Is Chai Biyun married? Why isn’t Chai Biyun hot

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Chai Biyun has worked hard in the entertainment industry for many years. In the eyes of fans, she is a person with beauty and acting skills, but she is still not famous, and even many passers-by feel sorry for Chai Biyun. Is chaibiyun married? Why can’t chaibiyun get on fire all the time? Xiaobian will introduce it to you today.

Is chaibiyun married

Chai Biyun was born in 1989 and is 33 years old. There have been rumors on the Internet that Chai Biyun married actor LU Hong before. This is really not true. The two entered the entertainment industry because of their cooperation in the new version of huanzhu gege. Chai Biyun played saya and LU Hong played ertai in the play. Two people are just a couple in the play, and they are ordinary colleagues in life. Chai Biyun is single now, and she has never had a relationship in public since her debut.

Chai Biyun’s first role is saya in the new huanzhu grid, which is a good start. Unfortunately, the new version of huanzhu gege is not popular, so Chai Biyun didn’t get too much dividends from the play. After that, Chai Biyun also played many roles, such as He Rui in the legend of Lu Zhen, Huansha in the strange fate of purple hairpin, the mute aunt in the legendary Sutra Pavilion of Shaolin Temple, Cheng Qiqi in the middle of the summer solstice, Gaoqing gorge in the love of mountains and seas, Wen Xin in the sea of stars, and Tong Nana in welcome.

Why is chaibiyun not on fire

Chai Biyun, who has been famous for many years, has been playing supporting roles in various dramas, and has never played any heroine, or even the second female. So it’s hard for Chai Biyun to become popular. It’s obvious that there is no one behind her. But Chai Biyun’s own strength is very strong, and she doesn’t mind acting, so she can still see a lot of her works every year. In film and television works, there are only small actors without small roles. Even if the supporting actress n is good, Chai Biyun can still play a part, which is still concerned by many audiences.

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