Iran retaliates strongly! The era of global chaos is approaching!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

Will a world war break out?

If we discussed this issue a few years ago, I believe everyone would think it is a fantasy, alarmist, and a neuropathy. However, I believe that if we talk about it now, many people will no longer think it is alarmist, but will remain highly vigilant.

Although the horrific nuclear balance among major powers will not easily plunge mankind into a new world war, everyone has seen the world situation today. The world’s most powerful country, led by a group of allies, no longer abides by the world rules set by World War II. There is no mutual trust among major powers, so the risk of world war will increase significantly.


Zhanhao here gives two points, one is the United States and Russia, and the other is China and the United States.

The United States and Russia have completely fallen into hostility. Although the United States has repeatedly stressed that it will not directly break out military conflict with Russia, Russia has fought with Ukraine, the direct agent of the United States. This is a war in which one of the major powers is directly involved. In fact, it is only one step away from the war between the major powers. Are there any good possibilities for us Russian relations? At least there is no possibility in the expected time! Results must be made on the battlefield!

Zhanhao judged that the war between Russia and Ukraine was inevitable in November last year, and that Russia could not lose in this war. It would be a war of annihilation against Ukraine. Even though the Russian battlefield looked very difficult a while ago, a large number of media and public opinion believed that Russia’s war in Ukraine would be defeated. Zhanhao always emphasized two points: first, the Russian army could not fail; Second, Ukraine may be destroyed. In the future, it is most likely to be divided into three. This is the trend of the current pattern.

Is Zhanhao an immortal? How can you predict so accurately? In fact, the reason is very simple. The intention of a big country is there. The contradictions are irreconcilable and must be fought out. There are so many factors that can affect it. You can see it clearly as long as you don’t simply look at it with colored glasses. There is no secret. Back to the Russo Ukrainian war, the United States could not fight for him, so his outcome was doomed from the beginning of the war!

What about China and the United States?

The United States officially listed China as the first strategic competitor in 2017. In fact, the past five years have been all kinds of attempts to suppress China, including trade war, scientific and technological war, street revolution in Hong Kong, frequent smear attacks on China on the COVID-19 and China’s internal affairs… All these are attacks by the United States against China as the primary strategic competitor. Now the whole world has seen the result of the attack. The United States cannot defeat China on its own. Therefore, the United States wants to unite its allies to suppress China. All its actions now focus on this action. The war between Russia and Ukraine also broke out under this background. The United States aims to “unite” Europe and make NATO its tool to maintain world hegemony.

The ultimate goal of the United States is China. If the United States wants to maintain hegemony, it must break China’s path of rejuvenation. Whoever breaks China’s path of rejuvenation is the enemy of the 1.4 billion Chinese people. How can we reconcile this contradiction? So is the outbreak of a proxy war or even a direct military conflict between China and the United States alarmist? Of course not!

In fact, at this stage, the possibility of a military conflict between China and the United States is not lower than that between the United States and Russia, and may even be higher. Why do you say that? After all, there is still a lot of buffer between the United States and Russia, especially in Eastern Europe, where countries like Ukraine serve as cannon fodder for the United States. Ukraine is an opening for the contradiction between the United States and Russia. Even if we take a few steps back, for the United States, there is still a platform buffer between the United States and Russia, NATO, and space for contention, such as Poland, the Baltic States and Romania. Therefore, the possibility of direct conflict between the United States and Russia is very small, at least geographically. The United States only sees Europe as a tool of its global hegemony.

Although China and the United States are separated by the Pacific Ocean, in fact, once the United States loses the first island chain, it means that the entire East Asia and the Western Pacific are lost. Compared with Eastern Europe, which was expanded by the United States after the collapse of the Soviet Union, most of the western Pacific is the traditional territory of the United States since World War II. Therefore, military conflicts are likely to break out between China and the United States in the competition for the first island chain. As far as China is concerned, Taiwan, China province and the South China Sea region on the first island chain are both places that China must contend for, and this is also a place that the United States must contend for hegemony. Therefore, there is actually very little room for contradictions to be reconciled.

Moreover, because China has a commitment not to be the first to use nuclear weapons, it is less likely that a military conflict between China and the United States will trigger a nuclear war. What’s more, the United States also lists China as its first strategic opponent. The ultimate goal is China. This is the fundamental reason why China must be prepared.


Of course, at this stage, the world war is still far away, and the probability of the outbreak of the new cold war is already very high. At the same time, the COVID-19, a world war level event, is deepening. Just as Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao) judged in March, 2020, this is a world war level world. This epidemic objectively promoted the advance of all political and economic orders.

Why did World War I and World War II happen? In the final analysis, the colonial resources in the world are not enough for the powers to divide up. The world has entered the game stage of stock resources. In fashionable words, it has entered the involution stage. World War I and World War II, in essence, were wars triggered by the internal invasion of the great powers. Today, the world is a game state of stock resources, which has many similarities with the situation during World War I and World War II.

At this stage, the overall development of science and technology is in a stagnant state. The capital of developed countries demands more and more profits, but they do not participate in production. People all over the world need to improve their living standards, so the core contradiction broke out. When the world’s increment is gone, but the demand is growing, the stock resources must be far from enough, then the fierce competition will begin. In the world, the game between big countries is of course the first to bear the brunt, and small countries are of course the first to suffer!

In fact, at this time, small countries simply do not stand in line. The consequences of small countries standing in disorder and charging ahead are very serious. Ukraine is the first one we see!

The trend of the world falling into chaos has been reflected in recent days!

According to CCTV reports, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard issued a statement on May 27 local time, saying that Iran had seized two Greek oil tankers in the Persian Gulf on the same day due to violations of relevant laws.

