Is it a woman who caused the collapse of the powerful Western Zhou Empire?

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Chinese men most like to blame women for the historical crimes of disrupting the country, so the phrase “beauty is a curse” has become a mantra of Chinese men. Especially at the time of great disaster, Chinese men prefer to sacrifice this magic weapon, let women take the blame for themselves, and men pat their hips, and become heroes of history or prophets of future disasters and blessings.

It is said that Daji perished in the Shang Dynasty; The world of Zhou Dynasty was lost because of a smile of Baosi; The reason why the Ming Dynasty was subjugated was that Wu Sangui, the guard of Shanhai Pass, was “angry at the crown and became a beauty”, and the prostitute Chen Yuanyuan became the culprit of the subjugation; In addition, Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty spoiled Yang Guifei, which led to the “an Shi rebellion”. Emperor Cheng of the Han Dynasty spoiled Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede sisters, which led to the decline of the throne of the Western Han Dynasty. As for the women who were moved and killed because of their favor and other needs in the long history, there are countless!

Chinese men are really good measurement! Even if women really mess with the country, Chinese men should also show a little gentlemanly demeanor and take some responsibility for them, which is not worth the Chinese women’s “three obediences and four virtues”, not to mention that the responsibility for messing with the country is not on women at all. If you don’t believe it, let’s look at the historical facts.

It is said that women’s subjugation began in Su Daji of the Shang Dynasty. King Zhou of Shang Dynasty was extremely intelligent, strong, powerful and eloquent since he was young. He was originally a promising monarch, but since he spoiled Su Daji, he abandoned the state policy, resulting in the collapse of Shang Dynasty. It is the so-called natural beauty that will inevitably cause chaos to the country. It seems irrefutable. What did king Zhou do? First of all, he frequently waged wars against foreign countries and militarized, making the people unbearable. Secondly, his life is extravagant and extravagant,

One is the clouds and rain. Don’t grow autumn grass here. Autumn grass and autumn moths fly here

Why do you meet each other when you miss each other and worry about the falling sun? Extinguish the candle and untie Luo Yi

Tang / Li Bai / Jiyuan

Far more than previous generations. According to historical records, he dug many large pools in the garden of sand dunes, poured a large amount of sweet wine into them, and hung the cooked meat on the surrounding branches, which was called “wine pool meat forest”. At the same time, he let men and women undress, chase and play in the “wine pool and meat forest”, and accompany him to do an all night banquet. Third, the cruelty of his behavior can not be described in four words, but simply inhuman. King Zhou liked to feed Tigers with living people, dissect human hearts, and kill pregnant women. Once, in order to verify whether he guessed the sex of the fetus was accurate, the baby was dissected on the spot for examination. As for breaking human bones, gouging out human knees and digging out bone marrow, that’s not to mention. The fourth is the indiscriminate killing of ministers. He created firebrand torture tools, tied people to copper pillars, and then heated the copper pillars with charcoal to make people slowly turn into ashes. The sins of King Zhou are countless. If the Shang Dynasty does not perish, it is really unreasonable! What’s this about Daji?

In fact, in Chinese history, the most famous is Baosi, “Baosi loses the world with a smile”, which has almost become a highly generalized idiom. It is really a household name, known to women and children. Baosi’s “laughter” was indeed related to the demise of the Western Zhou Dynasty, but it was not “laughter” that caused the demise of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Those who tried to make Baosi “laugh” were the real culprits of the demise of the Western Zhou Dynasty.

In the Western Zhou Dynasty, king you of Zhou, who doted on Baosi, was killed and his son king Ping of Zhou moved eastward, but to tell the story of Baosi losing the world with a smile, we have to start with King Xuan of Zhou, the father of king you of Zhou.



