Is Chen Xiang banned? Is Chen Xiang completely cool

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Although Chen Xiang’s resources in previous years are not very powerful, he does not worry about resources at all. He can still play a leading actor and appear in many variety shows. The reason is that Chen Xiang is strongly praised by Tianyu and Hunan Satellite TV. But in the past two years, I can’t see him anymore. Has Chen Xiang been banned? Is Chen Xiang completely cool in the entertainment industry? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Has Chen Xiang been banned

Chen Xiang now basically has no resources in the entertainment industry. Since he was hammered by his ex girlfriend Mao Xiaotong, he has been disliked by netizens and has become the representative of the scum man in the entertainment industry. The popularity of passers-by is unimaginable. Apart from a few fans who still stick to him, few people are willing to be his fans. Chen Xiang was originally held by Tianyu and Hunan Satellite TV, but in the recording released by Mao Xiaotong, Chen Xiang threw the pot to Hunan Satellite TV. Chen Xiang directly offended Hunan Satellite TV, and has never been on Hunan Satellite TV since then.

Even Hunan Satellite TV, which is a strategic partner of Hetian entertainment, is unwilling to give Chen Xiang the opportunity, let alone other platforms. And with Chen Xiang’s current scum man image, if he had a play or variety show broadcast, he would definitely be resisted by netizens. No platform is so stupid to find him. Moreover, netizens also found that in the current official poster of Tianyu, Chen Xiang’s name disappeared in the column of artist introduction, so Tianyu has either terminated his contract with Chen Xiang or hid him.

Is Chen Xiang completely cool

Chen Xiang has not completely disappeared now. He still runs his own account and released his own new song some time ago. However, one song produced, that is, one or two million, is drizzle for stars like them. After all, now there is no drama to shoot and no variety show to record. Chen Xiang can only make a song to maintain his few fans, but he can’t change his cool condition.

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