Inventory: what deification stories are there in the list of gods?

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1. Jichang eating seeds

When King Wen of Zhou was imprisoned by King Zhou, his eldest son Bo YIKAO took a gift to save him, but he was killed by Su Daji. As a result, he was made into meat buns and given to King Wen of Zhou to eat. In fact, King Wen of Zhou knew that his son was killed through divinatory symbols, but he had to eat it for great cause. Finally, the meat he ate vomited out, and Bo YIKAO became a jade rabbit.

2. Jiang Ziya’s immortality


Jiang Ziya, formerly known as Jiang Shang, with the word Ziya and the number of Feixiong, was a disciple of the original heaven Buddha of Kunlun mountain. At the age of 72, he was sent down the mountain to assist Zhou mieshang and act as a God. After that, he experienced a series of setbacks. After being framed, he fled to Xiqi. Finally, when fishing, he came to King Jichang and was placed in high position. Later, he assisted Jifa, the son of Jichang, to successfully destroy Zhou. After Ji Fa became the son of heaven, he completed the mission of deification and was granted to the state of Qi when the king of Wu granted rewards to meritorious officials.

3. Nezha making trouble in the sea

After three years and six months of pregnancy, the wife of Li Jing, the general soldier of chentangguan, gave birth to a meat ball. Suddenly, there was a bright light, and a boy jumped out of it. Li Jing was unhappy, but a Taoist priest named Taiyi immortal came to congratulate him, named him Nezha and accepted him as an apprentice, and gave him two treasures on the spot: Heaven and earth circle and huntian Ling. Nezha was seven years old, and the sky was dry and the earth cracked. The Dragon King of the East China Sea did not drop water. He also ordered yecha to go to the seaside to rob boys and girls. Nezha acted bravely, killed Yaksha with the heaven and earth circle, and killed Ao Bing, the son of the Dragon King, who came to the reinforcement. The Dragon King went to the heavenly palace and was beaten half to death by Nezha on the way. So the Dragon King of the East China Sea invited three brothers to discuss revenge.

The next day, the Dragon King of the four seas led the sailors. The water would make waves and flood Chentang pass. Li Jing would not withdraw until he handed over Nezha. Nezha wanted to fight back, but Li Jing stopped him and took away Nezha’s two magic weapons. For the safety of the whole city, Nezha stood up and killed himself in grief and indignation. Afterwards, immortal Taiyi used lotus and fresh lotus roots as his body to revive Nezha and reincarnate. After rebirth, Nezha held a fire pointed gun and stepped on the wind and fire wheel, making a scene in the Dragon Palace, defeating the Dragon King and eliminating harm for the people.

4. Fairy Princess Daji

Daji. Ji surname, the word Da, has the daughter of the Su tribe, known as “Su Daji” in the world. According to Zuo Zhuan, in 1047 BC, King Zhou of Shang Dynasty launched an army to attack the Yousu tribe. Some su tribes could not resist the powerful Shang army. Between destruction and kneeling, some su tribal leaders chose to kneel down and sacrifice cattle, sheep, horses and beauty Daji. Later, Daji was possessed by a fox spirit, whose real name was Hu Xianer.

King Zhou of Shang Dynasty liked drinking, indulged in music and was infatuated with women. After getting Daji, he doted on her very much and listened to Daji. So King Zhou of Shang Dynasty asked a musician named Juan to make new obscene songs, vulgar dances, decadent music, increase taxes, and enrich the money in Lutai and the food stored in Juqiao. Collect dogs, horses and curiosities in many ways, play well, and fill the court. Further expand the sand dune garden building, and catch a large number of birds and animals for stocking. Party and play games in the sand dune garden all day, fill the pool with wine, hang meat in a forest, and each banquet has up to 3000 people, so that men and women take off their clothes and chase each other, and drink all night for fun.

