Is huangweide married? Huangweide and his girlfriend Xiao Lu are secretly married

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Recently, the popular TV drama “refueling mother” on CCTV has been loved by everyone. There are many familiar faces in the drama, such as Huang Weide. Huang Weide plays lixiuping in the play. Although lixiuping has a very powerful wife, he has cheated on his subordinates, which makes people think of Huang Weide’s affair with Yi Nengjing. Is huangweide married? Huang Weide was revealed to have secretly married his girlfriend Xiao Lu. Is it true or false? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Is huangweide married

Huang Weide developed very well in the mainland and played the leading role in several works. However, he was exposed to the hand in hand affair with Yi Nengjing. Annie Yi got divorced because of this, and her acting career plummeted. Huang Weide also disappeared from the screen for several years because of this incident. When Huang Weide reappeared on the screen, he began to play a supporting role.

However, as a powerful actor, Huang Weide has developed very well in the mainland entertainment industry in recent years. Basically, he has works to meet with you every year. Huang Weide, who was born in 1971, is 51 years old this year. Naturally, everyone is curious about Huang Weide’s love life. After Yi Nengjing and Harlem divorced, they were not with Huang Weide. If they had stayed together, they would have been banned by the entertainment industry.

Huangweide married his girlfriend secretly

After holding hands with Annie Yi, huangweide paid special attention to his feelings. Later, he went out with his girlfriend Xiao Lu. Huang Weide and Lu have been photographed dating for many times, but they have never come out to admit the relationship. A few years ago, Taiwan media broke the news that Huang Weide and Xiao Lu had been married with a low-key license, but the two had never had children. When Huang Weide was pressed by the Taiwan media to ask when he would have a child, Huang Weide said that his brother had already given birth, so he did not have the pressure to carry on the family line.

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