Is Gu Lin and Zhang an together in the summer of Zhang Weiguo? Why is Gu Lin not pleasant

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The TV series Zhang Weiguo’s summer, starring Huang Lei, Hai Qing, Liu Yijun and Mei Ting, is popular on Hunan Satellite TV and mango TV. This play tells the story of three generations. As the younger generation, Gu Lin and Zhang an also have stories. Is Gu Lin and Zhang an together in the summer of Zhang Weiguo? Why isn’t Gu Lin pleasing? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Are Gu Lin and Zhang an together

Gu Lin is the daughter of Gu Jiayi, Lin Hongnian, and Zhang an is the daughter of Zhang Guowei. As martial brothers, Lin Hongnian and Zhang Weiguo have a deep relationship. If their children are really together, it is definitely a kiss on the side. Gu Lin’s mother Gu Jiayi secretly ran to Beijing with her because she was going to Beijing to learn painting.

In order to know where his wife and children settled in Beijing, Lin Hongnian turned to his good brother Zhang Weiguo for help. Unfortunately, Zhang Weiguo was caught by Gu Jiayi early, so Zhang Weiguo had no choice but to ask his son Zhang An’an for help. Very smart Zhang an pretended to be a delivery boy, and then saw Gu Lin’s face, and then very directly explained his purpose of looking for Gu Lin. Gu Lin was attracted by the cute and extremely smart handsome man in front of him. It can be said that he fell in love with Zhang an at first sight.

Why is Gu Lin not pleasing

Therefore, Gu Lin and Zhang An’an should have a love line. As a comedy in Zhang Weiguo’s summer, the ending must be happy ending. I feel that Gu Lin should be with Zhang an after being admitted to university. However, many netizens don’t like Gu Lin very much. The reason is that Gu Jiayi and Lin Hongnian haven’t divorced yet. Gu Lin enthusiastically set up his mother to date other men. Although Lin Hongnian is not Gu Lin’s biological father, Lin Hongnian also regards Gu Lin as his own. Even if the relationship between parents is bad, Gu Lin should not do so, so many viewers don’t like Gu Lin’s role.

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