Introduction to the daughter of the twenty eight constellations in Chinese mythology, what is the second of the seven constellations in the north?

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Female earth bat, belonging to earth, is a piece. One of the twenty-eight constellations in Chinese mythology. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

It belongs to soil and is a bat. One of the twenty-eight constellations in ancient Chinese mythology is the third constellation in the north. The combination of stars is like a dustpan, which is also like the word “female”. In ancient times, women often used a dustpan to toss the grain, discard the dross and retain the essence, so the female dormitory is more auspicious.

The hostess was on duty for many auspicious days. She built a prosperous fortification and buried her marriage. On this day, she entered the Grange within three years.

GUI congguan, Yin Shenye, the heroine God, Yin Shenxing Diao, Xu, Yu Zi. The dog head human body, the goddess of God, governs five cities on the top, governs Li Shangshan on the bottom, which is combined with the first three governances, chousheng.


The meaning of stars and constellations

In the twelve palaces, the female camphor is also known as Xingsu, belonging to the four feet of Mogong. This is the Altair (Flying Eagle) of AFA star in the constellation Aquila.

On Tanabata, the constellation Lyra of Altair and Vega forms a pair and shines in the middle of the sky in late August (July 7 of the lunar calendar). However, in the Indian 27 constellations astrology, there is no Lyra, but in the Chinese 28 constellations, the “Altair” is designated as one of the constellations. This star is 60 degrees away from the ecliptic and appears at noon every day. It is considered to govern everything in a specific month. It is the basaltic star of the northern snake turtle constellation.

Related Legends

In the complete biography of Shuoyue, the female earth bat is an extremely unlucky role. Because when listening to the Buddha’s sermon in the big Leiyin temple and the stars, they were fascinated, and spread a stink fart to pollute the Buddhist clean land. As a result, the Buddhist dharma protector Dapeng golden winged king was furious, and flew down to the top door and pecked his life. Later, because of this, he was reborn into the Song Dynasty and became the wife of Qin Hui, Wang Shi. The east window poisoned Yue Fei, the reincarnation of King Dapeng Ming.

Source: the first episode of the complete biography of Shuoyue, the first episode of the first episode of sending the red bearded dragon to the lower world, the Buddha banished the golden winged bird to the world


… just at the time of hype and colorful treasure rain, there was a star official who was a lady bat. I listened under the lotus platform and couldn’t help but fart for a moment. My Buddha was a merciful Lord, and he didn’t care at all. Don’t be angry. There is a Dharma protector God on the top of the Buddha, named Mirs golden winged king. His eyes shine golden light and his back is auspicious. When he saw that the lady bat was filthy and unclean, he was angry. He spread his wings and fell down. Looking at the lady bat’s head, this mouth pecked to death! The female earth bat shone a little light out of the Leiyin temple, went to the east to recognize her mother and reincarnated. She became a woman in the lower Kingdom gate, and later married Qin Hui as a wife, mutilating Zhongliang, in order to revenge today


Tianjin IV

Tianjin four is the fourth star of Tianjin Star, and its western name is Deneb, or Cygnus ? The brightness of stars ranks 19th in the whole sky. The absolute magnitude of Tianjin IV is -7, and it is also one of the brightest stars known. Tianjin IV, together with Hegu II (Altair) in the constellation Aquila and Vega in the constellation Lyra, forms the famous “Summer Triangle”.

The distance between Tianjin IV and the earth is still uncertain. The most likely value is 1550 light-years, but the possible range is between 1340 and 1840 light-years. The inaccuracy of distance estimation also makes it impossible for us to obtain accurate property data. The brightness of Tianjin IV is estimated to be between 60000 times that of the sun (assuming 1600 light-years from the earth) and 250000 times that of the sun (assuming 3200 light-years from the earth).


According to the results of the temperature, brightness and direct measurement of the angular diameter of Tianjin IV, the diameter of Tianjin IV is about 200 to 300 times that of the sun. It is also one of the largest planets known at present. If it is put into the solar system, it will extend to the earth’s orbit.

The surface temperature of Tianjin IV is 8400k, and the spectral type is a2ia. Tianjin IV is classified as a blue supergiant and also Cygnus ? As a representative of type a variable star, the non radial expansion and contraction of the surface causes slight changes in brightness. The mass of Tianjin IV is about 20 to 25 times the mass of the sun. The huge mass and hot temperature mean that the life of Tianjin IV will be short. Now it has stopped helium fusion, and it is likely to become a supernova in millions of years.

The stellar wind in Tianjin 4 loses 8 parts per million of the solar mass every year, and the rate of mass loss is about 100000 times that of the sun. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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