Introduction to the star of the twenty-eight constellations in Chinese mythology, what is the third of the seven constellations in the south?

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Xingxiu, one of the seven constellations of the southern rosefinch, also known as seven stars, xingrima, has a total of seven stars, located at the neck of the rosefinch. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

The book of Rites ? “Moon order” said: “the moon of mengchun, in the seven stars of Dan”, which refers to it.

Historical records ? “Heavenly official book”: “seven stars, neck, officer, Lord emergency”,

Historical records ? “Suoyin”: “neck, cinnabar neck. Officer, throat. Things are in the throat, and soon stay, so the Lord is in an emergency.” Xingxiu is located in the heart of long snake, and the brightest one is Xingxiu I (long snake alpha), which is a second-class star.

“Walking in the sky song”: “the seven stars are like hooks and willows, with seventeen Xuanyuan shapes on the stars”, which points out the relative position of the stars. Xuanyuan here is a famous constellation, which is called Leo in the west, and Xuanyuan 14 is the alpha star of Leo.



Xingxiu, one of the twenty-eight constellations in ancient times, is fully known as the star Rima. It is the fourth constellation in the South and lives in the eye of rosefinch. Therefore, it is named after Xingxiu. Xingxiu is fierce.

There are seven stars in Xingxiu, which is located in the heart of long snake. The brightest one is Xingxiu I, which is named long snake, alpha in the West.

The stars shine alone, and the luminosity is listed as the second class. In the book of rites, moon order: “the moon in spring, dim, among the seven stars.” “Meng Dong’s moon, Dan, in the seven stars.” “Shiji Tianguan book”: “seven stars, neck, for officers, the main emergency.” “Zhou Li bird flag seven Diao, like a quail fire.” It is called seven stars.

The seven stars of the stars are arranged like plowshares, so they are also called “plowshare stars”.

Constellation meaning

In the twelve palaces, Xingxiu belongs to the quadruped of the lion’s uterus. In the sky on April night, you can see Gemini, cancer, Leo, Virgo and other constellations, which are lined up from right to left. From the gamma star under the dipper star of the Big Dipper in Ursa Major, it drops down vertically in a straight line, such as the hook shaped star (constellation shape), which is called the “lion’s cauldron” part. Japan calls it the “bucket star”, and the star is the snake head. For the head of Southern rosefinch.


Xingxiu Benming

The people of Xingxiu constellation are hardworking, hardworking, self-motivated, multi asset, knowledgeable and smart. People in this constellation also have ordinary and poor lives. They are willing to sacrifice to gods. If they can work hard for others, they can get rich fruits. You can also start your own business. It is a constellation that can make friends with others.


Xingxiu’s life destiny

Xingxiu people don’t like to be bound, like to change and don’t want to be fixed in the existing things. It’s best to make progress in the direction you like and redouble your efforts to create your own unique pattern. When you are young, everything is not going well. If you are prosperous or successful in your career from middle age to old age, the constellations of Xingxiu are the constellations of great generals. Those who work professionally will be able to grind and refine.

The women of this star are suitable for full-time work or have their own work and live a stable life. There will be setbacks, but with a stable career as the foundation, the crisis can be resolved after marriage.

Xingxiu character analysis

The people of this constellation are serious and polite, but they are eccentric, stubborn, strong and indomitable, and have a strong rebellious spirit. A few people in Xingxiu also have a bad side. They treat people with scheming, take advantage of other people’s schemes, and enjoy fishing profits, or commit many evils.

The people of this constellation are clean, have a strong sense of responsibility, distinguish between things fairly, have a clear love and evil for people and things, lack coordination with people, and will not flatter and flatter. The female of this constellation is small and exquisite, with the temperament of classical beauty, strong in heart, a little stubborn, originally silent, a little extreme. Honest and kind nature makes everyone love. But there are also a few people who are very greedy and will cheat others’ money and feelings.

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Xingxiu cause analysis

People in this constellation are suitable for creative work such as art, technology, architects, designers, photographers, writers, advertising, etc. Women can be program producers, fashion designers, potters, jobs suitable for their interests, or accounting jobs.


Xingxiu fortune analysis

Medium wealth and ordinary income. There is gambling luck, but remember not to touch speculation, stocks, gambling, etc. the people of this constellation spend a lot of money in social intercourse, which is amazing. Xingxiu is also known as “land”, which is inextricably bound to land and real estate. Most of the wealth will be earned from real estate and insurance work.

Xingxiu love marriage

Xingxiu people are full of longing for love, but they will suddenly give up due to modification shyness, which is difficult to further develop. They belong to late marriage type. If they get married early, it is difficult to avoid the luck of remarriage. Men expect sincere love, only infatuate with a woman, are not good at sweet words, or create atmosphere, like honesty, express their inner love frankly, love their wife after marriage, and are respected by their families.

Women in this constellation are easy to feel satisfied and like to choose honest and upright people. Although they are not good at communication, they can be noticed by men. In addition, they have a premonition that they can often hit it off when they meet the right pair.

Xingxiu health preservation

Xingxiu people will have mental instability, suffer from diseases of brain nervous system and peripheral nervous system, pay attention to digestive organ diseases such as gastrointestinal and duodenal diseases, and some people also suffer from hysteria and mental diseases. It is advisable to eliminate tension and avoid overwork.

Xingxiu personality brief comment

He is intelligent, hardworking, and yearns for free change. He belongs to the type of late success. Due to high personality, not fawning and flattering, it is easy to cause poor popularity and affect the play of talents. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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