Is empress dowager Lu’s indiscriminate killing of the descendants of Liu Bang due to the psychopathy of being a widow for a long time?

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After the death of emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, his wife Lu pheasant, also known as empress Lu, became empress dowager Lu. The new emperor, Emperor Huidi of the Han Dynasty, was her son. The Han family ruled the world with filial piety. In addition, Emperor Huidi of the Han Dynasty was soft and weak, and Empress Dowager Lu had a vicious and fierce temper. Therefore, Empress Dowager Lu actually mastered all the power of the royal family; After the death of emperor Hui of the Han Dynasty, the new emperor was young, and she became the de facto emperor after eight years of reign. She is not as mature as Han Gaozu, but with the boldness of the shrew, she handles the family and state affairs of the Han Dynasty. Three times five divided by two, it seemed that everything was done at will. For example, maybe because of jealousy or other reasons, she killed whoever she wanted to kill the children and grandchildren of those other concubines of emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, to what extent? Go to the majority and only a few! Like empress dowager Lu, it’s really refreshing to be free, happy, and do things as a person! But unexpectedly, June debt was repaid quickly, but her end was much more miserable than that of Han Gaozu. Due to some ingenious institutional presuppositions and personnel arrangements before the death of Han Gaozu, Empress Dowager Lu died. All relatives surnamed Lu were killed by ministers, old and young, and chickens and dogs. The final result was that emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty almost lost his son and grandchildren because of Empress Dowager Lu’s happy gratitude and hatred; And the Empress Dowager Lu’s own family surnamed Lu, because of the Empress Dowager Lu’s pleasure, gratitude and hatred, really broke up their children and grandchildren.

Crazy empress dowager Lu kills all descendants of Liu

After Liu Bang’s death, Empress Dowager Lu did a common sense incomprehensible thing, that is, she wiped out Liu Bang’s children and grandchildren who had been crowned king one by one. These Liu surnamed enfeoffment kings, each of whom was enfeoffed in a region far away from the capital, did not have the deep hatred of competing for the throne with Mrs. Qi and King Ruyi of Zhao, but why was she so hot? Let’s see how she dealt with these Liu Feng Wang, and then discuss her motives.

Let’s first look at Liu you, king of Zhao. Liu you was the son of emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, and was established as king of Huaiyang in the 11th year of emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty (196 BC). After the death of King Ruyi of Zhao, in the first year of emperor Huidi of Han Dynasty (194 BC), Liu you, king of Huaiyang, was renamed king of Zhao. Empress Dowager Lu decided to take the daughter of a cousin surnamed Lu as the queen of Liu you, king of Zhao. Liu you, king of Zhao, didn’t like the queen surnamed Lu, and spoiled other Wang Ji. The queen of Lu was so angry that she returned to Beijing and slandered empress dowager Lu and said, “the king of Zhao said: ‘the power of the outside world of Lu should not be granted the king, and I will attack the Empress Dowager when he is 100 years old (dead)”. Empress dowager Lu was furious. In the seventh year of Empress Dowager Lu (181 BC), she summoned Liu you, king of Zhao, to Beijing. After arriving in Beijing, Empress Dowager Lu refused to receive him, and confined Liu you, king of Zhao, to Zhao’s residence (the sub king has a mansion in Beijing, named after the Kingdom), and sent troops to guard it without giving food. All ministers of the state of Zhao who secretly supplied food to the king of Zhao were arrested and punished. Liu you, king of Zhao, was extremely hungry, so he wrote a song and said:

“Zhu Lu used things, Liu Shi Wei; coerced the Marquis, and forcibly granted my wife. My wife was jealous, framed me for evil; slandered a woman to disrupt the country, and the Lord never realized it. I have no loyal ministers, why did I abandon the country? Self determination in the wild, heaven and straight (I hope God will give me justice, that is, to plead grievances)! Yu Hu can’t regret it, I’d rather be a thief (suicide)! Starve to death for the king, who pity it? Lu Jue Li, ask heaven for revenge!”

The poem is not wonderful, it can only be said to be a documentary. However, to tell the truth, it is not easy for a person to leave such a poem when he is hungry and dizzy.

Liu you, king of Zhao, finally starved to death in Zhao Di, Chang’an. Empress Dowager Lu decided to bury it between the people’s trenches in Chang’an with folk rites. The so-called “people’s trenches”, or random graves.

After the death of Liu you, king of Zhao, Empress Dowager Lu changed her position to Liu Hui, king of Liang, another son of emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty, and changed Lu Chan, king of Lu, to King of Liang. In this way, after Lu Chan became king, didn’t she go from having no land to having land? Empress Dowager Lu also took the daughter of Lu Chan as the queen of King Zhao. The queen brought a large number of officials surnamed Lu with her, and controlled the power of the state of Zhao. Liu Hui, the king of Zhao, was under the surveillance of Zhu Lu. The king of Zhao had a concubine, and the queen surnamed Lu poisoned her with poisonous wine. Liu Hui, king of Zhao, then composed four chapters of the song to mourn his beloved concubine, which made musicians sing. After the song, Liu Hui, king of Zhao, felt that life was really tasteless, so he committed suicide. After hearing this, Empress Dowager Lu said, “the king of Zhao abandoned his ancestral temple and died for a woman. His son should not inherit the throne.” The enfeoffment of the kingdom of Zhao is empty again. So empress dowager Lu sent someone to tell Liu Heng, another son of emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, who was on the border between Han and Hu, to ask Liu Heng, the acting king, to change to King Zhao. Acting King Liu Heng thanked empress dowager Lu and asked to continue to guard the border.

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