People complained about King Zhou’s behavior, and some princes began to betray him. Therefore, King Zhou of Shang Dynasty increased the punishment, and Su Daji invented the criminal law. Daji liked to watch the “burning punishment”, smeared the copper column with oil and burned it with charcoal, so that the prisoner walked on it and fell into the red charcoal. His feet were burned and screamed from time to time. Daji heard it and laughed like hearing music that stimulated her senses. King Zhou of Shang Dynasty appointed Ji Chang, Jiu Hou and e Hou as three princes. The ninth Marquis had a daughter who was very beautiful. The ninth Marquis gave her to King Zhou of Shang Dynasty. The daughter of the ninth Marquis didn’t like immorality, so King Zhou of Shang was angry, so he killed her and chopped the ninth Marquis into meat sauce.

The immorality of King Zhou of Shang Dynasty aroused people’s resistance. In 1046 BC, King Wu of Zhou took the opportunity to launch the princes to attack King Zhou of Shang Dynasty, defeated the Shang army in the battle of Makino, and the Shang Dynasty was destroyed. King Zhou of Shang Dynasty fled to Lutai and burned himself to death, and Daji was also killed by the Zhou army.

5. Jiuchi Roulin


King Zhou of Shang Dynasty was the last emperor of Shang Dynasty. He acted recklessly all day and did not devote himself to the government. He was a famous tyrant in China. In order to punish those who opposed him, he used a lot of torture. He also believed the slander of Daji, his favorite concubine, and lived a shameless life.

Not only that, King Zhou also built many magnificent palaces. In order to play for himself, King Zhou also built a magnificent deer platform. The deer terrace is a thousand feet high and three miles wide. According to Jiang Ziya’s prediction, the project will take 35 years to complete, which shows the vastness of the project. King Zhou ordered Beibo Chonghou tiger to supervise the construction of deer platform, which cost a lot of human, material and financial resources, and lasted for two years and four months. The thirty-five year project was completed in only two years and four months, which is evident from King Zhou’s heavy task of looting people’s money.

King Zhou’s life is getting worse and worse. He also ordered to fill the pool with wine on the sand dune platform, cut the meat of various animals into large pieces and hang them in the woods. This is the so-called “wine pool meat forest”, so that he can eat and drink at will while playing. At the same time, it is also called naked men and women chasing and playing with each other, and their lives are rotten and extravagant.

King Zhou’s atrocities finally got retribution, and finally the Shang Dynasty was destroyed at his hands! The idiom “wine pond and meat forest” is derived from the decadent and dissolute life of King Zhou, which describes the dissolute, corrupt and extremely luxurious life.

6. Comparison and heart digging

After the completion of Lutai, King Zhou listened to Daji’s rumors and wanted to meet Xianji and fairy. Daji had a plan to invite all the demon foxes in Xuanyuan tomb into fairies, immortals and fairy girls to come to Lutai for a banquet on the night of the 15th to enjoy the feast of the son of heaven in Kowloon and confuse King Zhou. On the banquet, the fox stinks. The demon fox with shallow Kung Fu showed his tail. Uncle Bigan of King Zhou at the banquet saw it very clearly. After the banquet, he informed Huang Feihu, the king of Wucheng. After investigation, all the evil foxes are fox spirits in Xuanyuan tomb. Bigan and Huang Feihu, the king of Wucheng, led the soldiers to block the demon fox cave and set fire to burn the fox to death. Bigan also picked the unburned fox skin and made it into a robe, which was presented to King Zhou in the severe winter to confuse Daji’s heart and make him unable to settle in front of the king. Daji saw that the jackets and robes were all made of the fur of his descendants. His heart was like a knife. He hated Bigan deeply and vowed to dig his heart. After some thinking, Daji found pheasant essence Hu Ximei, and the two decided to work together to kill each other.

Suddenly one day, King Zhou was having breakfast with Daji and Xinna witch Hu Ximei (pheasant chicken essence). Suddenly, he saw Daji spit blood at his mouth and was unconscious. Xi Mei said that Daji’s old illness recurred, often with heartache, and died at once. There was a doctor in Jizhou, Zhang Yuan, who used the best medicine. He had Linglong heart and ate a piece of fried soup. The disease healed immediately. King Zhou wanted to send a message to announce that Jizhou Doctor Zhang Yuan, Xi Mei, told King Zhou that it was a long way to Jizhou in the Chaoge, and calculated that in the Chaoge, only the prime minister Bigan was the heart of Linglong seven orifices, which could be eaten with a piece of food. King Zhou believed it and ordered people to urgently call Bigan.

