you get angry, you should be careful to be cheated due to impulse. If you are gentle and easy-going on the surface, arrogant inside, and often self-centered, you will be alienated and isolated. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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