Is Cheng Yi’s popularity bad in the circle? Why doesn’t anyone celebrate Cheng Yi’s birthday

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Many people say that the stars in the entertainment industry are human spirits, especially those who can be popular, and their EQ is absolutely very high. But there are also some stars who seem to have no insiders and feel that their EQ is not very high. But many gourd eaters don’t think so of Cheng Yi, and they have been roast that Cheng Yi has low EQ and poor popularity. Is the popularity in Chengyi circle very poor? Why is there no insider to celebrate Cheng Yi’s birthday? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Is the popularity in Chengyi circle very poor

When stars celebrate their birthdays, other stars with better relationships often leave messages under Weibo to send their blessings. However, Netizens found that no star sent a message to congratulate Cheng Yi on his birthday, not even a message. Before, Cheng Yi gained a lot of fans with the glass fire.

At that time, fans also made a lot of noise because of this matter. They even left a message under the official website of Cheng Yi’s company huanrui entertainment, saying that if there were no more blessings from insiders on Cheng Yi’s birthday this year, fans would tear huanrui apart. After all, there are many artists in huanrui. These artists and Cheng Yi are colleagues who are closer. It should be OK to send a blessing. But even if the fans are so noisy, no artists from the same company are arranged to send blessings to Cheng Yi.

Why didn’t anyone celebrate Cheng Yi’s birthday

So many netizens often ridicule Cheng Yi for this matter, and roast that Cheng Yi is not very good, so he has no friends in the circle. But Cheng Yi’s fans often brainwash the following small fans. Cheng Yi is too excellent, so he will be excluded by others. Moreover, Cheng Yi’s heart is devoted to acting, and he has no time and energy to socialize at all. But the comments made by fans are at best self deception. The melon eaters outside don’t think so.

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