Is Gao Qilan a good guy? Is Gao Qilan finally with Anxin

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Before, when we watched the storm, we were always curious about why there was no Gao Qilan. We felt that since Gao Qiqiang and Gao Qisheng became rich, there was no Gao Qilan’s part in the play. It was not until 2021 that Gao Qilan appeared again. Is Gao Qilan a good man? Did Gao Qilan finally stay with Anxin? The editor will introduce it today.

Is Gao Qilan a good man

Gao Qilan didn’t appear for many years because she went to study medicine. As we all know, it takes almost eight years to start a university to study medicine, so Gao Qilan has not appeared in the past plays. Gao Qilan came back to dinner with his brother. At first, many people thought that Gao Qilan was a bad man, because when his nephew Gao Xiaochen was arrested for racing, Gao Qilan lied directly to the police and used a bitter trick.

However, with the development of the plot, everyone felt that Gao Qilan was not a bad person, because she did not participate in her brother’s career from the beginning to the end, but focused on her own post, and sat with a doctor. However, Gao Qilan should know what his brother did. But even so, Gao Qilan will not break up the relationship between brother and sister with Gao Qiqiang. After all, his brother raised him like his father.

Is Gao Qilan Anxin together

Gao Qilan and Gao Qisheng went to the public security bureau to visit Gao Qiqiang and met Ann Xin, who was kind to help them. At that time, Gao Qilan fell in love with Ann Xin at first sight. Until 2021, Gao Qilan still liked Anxin, and Gao Qiqiang also intended to match them. However, after Ann Xin rejected Meng Yu at the beginning, Ann Xin completely gave up on the relationship between men and women. Now Anxin is only thinking about moving to the evil forces led by Gao Qiqiang. Anxin can’t accept Gao Qilan. Gao Qilan also said that he would never sell his brother for Anxin’s sake, so they were doomed to be impossible.

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