Is Gorbachev a benefactor or a sinner to China?

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Author: Longya source: a mountain of Longya (ID: longyadeyizuoshan)

According to the news released by the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian presidential Affairs Bureau on the night of the 30th local time, Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, died of a long-term serious illness that night at the age of 91.

No matter what Gorbachev’s personal conduct and historical achievements and demerits, the Chinese should not accuse him, because he has completed the normalization of Sino Soviet relations and is no longer a hostile relationship. He even felt that this was not enough, and he simply ended up with himself, which brought about more than 30 years of “putting swords and guns into the warehouse and letting the horses go to Nanshan” in northern China. What else? In the future that can be seen from history, the problem of “border disease in the north”, which has plagued China for thousands of years, will no longer be a problem. We can go all out to develop the economy, operate the southeast coast and operate the ocean.

In other words, he not only normalized his relations with China and ended his hostility, but also made himself paralyzed after drinking three cups of poisoned wine and could not see his comeback, which completely reversed the historical process of Russian national expansion. From the expansion of the Principality of Moscow 700 years ago, to the rapid expansion of Peter the great and yekaterina 300 years ago, to the participation in the partition of China 100 years ago, to the “one million Chen soldiers” on the Sino Soviet border 50 years ago, The historical process that lasted for several centuries ended in his hands.

What else do you want?

I have always believed in the theory of “the peak of attack”. No matter whether an army or a country is attacking or expanding, there is a “peak of attack”. Your logistics, resources, military strength, culture, economy and even internal endowments can only support you to reach this peak. After crossing the peak, you will inevitably shrink.

And he, Gorbachev, is the person who stands on the top of the entire Russian National offensive.

As his enemy and opponent for 700 years, it is undoubtedly lucky and happy to witness this scene. It is certainly happy to witness the arrival of the strategic turning point.

The Secretary General of the United Nations said that “he changed the course of history”. This sentence has completely different meanings for different people. For the United States and the west, he is the person who ended the cold war, for the Eastern European countries, he is the disappearance of a bully, for the Soviet Union, he is a disaster, and for Russia, he is a doomed sinner.

But for China, he is the one who ended Russia’s expansion.

Later, when I went to practice in the army, I went to some troops in the north, including the troops on the border between China and Mongolia facing the possible attack of the Soviet Union. In these troops, I have seen that in order to guard against the Soviet Union’s dependence, it is difficult to understand this exaggerated and desperate approach from today’s perspective. What forced the Chinese people to make such an extreme move?

This is a mountain building for the purpose of delaying the Soviet Union’s attack on the northern border of China. In fact, it is a kind of fortification. The purpose is to leave a fortress behind the Soviet Union after the front of the Soviet Union’s attack has swept, so as to threaten its logistics supply and rear circuitous mobility, and play a role in delaying the attack.

This is the Chinese type 89 self-propelled anti tank gun. It has a main gun of 120 mm caliber. At the same time, its armor is as thin as an egg skin. It is purely a weapon used for fighting. Before the war, we relied on fortifications and camouflage to wait for the enemy to come to our door and then fired guns. We fired as many shots as we could. We tried our best to fight more enemies during the process of reversing at high speed, and finally died for our country.

All these are helpless “emergency weapons” to deal with the huge steel torrent of the Soviet Union.

Many people said that that period of history was “afraid of hitting the wolf with a stick”. This is a typical perspective of hindsight. How dare you say that you were not afraid? As a matter of fact, there are many more exaggerated means than human mountain building and 89 artillery, such as “three line construction”, “deep excavation and wide grain storage”, all the people are soldiers, and extreme family change. Which one is not a desperate gesture made by being forced to the corner? Now that history is over, you are complacent and say that you are afraid of both ends. If you are left at that time, you can piss your pants faster than anyone else.

Just like what people say about the present 50 years later, what is the United States? Among the obstacles in China, they are not ranked in the top ten. I don’t know what people are afraid of in 2022.

What are you afraid of? Those who chant “chip” and “engine” are the clearest.

At that time, China’s perception of the Soviet Union was like this. It was huge, fierce, and had an indelible instinct of aggression and expansion. It had to be prevented. Prevention comes at a price. You have to invest human, material, capital, technical resources and so on. If you always guard against him, you will have a bad life.

As early as the 1970s, Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s assertion that “the mainstream of the world is peace” was an extremely great forward-looking judgment. Later reality proved this judgment. At that time, Gorbachev did not even take office. This judgment accurately discovered that the Soviet Union was about to reach its “peak of attack” and that a 700 year long historical process had come to an end. This strategic vision is not available to ordinary people, It is also the beginning of my belief in the theory of “attack apex”.

Based on this judgment, we boldly opened up the reform and opening up, and China’s comprehensive national strength gradually increased. On the Eurasian continent, the northern border problems that have plagued the Chinese nation for thousands of years have become history.

Today, the only “iron and steel torrent” on the Eurasian continent is printed with the “August 1” military emblem.

So what do you say about Gorbachev? From different angles and positions, the evaluation is certainly different.

It was he who completely defeated the Soviet Union and solved the millennium old threat from the north, enabling China to concentrate on economic development and allow China’s economy to develop at a high speed for decades;

It was he who ended the cold war by giving up his arms and surrendering inexplicably. The enemy was overjoyed and said “I have never seen such a situation”!

It was he who set an example for the vast number of socialist countries, provided negative teaching materials, thoroughly alerted the masses, reminded the masses, and declared the end of the capitulationist line.

It was he who exposed the hypocrisy of capitalism and American imperialism, exposed the deceptiveness of the promises made before capitulation, and proved that there is no way out for capitulation. The enemy is merciless. He will not stop until he kills you, and there will be no forgiveness.

It’s him, a vivid example, a newspaper of this world, a vivid evidence that you can’t ignore, and it also proves that:

1. The end of Militarism;

2. The end of being divorced from the masses;

3. The end of bureaucracy;

4. The end of capitulationism;

5. Place hope on the merciful end of the enemy.

From the perspective of the proletariat, he is undoubtedly a sinner through the ages. There is nothing to say. Then, as a Chinese proletariat, is he a benefactor from the perspective of the nation?

Not at all.

Whether there is Gorbachev or not, Russia’s 700 year expansion is bound to end at this moment. He Gorbachev just makes this end look funny and shameless. He could have fallen down in a magnificent and moving manner, and would have been revered as an opponent. But he did collapse inexplicably. He brazenly asked for his pension and retirement benefits. He shamelessly ran to shoot advertisements and “live action” movies. Even I, a Chinese, felt that I could not bear it.

As a Chinese, from the standpoint of the nation and the class, we will not pity, regret or thank him at all. What kind of person is he?

From the national standpoint, he is the person who happens to stand on the “offensive peak” of Russia’s 700 year expansion history;

From the standpoint of the class, he is a traitor of the class, a shameless worker and a shameless capitulationist.

After all, a clown.

On the day of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the largest snow in my memory fell in my hometown. The heavy snow rarely seen in the Sichuan basin made the whole world white. All the hills now look like white mushrooms, extending along the line of sight, one by one, until the foot of Mount Emei in the distance. Mount Emei is particularly clear in the field of vision today. Even the stones on the mountain can be seen clearly. Wearing white costumes, it seems to announce the end of an era and the beginning of an era.

Auspicious snow year!

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