Introduction to the end of the twenty eight constellations in Chinese mythology, what is the third of the seven constellations in the west?

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Bi YUEWU, belonging to the moon and Wei Wu, is one of the twenty-eight constellations and the fifth of the seven constellations of the western white tiger. It appears in the sky at night in December or at dusk in late January. The Pleiades is located in Taurus, adjacent to the Pleiades. Because the light of these two stars is very bright, the end of the Pleiades is also tied with the Pleiades as the two most legendary stars in the western white tiger constellation. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Babylon called the sisters “rain stars”, which were the places where the emperor would sacrifice. The ancients prayed for rain. Indians believe that the starry Bihari is a symbol of jewelry beauty.

In the 27 stars fortune telling method, Bixiu is the patron saint of people whose birthdays are the seventh day of the first month, the fifth day of February, the third day of March, the thirtieth day of March, the first day of April, the 28th day of April, the 26th day of May, the 24th day of June, the 21st day of July, the 18th day of August, the 16th day of September, the 14th day of October, the 11th day of November, and the 9th day of December in the lunar calendar.

Bixiu is a very bright and dazzling star in the 27 stars fortune telling method, and many celebrities who occupy a major position and play an important role in history have emerged here in large numbers. Bi YUEWU, whose original name was jinshengyang in the novel “the romance of gods”, became a God after being killed in the battle of immortals.



Bi YUEWU, also known as “Hanche”, is equivalent to the army on the border, and “Bi” means “complete”, so Bi Su Duoji.

The creator of Bixiu is prosperous, and there are many auspicious occasions for opening the door for sacrifice. All the builders are prosperous, and the mountains are full of money and horses.

Xu congguan, Ji Shenye, Bi Xing, the Lord of God. Ji Shen’s surname is sang and his name is Gongsun. He wears a sword and white hair. He is the God of Bi Xing. The upper rule is Liuding, and the lower rule is houchengshan. These two rules govern Yousheng.

Bi, “etiquette”: “the patriarch enters first after holding Bi”, and the note says: “Bi is like Yi”. “Poetry ยท Xiaoya”: “there is the end of the sky”, Zhu Xi noted: “the end of the sky, the end of the star, like the end of a rabbit.”. The constellation pistachio belongs to Taurus. Its shape is like a small fork, and it is also like the English letter y. “Song of the West step”: “the eight stars of Bixiu are like a small net, and a pearl is shining alone in the left corner.” The bright star in the left corner is biselfive (Taurus alpha), a first-class star.

“Shiji Tianguan Shu” said: “the Pleiades is a heavenly Street”, which means that the sun, moon and planets often pass here, and the Moon leaves at the end, so that it is torrential “. It refers to the rainy season when the moon passes through Cebu. Brahma rohin! i^? One of the twenty-eight nights. Located in the West or east of the mandala outer courtyard of Tantrism. Also known as corpse, Lu Xini, muzhe, changyangsu, changyangsu. According to the Sutra of Su Yao, this star has five stars, and our country has eight stars with this star, which belongs to the Bodhisattva Bodhi God (Brahma praja^pati). Its image, hidden in the mandala, is holding a lotus in the right hand with red beads on the flowers. Samadhi is shaped as the star on the lotus. The seal of the deed is the total seal of twenty-eight nights. The truth is: return to life Rohini ^, NAKs! ATRA, Su, SA tie he; Or use the twenty eight constellations mantra. [Buddhist mother great peacock Ming King’s Sutra Volume II, Shetou admonished the crown prince’s twenty eight sutras, Su Yao Sutra]

In the twelve palaces, Bixiu belongs to the Taurus quadruped, and this constellation is Taurus. A constellation that appears in the eastern sky in December, or in the southern sky at dusk in late January. This constellation is equivalent to the first-class star in the cow’s left eye. Because it is a bright star with red light, you can tell at a glance that there is the Pleiades star cluster in the cow’s right eye, and above it is the location of the Pleiades star cluster. Balinese Lun refers to this as “rain star”, which, together with the Pleiades, is the most legendary star in the western white tiger constellation. It is the place that emperors must sacrifice. It is as famous as the Pleiades. Indians believe that this star is a symbol of jewelry beauty.



Live forever

Aldebaran, also known as Aldebaran (meaning “follower”), Taurus ? Star, 68 light-years away from the earth. The 14th bright star in the whole day has an apparent magnitude of 0.85 (irregular variable stars vary between 0.75-0.95), an absolute magnitude of -0.6, and its spectrum and photometric classification belong to K5 III type, which is orange, with a surface temperature of 3500 Kelvin.

Aldebaran is about 53million kilometers in diameter, 38 times the diameter of the sun. Because the hydrogen in it has been exhausted, Aldebaran has evolved from the main sequence star to a red giant star, which continues to glow and heat by burning helium.

Aldebaran means “follower” because it rises after the Pleiades.

Ancient Persian generals Aldebaran, Antares II, Xuanyuan 14, and Beiluo sect are collectively known as the four king stars

Aldebaran has a companion star, which is a white dwarf with an apparent magnitude of 11. It cannot be seen with the naked eye, but can only be observed with a telescope.

In 1997, through observation, people thought that there might be a planet in Aldebaran, whose mass was about 11 times that of Jupiter.


Capella is a double star system located in Auriga, which is called Capella and Auriga in the West ? Star “, whose apparent magnitude is 0.08 and absolute magnitude is -0.1, is the sixth brightest star in the whole day except the sun.


The system is 42.2 light-years away from the earth, and the spectral type belongs to g8iii type. The volume of the main star is about 2750 times that of the sun, about 5.4 times that of the companion star, and the revolution period of the main star and the companion star is about 104 years.

Five cars five

Five chariots five is the fifth star of five chariots star, which is the second bright star of Taurus (also known as Taurus ?)? The apparent magnitude is 1.7. Because it is located at the boundary between Taurus and Auriga, it was repeatedly named Auriga in Bayer nomenclature ??

Compared with the sun, wuchewu is quite rich in manganese, but it lacks calcium and magnesium. Wuche five has begun to leave the main sequence belt and will become a superstar.

When the ascending node of the moon approaches the equinox of day and night, the moon will cover wuche five, which was covered by the moon in 2007. Most occultations can only be observed in the southern hemisphere, because wuche Wuwu is located at the northern end of the lunar mask, and can only be observed in Southern California in rare cases. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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