Introduction to the mouth of the twenty eight constellations in Chinese mythology, what is the third of the seven constellations in the west?

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Zi fire monkey, or Zi Su, is one of the twenty-eight constellations in Chinese mythology. The Western seventh night is the sixth night. Originated from the Chinese people’s natural worship of ancient stars, it is the product of the combination of ancient Chinese mythology and astronomy. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


The muzzle fire monkey is one of the twenty-eight constellations in ancient Chinese mythology. It belongs to fire and belongs to monkey.

It is the sixth place in the west, the mouth of the white tiger, and the symbol of the blessing of the mouth. Therefore, the mouth is more auspicious.

Ji Liang, the Lord on duty, and Rongchang, the Lord of burial and construction. If this day is used for marriage, it will fall to kylin within three years.


Hai congguan, Meng Shenye, mouth star God. There are eleven Meng gods, surnamed Wang and Ping. Yi Longqing single clothes, mouth star God. The upper rule is twelve hours, and the lower rule is Gongmu mountain.

In the system of international 88 constellations, zuiyu is located in Orion. Zisu, also known as zisu, is located directly above Shensu. Three stars live in a small area. The three stars of the mouth and the constellation are all fourth-class stars, which are relatively weak; However, both at home and abroad, are valued. The Chinese constellation is the head of the white tiger, and the Greek constellation is the head of Orion hunter.

Name origin

For the origin of the name mouth, the ancients had an explanation that it was a tool to untie the knot, like a cone. The mouth is in the shape of an awl. Mr. Chen Jiujin believes that this explanation is inconsistent with the whole system of Chinese star names in his book “revealing the secrets – a dialogue between the Chinese and Western Stars”. He said: Since China’s 28 constellations correspond to various regions and nationalities in the four directions of China, most of the names of the 28 constellations, especially the names of the main constellations, should correspond to nationalities or regions.

Considering the Zodiac’s twelve constellations (twelve constellations is a method of dividing the sky in ancient China – along the Yellow equatorial belt, it is divided into twelve equal divisions from west to East, and its names are Xingji, Xuanliang, Zi, Jianglou, Daliang, Shishen, quail head, quail fire, quail tail, Shouxing, Huo, and Xie Mu, it is generally believed that the creation of the twelve constellations originated from the observation of Jupiter and was founded around the spring and Autumn period or earlier) There is Zi’s secondary name in, and the origin of the name of the mouth should be related to this.

According to the records of the five emperors in the annals of history, Emperor Hu “married Zi’s girl Zhi, Emperor Hu collapsed, and Zhi was established on behalf of him”. Then, the clan where the mother of emperor Zhi, who was a different mother brother from Emperor Yao, was the source of zusu. Zi is the mouth. Zi clan should also be a branch of the Western Qiang nationality.


Brahma name Mr! gas/irah!? It is one of the twenty-eight campuses, and it is also the family member of shanzhitian of Tantrism. Also known as deer’s first night. In the Big Dipper Mandala, located in the west of the outer courtyard; There is a mandala in the Tibetan world, which is located in the east of the outer courtyard. In the peacock Sutra, it is called Meili jiashiluo, which is the meaning of ‘deer head’, but it has been mistaken for Aconitum heaven in ancient times. According to the Sutra of Su Yao, there are three stars in this place. Those who were born in this place have harmony, fame, scenery, secret heart, peaceful behavior and good manners. The fetus is hidden in the mandala. Its image is that the palm of the right hand is placed in front of the chest, and the left hand holds the lotus with vertical fist. There are beads on the lotus, and it sits with its feet crossed. Samadhi is shaped as the star on the lotus. Seeds are shaken (NA). The seal deed is the total seal of twenty-eight nights. The truth is: return to life, m! Rigas/ira, NAKs! ATRA, sva^ha^, or hold the total mantra of twenty-eight nights.


In the twelve palaces, zuiyu belongs to the two feet of Taurus and the two feet of matrimonial palace. This constellation is Orion, which appears in the middle of the southern sky at dusk in late January. It is the king of winter constellations and the star that masters eloquence in the ugly white tiger constellation.

Constellations analysis


The people of this constellation are famous, virtuous, good-looking, cautious and respected. Don’t act rashly, be good at turning the good to yourself, and like culture and art. He pays attention to principles, but he is a little cowardly and hates conflict and violence. It is better to abstain from alcohol, be waterproof, and be good at planting blessings.


Life destiny

People who live in poverty can work alone. People who are good in nature, high in morality, good in behavior, cautious in words and deeds, gentle and kind, have bad luck early, and gradually accumulate strength in middle age. Good luck in old age. This is a kind-hearted person of the zuiyu constellation.

The other is evil, evil in nature, selfish and rebellious, although it can be promoted to a fairly high position. Status and wealth will be lost in sudden twists and turns, with big ups and downs.

The female of this constellation is extremely legendary. She rose to prominence in her early years and became a competent housewife for her husband’s money all her life.


The fate of people in this constellation varies greatly, and different personalities determine their achievements and failures. Being eloquent and argumentative, he belongs to a theoretical school full of wisdom, but he is not suitable for power struggle. He has strong endurance and wants to overwhelm the other side. Sometimes he is too cautious, timid, distrustful of others, overconfidence and contempt for others are the biggest shortcomings of this constellation. He is also easy to make enemies with others. Sometimes he will sharply accuse others, measure others with his own ruler, be arrogant, affect popularity and become a loser. Women in this constellation can’t show their mentality to others. Most of them are slightly jealous, and their thoughts will be a little calm at ordinary times. After marriage, I will devote myself to family affairs, have the ability to deal with things quickly, and can give consideration to family and career. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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