In the fortieth year of King xuanwang of Zhou (788 BC), there was a rumor that the Zhou Dynasty would be destroyed by a female goblin in the future. In fact, rumors are not always made out of nothing, but often have certain social and historical reasons. Probably at that time, the politics was corrupt and the people could not bear the pain. They hoped that this dynasty would perish as soon as possible. People remembered that the previous generation (Shang Dynasty) was perished in the hands of Daji, the “female goblin”, so people made up such a rumor to curse the society at that time. King xuanwang of Zhou should have seen the dissatisfaction of the people from this rumor, felt his mistakes in politics, and thought well for the people. If we can do this, the rumors will naturally disappear. However, King Xuan of Zhou was confused by the rumors and hurriedly sent a minister named Du Bo to catch the female goblin. As a result, some suspected women were arrested and convicted, and some unfortunate women were killed. In this way, the whole country is in panic, and rumors have not been eliminated, but have become more popular; The rumor was originally false, but now it is about to come true.

Achievements have nothing to do with women, political power has nothing to do with women, but the subjugation of the country has nothing to do with women. This is really a mismatch between responsibility and power!

Three years later, in the 43rd year of King Xuan of Zhou (785 BC), King Xuan of Zhou had a dream that a female goblin came to seize his throne. Naturally, he felt very afraid and thought again

After catching goblins, he wanted minister Dubo to kill people. Du Bo was quite honest and unwilling to kill more people, so he told king xuanwang that there were no goblins. If he searched everywhere again, he would make chickens and dogs restless and people panic, and the country might really be destroyed. King Xuan of Zhou was so angry that he killed Du Bo. Zuo Ru, a good friend of Du Bai, was almost killed because he persuaded king xuanwang of Zhou. When Zuo Ru came home, the more he thought about it, the more depressed he became, and he committed suicide. Since the death of these two ministers, King xuanwang of Zhou was in a state of panic and restlessness. Once, he went hunting with the princes. Because he felt unwell, he took a car back in advance. In the car, he took a nap and dreamed that Du Bo and Zuo Ru were wearing red clothes and hats and shooting at him with big red bows and arrows. King Xuan of Zhou felt sharp pain in his chest and suddenly woke up. From then on, King Xuan of Zhou fell ill and soon died.

King Xuan of Zhou failed to catch the goblins, but he lost his old life. However, we can see from it that the rule of the Western Zhou Dynasty has been corrupt, and the real destruction is not far away. Interestingly, the female goblin did not exterminate the Western Zhou Dynasty when King xuanwang of the Zhou Dynasty came. When his son king Youwang of the Zhou Dynasty came, a “female goblin” named Bao Si really disintegrated the Western Zhou Dynasty with a smile. Is it true that the rumor has come true?

If King xuanwang of Zhou is fatuous, stupid and even cruel, King Youwang of Zhou is better than his Lao Tzu in these aspects. He is really better than his Lao Tzu. In eating, drinking and having fun, king you of Zhou also ranked first among the feudal monarchs in China. Except for wine and meat, he is a woman. As for politics, he doesn’t care. He sent ministers to search the world for beautiful women for his pleasure; In material life, although he did not engage in the “wine pool and meat forest” of King Zhou of Shang Dynasty, he was also extravagant. In this case, he didn’t listen to honest advice at all, but was happy with flattery. As a result, there were complaints from the government and the public, and the Western Zhou Dynasty had died in the eyebrows.

In the second year after you wang ascended the throne, a major earthquake occurred in the king’s capital, Haojing. According to the bookofsongs ยท the turn of October, the situation of the earthquake was “rivers boiling, mountains collapsing, high banks for valleys, deep valleys for tombs”. After the earthquake, followed by a drought, “three rivers are exhausted”. This series of natural disasters has made the life of the already poor people even worse. Earthquakes and droughts were natural phenomena, but in ancient society, people agreed that they were warnings and punishments from heaven. People should carefully check their mistakes and correct them in order to obtain heaven’s forgiveness and shelter, otherwise, they will perish. In the long ancient society, almost every occurrence of major natural disasters or anomalies, such as earthquakes, typhoons, droughts and floods, eclipses, comets, etc., would cause panic among the rulers of the current Dynasty. The occurrence of these phenomena led to the resignation of cabinet ministers of the imperial court, which was also countless. After the earthquake in Haojing, Zhao shudai, the doctor of king you of Zhou, took this opportunity to write a letter to advise king you. Zhao shudai said, “earthquakes, landslides, subsidence and drought are the punishment of God for people. The king of heaven should find honest and talented people to correct the mistakes of the country, in order to forgive God. In this time of many disasters and difficulties, how can you send people everywhere to find beautiful women?” The site of beacon tower in Lishan is said to be the place where King Youwang of Zhou played with princes.

