Is China going to “plant islands” again? The Philippines may pick up trouble, and the serious consequences may not be far away!

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Original: Zhanhao Source: official account: Zhanhao WeChat ID: zhanhao668

Some of China’s special actions often need some major opportunities, which are called taking advantage of the situation. Why do we need to find opportunities? Because there are costs in doing anything. If you do not seize the opportunity to do it, although the benefits may also exist, the costs will be great!

To take a simple example, if a country studies nuclear weapons before the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, then you are a nuclear-weapon country and can enjoy the political benefits of nuclear weapons. So what is the situation of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty now?

The Treaty was adopted by the General Assembly on September 10, 1996 and opened for signature on September 24. By the end of October of the same year, 128 countries, including the United States, China, France, Russia and the United Kingdom, had signed the Treaty. The Treaty entered into force 180 days after the ratification of 44 nuclear-capable countries in the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom and China (but not earlier than the full two years for signature), and is valid indefinitely. By June 2013, 183 countries had signed, of which 159 had ratified. Among the 44 countries with nuclear capabilities stipulated in the Treaty, more than 10 countries have not ratified it (including 3 non-signatories), so the Treaty has not yet entered into force.

Although the treaty has not yet entered into force, in fact, this agreement has become de facto international law, because it is a treaty that all the nuclear powers have recognized and adhered to, and all the major powers are using this treaty to impose de facto constraints on other countries seeking nuclear weapons. If you dare not comply, the Security Council will impose joint sanctions. Take North Korea as an example. In order to obtain nuclear weapons, it was repeatedly sanctioned by the Security Council and is now forced to be a closed country. North Korea acquired nuclear weapons at the expense of economic development.

Let me take another recent example. Last year, under the background of the United States promoting Ukraine’s accession to NATO, Russia was forced to fight a proxy war with the United States and NATO in Ukraine based on national security and strategic interests. Although, from a strategic point of view, Russia is forced, and if Russia does not attack, the country will inevitably face division, and the Russian country will fall into a life-and-death situation. However, although it is such a reason, Russia fought in Ukraine and then occupied the territory of other countries through the so-called “referendum to join Russia”, which is opposed by almost the whole world.

Objectively speaking, there are problems in Russia’s choice of the time and way to deal with the Ukrainian issue. Of course, the cost and cost are also very high. This “special military operation” triggered a confrontation between Russia and the whole West.

From this, we can see that many times we need to work hard to solve some problems, and we need to look for opportunities, so that we can solve large problems at a small cost. The Hong Kong issue is also an example of a fundamental solution to the problem. With the help of the “Hong Kong independence” riots supported by the United States and the West in 2019, we have completely eradicated the “Hong Kong independence”. In addition, the “planting island” in the South China Sea was also an opportunity for the Philippines and Vietnam to cooperate with the United States in the South China Sea. We solved the problem as quickly as possible and formed the established facts. Now, based on our layout there, the South China Sea has become more and more stable!

Recently, the Philippines has continuously challenged China. In the face of the Philippines’ challenge, China has always shown great restraint and made concessions to the Philippines. However, in the past few days, the Philippines seems to be more and more rampant. If he doesn’t know how to rein in, he will not only throw a stone at his feet, but also force China to take major action!

As we all know, the Philippines has been unfriendly to China recently in the past period of time. Shortly after his visit to China, Philippine President Marcos Jr. increased the number of Philippine military bases used by the US military, from the past five to nine. At the same time, while visiting Japan, Little Marcos insinuated that something in Taiwan had an impact on the Philippines. A few days ago, Philippine ships broke into the vicinity of islands and reefs in the South China Sea. In order to range and guide the course, Chinese ships irradiated Philippine ships with laser pens that are available on Taobao and are fundamentally harmless to people. As a result, President Marcos of the Philippines summoned our ambassador in a solemn manner, and also announced that our ship only used laser weapons to cause its crew to become blind.

