Introduction to the winged constellations of the twenty eight constellations in Chinese mythology, what is the third of the seven constellations in the south?

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Winged fire snake, that is, winged constellations, belongs to fire and is a snake. It is one of the twenty-eight constellations and the sixth of the seven constellations in the south. It occupies the position of wings of rosefinch, so it is named “wing”. Birds can take off only with wings, and the wings are auspicious. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Winged fire snake originated from the Chinese people’s natural worship of ancient stars. It is the product of the combination of ancient Chinese mythology and astronomy. The winged fire snake, formerly known as Wang Jiao in the novel “the romance of gods”, was killed in the battle of immortals array and was deified after death.

Introduction to Xingxiu

Winged fire snake belongs to fire and is a snake. Star names. One of the twenty-eight nights. The sixth of the seven constellations of the southern cinnabar, with 22 stars. It occupies the position of wings of rosefinch, so it is named “wing”. Birds can take off only with wings, and the wings are auspicious. Originated from the ancient star nature worship.

Yisu is on duty, and the Lord is auspicious. He enters the entry hall every year. All works are beneficial, and his descendants are rich and noble to set up a grange.

Li, the female in Kun, is also the God of the winged star. Ten Chinese goddesses, surnamed Zhang and named slave. It is dressed in ochre black, with a sword, and belongs to the God of the winged star. The top is five jade, and the bottom is Zhongmao mountain. It is the star of the third quarter of Jingzhe Jiezi’s day. According to, the gods worshipped by later artists are also known as “Yisu star”, also known as “children’s star” and “Lao Lang star”. The statues are white faced children with whiskers.


The meaning of constellations

Among the twelve palaces, Yisu belongs to one foot of the lion and three feet of the female palace. This constellation is jujujue.

Winged constellations appear in the south in May, just below Leo and Virgo in the center of the sky, and the shining constellations on the back of Hydra. There are eight faint stars below the fourth order stars, scattered in the shape of a cup, the star at the bottom right of the alux cup. It is the wing and tail of Southern rosefinch.


Yisu Benming

People in the constellation pterygium like music, singing and dancing, don’t like disputes, are strong and decisive, are strict with people, have sharp words, and are easy to blame others for causing hatred and right and wrong. Deliberately cautious in words and deeds. People in this constellation like to help others, like to ride and travel around.

Yisu’s life fate

The men of this constellation are not successful when they are young. Their career foundation and strength have stabilized in their middle age. They are respected and can become professionals and authorities. If we can abandon utilitarian ideas and devote ourselves to social service, we will achieve success. The peak period is in the middle and late years. Some women in this constellation have made small achievements when they are young, and enter their peak after middle age. Become a virtuous housewife after marriage. Those who live in Yisu can develop and gain in foreign countries.

Analysis of Yisu’s character

People in Yisu have strong self-esteem, strong and stubborn, and are not flexible enough in dealing with work. They just wholeheartedly want to do a good job according to their own plans. Most of the men in this constellation are gentle, modest and stable people, but when they encounter difficulties, they will lose confidence and give up their original rigid attitude and principles. Be frank with yourself and hope to get help. The man who lives in Yisu can’t gossip, and he can’t put on airs. He is an honest man. Words and deeds are quite persuasive. He is kind-hearted in nature, doesn’t like compromise, and is circuitous and trapped in problems, so he doesn’t know how to be flexible and has an introverted personality.

Women in this constellation will also hide their feelings deeply and are unwilling to speak their inner words. They are people with strong endurance, stubborn, studious and diligent, but they can’t express their inner feelings of happiness and decline.


Analysis of Yisu business

The person in Yisu is a constellation who is responsible for work, down-to-earth, who is not flashy, will not talk skillfully, and is very strict with others and himself. Therefore, he constitutes hardship and will never show off his selfish desires. As long as you work hard, you can make great achievements in anything and industry. Due to its strong overseas transportation, it can engage in foreign or foreign related trade undertakings.

Men can play their strengths in politics, art, flower shop management and technology. It can gain fame, but it is not suitable for engaging in profitable business. Women are suitable for working as writers, calligraphers, cooks, dietitians, entertainers and mass media.

Financial analysis of Yisu

Desire is small, wealth is ordinary, but income is stable and rich. Because of the heavy burden and large expenditure, they cannot accumulate wealth and will not accept the support of others. Abundant wealth and status depend on your own efforts.

Yisu love marriage

People in Yisu have a gentle and stable personality, like harmony, and romantics who hope to have pure love. Although they can express their love frankly, they can’t choose their partner in love because of their cautious nature and their life experience and education. The male of this constellation is very feminine, and has a peach blossom robbery because of the flower heart. Be cheated by a woman you don’t like. Family luck is not good. They will remarry and get married again.


The women here have strong endurance, adhere to personal subjectivity and stubborn personality, and do not know how to express feelings in love, so they lack the lovely charm of women in some aspects and have strong working ability, but they settle down with their families after marriage, belonging to late marriage type, and some remarry and get happiness. Women are serious about love, especially the love between men and women will not be regarded as a game.

Yisu health preservation

People in Yisu are in good health. They know how to care for the body and pay attention to the prevention of various diseases. They are prone to colds, throat, trachea and lung diseases. Pay more attention to the liver and gallbladder. Have a regular life and avoid drinking.

Brief comment on Yisu’s personality

With artistic temperament, do not like competition, intoxicated in their own world, usually in the field of development and gain. Due to strong subjectivity and sharp words, it is easy to cause right and wrong or misunderstanding. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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