Iris Hijiri, a member of the Japanese women’s group, suddenly announced his death and publicly provoked suicide speculation

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Friends who are interested in Japanese entertainment circles should know the combination wonder snake. The death of iris Hijiri, a member of the Japanese women’s League, was suddenly announced. Iris Hijiri’s last words were also made public. It was seen from his last words that iris Hijiri was suspected to have committed suicide. Iris Hijiri is a member of wonder snake. He is only 23 years old this year. I didn’t expect to leave you like this. It’s really sad. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Iris Hijiri, a member of the Japanese women’s League, suddenly announced his death

Iris Hijiri joined wonder snake in 2020. Qiao first set up the women’s group in 2019. At that time, iris Hijiri was only 21 years old. I thought that iris Hijiri had realized her dream of a women’s group and would be very happy. But I didn’t expect that iris Hijiri would become depressed after becoming an artist. The environment of the entertainment industry is really stressful. Many artists suffer from depression because they can’t bear these pressures. Iris Hijiri suffered from depression before his death, so he often posted some very negative articles on social platforms. For example, on July 14, iris Hijiri suddenly posted & ldquo; It’s hard to live;.

The death of iris Hijiri also made the fans very sad, and iris Hijiri’s parents were the same. However, iris Hijiri’s parents also encouraged two other members of wonder snake, hoping that they would not be affected by this incident and that wonder snake could continue its activities. I just hope everyone can remember iris Hijiri and not let iris Hijiri disappear from everyone’s memory.

Iris Hijiri’s last words publicly provoked suicide speculation

As for the cause of iris Hijiri’s death, it can be seen that iris Hijiri should have committed suicide according to his previous articles and the attitude of his parents and his brokerage company. Iris Hijiri is only 23 years old this year. He should have been full of illusions about the future, but he chose to commit suicide because of depression. Although iris Hijiri has passed away, the relaxing activities originally planned by the fans for iris Hijiri are still carried out as planned. This should be the last thing that fans can do for iris Hijiri.

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