The reason why the Philippines jumped so high recently is multifaceted, but the core is that the small Marcos government wants to blackmail China with the United States’ self-respect, and wants to stir up waves in the South China Sea, so as to achieve a win-win situation between China, the United States and Japan. To do this, he probably believed that it was the best thing for the Philippines to stir up the waves in the South China Sea, so that he could use the power of the United States to blackmail China. Driven by this mentality, the Philippines began to send warships to spy on and harass China’s islands and reefs in the the Nansha Islands, and tried to find opportunities to occupy them.

Perhaps under the guidance of this ideology, the Philippines has just begun to pick up trouble again, trying to attack the Chinese-controlled Senbin Reef. The Philippine media accused China of saying that China had berthed 26 “militia ships” on the Senbin Reef, and these captains were scheduled to stop on the reef, which was similar to “occupation”.

So, where is Xianbin Reef?

Xianbin Reef is tens of kilometers away from Meiji Reef and Renai Reef, belonging to the flourishing dark sand. Before and after 1992, China set up the first generation of stilted houses on Xianbin Reef. In 1995, the confrontation between China and the Philippines broke out on Meiji Reef. During the confrontation, the Philippines blew up the high house set up by China on Sinbin Reef. Since then, on January 8, 2012, the Philippines has protested against the “invasion of the West Philippine Sea” by Chinese ships and naval vessels in December 2011.




So, this time the Philippine media hyped this matter, that is to say, they wanted to pick out the hot spot, and then use the power of the United States to drive away Chinese ships, so that they could seize the opportunity to seize it. If China opposed it, they would call for the United States to intervene, which would form a hot issue in the South China Sea, and then the Philippines would make profits from it.

There is no doubt that the Philippines still has such an abacus at this time, which is definitely wrong! For these islands and reefs, China is not unable to take measures, but hopes to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea as much as possible. For this reason, China is willing to make some sacrifices. In the future, we can also talk more about cooperation in relevant regions, and these islands and reefs may not be used by China temporarily.

In China’s view, the overall stability of the South China Sea is the most important. As long as the South China Sea is stable, the United States can’t afford anything, so China will not take the initiative to break a balance. However, if the trees want to be quiet and the wind continues, then China can only be forced to sell and take advantage of the situation. China used to “plant islands” in the South China Sea, which is to borrow the Philippines and other countries to make trouble. Will the Philippines play such a role again this time?

Now, the possibility of doing things like Little Marcos always exists. Imagine that if the Philippines wants to use the United States to seize the islands and reefs controlled by China, or to rekindle the South China Sea issue as a regional hotspot, and try to cooperate with the United States to set fire to China, then China will not be happy.

It is no exaggeration to say that although China cares about the overall situation, if the overall situation cannot be taken care of unilaterally at a stage, what else should China care about? Therefore, if the Philippines must provoke China and lead the US forces into the South China Sea to make trouble, the Marcos government will certainly provoke China!

So what will happen if the Philippines annoys China? From the perspective of Zhanhao (WeChat official account: Zhanhao), I’m afraid that China will have to use its power to accomplish something. For example, including Xianbin Reef, Renai Reef, Huangyan Island, etc., these islands and reefs may play a role in helping fishermen to avoid the wind at ordinary times because of their weak infrastructure. More often, they are of little practical value. In this case, China may drive the most advanced cutter suction dredger in the world, and fill the land area with reclamation, and the infrastructure can be built in three or two years.

China is not afraid to cause trouble, and we should try our best to restrain it in the case of provocation from the Philippines. But once it is too much to restrain, the Philippines should not blame China for being rude. As for the United States, did Mao use it? Didn’t he watch China engage in construction before?

In fact, for the Philippines, it is better not to make trouble and talk with China about the future. It is the best choice for everyone to jointly develop the South China Sea. For the Philippines, we must not pick a quarrel with the United States and Japan, or the consequences will be unimaginable, and the Philippines will suffer major strategic losses! In fact, many netizens are waiting for the Philippines to provoke China to restart the process of “planting islands”!

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