Bigan was angry and surprised when he heard it. When Jiang Ziya left the Chaoge, he went to the prime minister’s mansion to say goodbye. Seeing Bigan’s dark complexion and knowing that he would be in great trouble in the future, he sent Bigan a magic talisman, telling him to turn ashes and wash it in case of danger, which was safe. It’s harder to be a confidant than to enter the court, so you can drink the water left by Jiang Ziya. Bigan came to the deer stage to wait for the order. King Zhou heard that Bigan came, and Bigan said that Daji’s heart was aching, but Linglong’s heart could heal. It is said that uncle Huang has a delicate heart and asks for a piece of soup to cure the disease if it heals. This is of great help. Bigan said, “what is the heart?” King Zhou said, “it’s the heart of Uncle Huang.” Bigan angrily played: “the heart is the master of the whole body, hidden in the lungs, sitting in six leaves and two ears, and all evils are inviolable. Once invaded, I will die. If the heart is right, my hands and feet are right; if the heart is not right, then my hands and feet are not right. The heart is the spirit of all things, and the root of the changes in the four symbols. If my heart is hurt, there is no way to live! Although the old minister is dying, he is just a country and ruins, and his talents are absolutely exhausted. Now the faint King listens to the words of the Xinna witch, and gives me the disaster of picking my heart; I am afraid that Bigan is, the rivers and mountains are, Bigan is, and the country is!” King Zhou said, “Uncle Huang’s words are bad! He always borrows from his heart and doesn’t hurt anything. Why say more?” Bigan shouted fiercely, “dizzy king! You are drunk and unconscious, confused dog swine! If your heart goes away, I will die! Bigan doesn’t commit the crime of gouging out my heart, how can you suffer this non disaster innocently!” King Zhou angrily said, “you call your ministers to die, but you are not loyal. Destroying your rulers on the stage will be a loss to your ministers! If you don’t obey my orders, warriors, take it down and take your heart!” Bigan cursed, “Daji bitch! I’ll die and see the emperor!” He shouted, “around, take the sword with me!” Feng Yu handed the sword to Bigan. Bigan took the sword in his hand, looked at the temple and worshipped for eight times, sobbed and said, “the first king of Cheng Tang, did you know that Yin was ruined and Cheng Tang was twenty-eight times in the world! It was not the unfaithful ears of Ministers!” Then he untied the body, stabbed the sword into the navel, and opened the abdomen without blood flowing. The bagan general put his hand into his stomach, picked his heart and threw it out. He covered his robe and said nothing. His face looked like light gold and went down the deer platform.

Without saying a word, Bigan galloped for several miles on horseback. Suddenly, he heard a woman shouting to sell careless vegetables. Bigan reined in his horse and asked, “what if people are careless?” The woman answered, “if you don’t want to, you will die!” (I said that the woman was changed by Daji or Shen Gongbao) Bigan immediately shouted, blood gushing like a spring, and death calling. It turned out that in those days, Jiang Ziya left a simple post, wrote the seal of the talisman, burned the talisman into water, took it in his stomach, and protected his five internal organs, so he could ride a horse out of the north gate ear. Seeing the seller of heartless vegetables, Bigan asked the reason. The woman said, “people die when they are unintentional”. If she replied, “people live when they are unintentional”, Bigan could also not die. Bigan takes the heart, gets off the deer stage, gets on the horse and goes home. Those who do not bleed are the mysterious skill of Jiang Ziya’s Rune water.

Later, Jiang Ziya helped Zhou exterminate Zhou successfully, and was deified by the decree of the emperor of the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. Bigan was posthumously sealed as the “Wenqu Xingjun” of the Tianquan palace in the center of the Big Dipper. There is also a legend that Bigan became an unintentional person after his heart was hollowed out. It is precisely because he was unintentional and directionless and acted fairly that he was regarded as the “God of literature and wealth” by later generations.

Postscript: the colorful words make up a magical story in our hearts. In the world of gods, we are overwhelmed by the struggle of demons and gods.

Let’s enjoy this ancient legend again. In this text, it is the wisdom of our ancestors and the pride of our Chinese people. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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