Why did Iran seize Greek oil tankers? The reason is also very simple. Last month, a Russian flagged oil tanker carrying Iranian crude oil was seized by Greece in Greek waters. The reason why the oil tanker flies the Russian flag is that it is an oil tanker operated by Russian enterprises, but the oil tanker is loaded with Iranian crude oil. The zhensou oil tanker was seized by Greek police on its way to Turkey last month, carrying 115000 tons of Iranian crude oil, with a total value of nearly US $100million.

Why did Greece detain a Russian tanker carrying Iranian crude oil? The explanation given by Greece is that the tanker violated the EU sanctions against Russia. However, there were also some strange things, because Greece later announced that the ship was in doubt and released it. However, it is surprising that the tanker has been staying in Greek waters since it was released and has been flying the Iranian flag since May 1. Later, some media reported that on May 25, the U.S. government announced sanctions against the “oil smuggling” network related to the “Holy City Brigade” subordinate to the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard. On the same day, Greece announced that at the request of the U.S. judicial department, Greece would hand over the cargo on the tanker to the United States. It turned out that the reason why the tanker did not leave was that Greece unloaded the oil on the tanker. The so-called release was also false. No wonder Iran took action in a rage.

With regard to the actions of the Greek government, Iran said that the tanker had legal transportation procedures. Greece’s actions violated international law, and the seizure of goods on board was a “typical act of piracy”.

With this background, it is clear that Iran intercepted Greek oil tankers and detained the crew because of the “piracy” of Greece. The Iranian port and Maritime Organization said on the 28th that the crew of the two Greek oil tankers detained were safe and healthy, and were still on board. The Iranian authorities did not arrest them. The crude oil loaded on the two Greek oil tankers seized by Iran this time came from Iraq and Qatar respectively. The Greek foreign ministry said that Iran sent a helicopter to land on the oil tanker, and then controlled the crew, including Greek citizens. At the time of the incident, both ships were sailing on the high seas.

Why should Greece detain Iranian oil operated by Russia? In fact, the answer is very simple. The United States ordered it. In this regard, on May 27, Guangming news agency, affiliated to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, gave a clear warning to Greece that Iran would take “punitive action” against Greece’s assistance to the United States in detaining Iranian crude oil. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said khatibzad said on social media on the 28th: “our relations should not be hindered by extremely short-sighted wrong judgments, including blocking and looting according to the orders of a third party.”

In response to Iran’s actions, the Greek Foreign Ministry immediately issued a strongly worded statement accusing Iran of “piracy” and demanding that Iran immediately release the seized ships and the arrested crew members. The Greek foreign ministry said that these acts have seriously damaged the bilateral relations between Greece and Iran and the relations between Iran and the EU. The Greek foreign ministry demanded that Iran immediately release the ship and its crew.

In response to Greece’s warning, Iran has issued a stronger warning. If Iran’s oil and oil tankers detained by Greece last month are not returned, the other 17 oil tankers flying the Greek flag in the Persian Gulf will be seized by Iran.

I don’t know how you feel, but Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao) has a very clear signal, that is, the United States has restored its pirate nature, and its behavior has begun to return to the early piracy of the British navy, and infiltrated these behaviors into international politics and diplomacy. Of course, the British navy was originally a pirate in its early days. For example, the United States ordered Canada to illegally detain Meng Wanzhou, the United States and its allies to seize more than $300billion of Russia’s foreign exchange assets, the U.S. government directly shared $7billion of Afghanistan’s deposits, the United States secretly continued to steal crude oil in northern Syria, Britain, Italy and other Western countries directly confiscated the wealth of the Russian rich… In short, you will find that the United States and its allies are breaking all normal rules for their own sake, Find someone who wants to commit a crime and rob the legal property of another country directly.

In this case, the global political and economic ecology, international rules, industrial chains and supply chains will be severely hit, which will greatly increase the growing mistrust between countries and make the transaction more costly. With higher transaction costs and worse economy, the US economy, which is heavily dependent on the global hegemony of the US dollar, will suffer a more serious blow, and its deficit will be even greater. Then it will act more against the rules. If such a vicious cycle continues, how can the era of global chaos not come?

The global chaos war is certainly a blow to China’s economy, but it is a bigger blow to the global economy, because China still has a unified market of 1.4 billion people. After writing this, should we have a deep understanding of the strategic value of our country to establish an internal unified market? China’s advantages will become more and more prominent in the world in the future, but China’s risks are also there. On the one hand, it is the risk of the global supply chain. What if the United States and the West rob China’s oil tankers? And a huge amount of Chinese goods? China must have a strong people’s army to protect all this! On the other hand, the economic pressure brought about by the global chaos and supply chain disorder must also be reflected in each and every one of us, so the next days must be difficult, but not only for us, but also for other countries!

In this context, we must unite as one, support the country, tap our internal potential and highlight our advantages, so as to gain greater advantages in the competition with western developed countries! Let us not forget that the ultimate goal of the United States is us, and he has been thinking about how to mess up China and how to rob China when China can’t take care of it!

Be alert! time will not wait for me! At present, China must have a gun to fight jackals in order to prevent jackals. Jackals must be convinced that we can use guns to wantonly attack them before they dare not approach! Don’t follow some people to label others as “war wolves” or satirize those tough people. If our country doesn’t have the spirit and temperament of war and doesn’t let the enemy think that China is a war wolf but Mianyang, then these jackals have come up to tear us apart and will discredit and encircle us here? The past century of humiliation in modern China is still alive!

In the present world, whether you like it or not, you have to fight. Only by fighting can you survive! The time is at hand, and we have no choice!

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