Is delireba 168cm tall? Is delireba lying about her height true or false

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Many netizens are looking forward to delireba walking on the red carpet and feel that her red carpet looks very beautiful every time. Another important reason why delireba’s red carpet looks so amazing is that she has a very good figure. Is delireba 168cm tall? Why did some netizens say that delireba lied about her height? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Is delireba 168cm tall

Delireba’s official height is 168cm. As a result, black fan always likes to slander delireba’s height writers, saying that delireba is 165cm at most. Xiao Bian wanted to say that Dili Reba did lie about her height, but she did not lie about her height, but about her height. Delireba’s real height is actually 171cm, 3cm higher than her official height.

The first film of diri Reba is anaerhan, which is an original Xinjiang TV series broadcast in 2013. Delireba was the number one woman in the play. At that time, she had not signed a contract with the company and had no acting experience. She only performed the play through interviews. The video of Dili Reba’s interview with ananerhan can be found online. She said in the audition clip that her net height was 171cm. Later, in a live birthday broadcast of diri Reba, diri Reba also measured her height, and the measurement result at that time was 171cm. So delireba’s height is 171cm, which is undoubtedly true.

Delireba lied about her height

Each of them is 171cm. Delireba can definitely be a model, and her figure is concave and convex. Wearing evening dress is naturally very eye-catching and beautiful, so the red carpet shape is so outstanding. Many netizens may wonder why delireba should lower her height. In fact, this is very common in the entertainment industry. Tall stars, both men and women, will underestimate their height. Otherwise, if they are too tall, they will not be easy to receive drama. Therefore, stars with the same height as those in the official data of the entertainment industry may have a big gap (one is going to lower the news, the other is going to higher the news).

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