Iran retaliated. This move is tough enough!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin

Iran retaliated. It was a tough move.

How hard?

The front foot Greece detained an Iranian oil freighter, and the back foot Iran announced that two Greek oil tankers had been detained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the Persian Gulf because of suspected violations of the law.

If you hold one ship, I will hold you two. It is impolite to come without going.

It is really a modern version of the “Greek Polish war”. The prey of this battle is the oil tanker on the sea.

For Iran, this action is entirely self-defense. According to Iran’s description, an Iranian flagged oil tanker broke down in the waters near Greece. A few days ago, after asking the Greek government for help, it was seized by Greece.

What makes Iran even more angry is that Greece claims that the seizure of Iranian oil tankers is Iran’s violation of U.S. sanctions. Therefore, 115000 tons of Iranian oil loaded on the ship will be transferred to the United States.

Iran was furious and accused Greece of violating international law, and the seizure of cargo on board was a “typical act of piracy”.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said khatibzad warned Greece that bilateral relations have always been based on mutual respect. “Our relations should not be hindered by extremely short-sighted wrong judgments, including blocking and looting according to the orders of a third party.”

Of course, the Greek Bosnian war 2000 years ago did not defeat Greece, and the warning after 2000 could not intimidate Greece.

But Iran has taken action.

Greece is a big shipping country. You have many oil tankers transporting oil in the Persian Gulf. That’s good. On May 27, Iranian helicopters suddenly landed on two Greek oil tankers carrying crude oil from Iraq and Qatar respectively, and then the soldiers took control of the crew.

Although it was on the high seas, Iran announced that the two Greek oil tankers were suspected of violating the law and had been detained by Iran.

Now it is the turn of the Greek foreign ministry to issue a statement, strongly condemning Iran’s “piracy” and urgently reminding Greek cargo ships to prevent fire and theft from Iran.

Are you familiar with this scene?

I remember that just last year, a similar conflict broke out between South Korea and Iran. South Korea seized $7billion in Iranian oil money on the grounds of complying with US sanctions.

Iran was very angry, and then seized a “Korean Chemical” tanker that had originally traveled from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates, on the grounds that the tanker “repeatedly polluted the sea”.

In the Middle East, there are not many reasons.

Earlier, Britain seized an Iranian oil tanker off Gibraltar on suspicion of transporting oil to the Syrian regime; Without a word, Iran soon seized a British oil tanker, the Steiner Empire, in the Persian Gulf.

You can also guess the final result. Since everyone has chips and the chips are almost the same, let’s release the boat to each other. As for South Korea, it’s time to unfreeze their money.

We played an international version of the house.

Of course, compared with South Korea and Britain, Japan is even more sad.

In september2019, when the situation in the Persian Gulf was tense, Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister, rushed to Iran to mediate the conflict between the United States and Iran.

This is also considered to be the highest moment of Abe’s diplomacy. After all, this is the first visit to Iran by a Japanese prime minister after the Iranian Islamic revolution in 1979; This is also the first visit by leaders of seven western countries after trump tore up the Iran nuclear agreement in 2015.

However, it may be OK for Abe not to go to the Middle East. The most direct result of his visit to the Middle East is that he is still talking with Iranian leaders. Near the Strait of Hormuz, two oil tankers were bombed, one of which is a Japanese oil tanker.

Who did it?

Anyway, it is a luoshengmen.

However, it should be that the relevant forces are warning Japan not to wade into the muddy waters of the Middle East.

Abe, if you help Iran speak, the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries will certainly not agree; If you only help the United States to send messages, Iran and its little brothers in Iraq and Syria must be very angry

Now, Greece is in this muddy water again, and has publicly ordered to send Iranian oil to the United States; Iran could not give up. Therefore, even on the high seas, two Greek oil tankers were detained by the revolutionary guards.

Iranian media also reminded Greece that 17 other Greek ships may be detained in the Persian Gulf.

Finally, what do you think?

First, the Americans dug the pits.

Very simply, if it were not for the hegemony and long arm jurisdiction of the United States, other countries would not start with Iranian oil tankers.

Of course, they may think that Iran is a soft persimmon, but in the end, they encounter a hard bone.

The point of a needle is not a good stubble to the awn. Caught in the middle, I wanted to take the opportunity to offer a name certificate, but I didn’t know I had taken a hot potato.

In the past few years, Japan, South Korea and now Greece have dug this big hole in the Middle East. How many countries have plopped into it?

Second, “piracy” in the Persian Gulf.

Of course, many people will say that this kind of seizure on the high seas is not a typical “piracy”? I am not an expert in international law, but common sense tells me that there is one thing.

But it works best for Iran. It is useless for those countries that have been on the American pirate ship to protest for a long time. The most useful thing is that you detain my boat, then I detain your boat to see who blinks first.

There are many reasons.

Don’t say, this move is really effective. It is simple and efficient, and has basically achieved the goal. If you are soft, he will be hard. If you are hard, he will be soft. It’s too civilized to be bullied. People are afraid if they are cruel. This is the reality, the reality of the Persian Gulf.



Third, the United States also has a psychological shadow.

Although the United States is making a fuss everywhere, there is also a psychological shadow in the Persian Gulf.

Let us not forget that in 2016, an American speedboat “strayed” into Iran’s territorial waters. Iran was not polite. It quickly dispatched the Revolutionary Guard to encircle the American speedboat and capture ten American soldiers.

The scenes of American soldiers kneeling on the deck with their heads folded were broadcast repeatedly by Iran, which really disgraced the Americans. Although Iran finally released these Americans, the US military, which left a psychological shadow, is now afraid to get too close to the Iranian coast

However, the long arm jurisdiction refused to let go, so it instigated other countries to attack Iran, and the United States hid behind to steal oil, forcing Iran to make tough moves and start the war of arresting oil tankers. Are you cruel or am I cruel?

Sometimes, it’s not even a ship arrest game, but a direct ship bombing. Anyway, in recent years, we haven’t seen anything unusual.

In this world, horizontal people are afraid of being stunned, and stunned people are afraid of being killed

Now it is Greece’s turn to suffer. Alas, I did everything I could to help the United States. In the end, I was stabbed twice.

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