King you of Zhou became angry from embarrassment, took uncle Zhao to an official position and blasted him out of the door. The minister Baoxiang was very angry and said to King Zhou you, “the king of heaven is not afraid of natural disasters, does not care about state affairs, but kisses villains and far virtuous ministers. If this goes on, this country will certainly be unable to maintain.” King you of Zhou put him in prison without discrimination. From then on, no one dared to persuade King Zhou you.

Baoxiang stayed in prison for three years, and you wang seemed to have forgotten him. It seemed that he would never think of it for a lifetime. The people in Baoxiang’s family are very anxious and want to find a way to save him. Knowing that you wang liked beauties, they tried every means to get Baosi and dedicated it to you Wang. This move was indeed very effective, and you Wang was exempted from the crime of praising Xiang at that time.

In fact, if we remove the myths and legends of later generations, we can still see that Bao Si was originally a child from a poor family. At the time of King xuanwang of Zhou, there was a ballad that “the mulberry arc’s clothes really killed the state of Zhou”, which means that the bow made of mulberry wood and the arrow bag made of dustpan wood were going to destroy the Zhou Dynasty. This, like the rumors that the Zhou Dynasty was going to be destroyed in the hands of female goblins, reflects the dissatisfaction of the people with the years of war, but the dizzy king Youwang of Zhou really thought that these two things were going to destroy the Zhou Dynasty, so he ordered that the manufacturing and trading of these two things were not allowed. But it happened that a couple did not know the ban and came to the capital to sell mulberry bows and Jimu arrows. King you of Zhou ordered them to be arrested. The poor couple hurriedly ran away, picked up an abandoned girl on the roadside outside the city, and fed her up. This girl was later Baosi. At this point, the rumors about the death of the Banshee Jing Zhou and sang Gongji arrow Zhou were completely unified.

Baosi was born in poverty. Although she was born beautiful, she couldn’t sing and dance. When Baoxiang’s family found her, they bought her at a high price and took her as the person of Baoxiang’s family. They renamed her Baosi, taught her how to sing and dance and serve the king, and then dedicated her to the king. At the sight of Baosi, you Wang was like a treasure. Baosi’s natural beauty and simple and healthy physique made you king of Zhou obsessed with lust. But the only thing that made king you of Zhou regret was that Bao Si never laughed. If this historical legend is true, it must be because Bao Si, who was born in poverty, was sad and unwilling to serve this ignorant king. Although he lived a luxurious life, he was also depressed all day long.

Although the king of Zhou you was accompanied by Bao Si at night, the more he slept every night and traveled day and night, the more he felt that Bao Si was a cold beauty and the more he wanted to make her smile. King Youwang of Zhou tried all kinds of ways, and Baosi always rarely smiled. Finally, the king finally ran out of money and had to offer a reward: whoever could make Baosi smile would be rewarded with a thousand liang of gold. This is the origin of the idiom “a thousand dollars buy a smile”. Of course, many people dream of making money and come to offer advice, but these methods can’t make Baosi laugh, but only make Baosi angry.

However, there is a cunning villain Guo Shifu who is very good at flattering the king of heaven. He will give an idea. He will let the king light the beacon tower. When the princes’ troops come and see the invincible soldiers, they will run around in frustration. Bao Si will certainly laugh at that scene.

The dim king of Zhou you even agreed with Guo Shifu’s words, but this beacon tower must not be easily lit. Beacon towers were originally an alarm facility in ancient China, because the Zhou Dynasty at that time depended not only on the economy, but also on the military defense of the surrounding small vassal states. Once the enemy invaded, it would light the beacon and alarm. At that time, the capital of the Western Zhou Dynasty, Haojing, was located in Chang’an County, Xi’an City, and both sides of the Northwest were close to Rongdi and other ethnic minorities, so it was easy to be attacked. Therefore, the Western Zhou Dynasty set up a beacon tower on Mount Li. The beacon is smoke, and the fire is fire light. Once lit, the smoke will soar in the daytime, and the fire light will be reflected in the field at night. You can see it dozens of miles away, and the next beacon tower will be lit immediately. In this way, the police can be sent quickly, and the princes will immediately lead troops to serve the king.

There are more than 20 beacon towers in Lishan. King Youwang of Zhou brought Baosi to Lishan. On that day, King Youwang’s uncle Zheng Boyou knew about this matter and came to stop it for fear of trouble. But king you of Zhou didn’t listen at all. Instead, he said that he was setting off fireworks to relieve boredom. In this way, king you of Zhou finally lit the beacon. The neighboring princes hurried to the capital, Haojing. They heard that the king of heaven was in Lishan, and hurried to Lishan, but it didn’t look like war, and there was no enemy at all. King you of Zhou stood on the high platform and shouted to them, “you’ve worked hard. There are no enemies. Go back!” The princes were so teased that they were very angry. Their soldiers and horses were also flying around like headless flies at the foot of Lishan Mountain. The different flags and military uniforms of various princes were mixed, which was very funny. When Bao Si saw this unprecedented scene, it was said that he really grinned and said, “thank you for coming up with this idea!”

This is the story of the famous war drama princes in history.

Baosi gave birth to a son named Bofu to king you of Zhou. King you of Zhou, because he doted on Bao si very much, made her queen and Bofu crown prince, and abolished the original Queen and crown prince Yijiu. In ancient Chinese society, it has always been a major event to abolish the queen or the crown prince. King you of Zhou abolished the queen at the same time, and the crown prince caused a great shock in the court and the public. Moreover, the abolished queen was the daughter of marquis Shen. The abolished Prince Yi Jiu went to his grandfather’s home, Shenguo (now North of Anyang City, Henan Province), to cry. When Marquis Shen knew that his daughter was abolished, Yi Jiu would be killed, and he would also be punished by the king you, he was afraid, Feel angry again. In order to keep his position and vent his anger, marquis Shen secretly colluded with neighboring states Ying and Gongrong to attack Haojing together. Hourong has always wanted to loot Haojing and suffered from the lack of opportunity. This time, since the Shenguo made an appointment, it is estimated that there will be no troops from other vassal states to rescue. Why not.

When the army came under the city, king you of Zhou hurriedly asked Guo Shifu to light the beacon tower. The beacon burned for several days and nights, and no one of the vassal states came. Of course, they thought it was the king of heaven amusing Baosi, and they didn’t want to go there in vain.

There were not many troops in Haojing. General Zheng Boyou led his troops out to resist for a while. Finally, he was surrounded and shot dead by the enemy because of his weak position. King you of Zhou, Guo Shifu, and the crown prince Bofu fled to Lishan together, and were also captured and killed by dog Rong. Bao Si, who had never really laughed once in the deep palace, was also captured by dog Rong. Zheng Boyou, a general who was shot dead by the dog army, was the monarch of the state of Zheng. His son heard that his father died in the war, so he led the army to take revenge. The army of the state of Zheng has always been strong. Coupled with the battle of mourning, it was sure to win. It won the battle in Haojing company. Shen Hou originally planned to force you wang to restore his daughter and grandson by using the soldiers of the dog army. He didn’t expect to make this situation happen, and he also regretted it, so he secretly wrote to other Dukes to ask them to send troops for assistance. Seeing the arrival of various princes, Canrong took away all the goods and treasures of the Zhou Dynasty, set fire to Haojing, and withdrew his troops.

After the withdrawal of the soldiers, Duke Shen, Duke Lu and Duke Xu Wengong established the original crown prince Yijiu as king, known as king Zhou Ping. At the same time, Guo gonghan and others supported the king, which led to the situation of “two weeks standing side by side”. King Ping received the support of some more powerful vassal states. More than a decade later, Jin attacked and killed the king, and the Western Zhou Dynasty was unified. However, Haojing was close to Gongrong, and was repeatedly attacked and defenseless. In addition, many houses in Haojing were destroyed and could not be repaired, so King Ping of Zhou decided to give up the old capital of the Western Zhou Dynasty and move east to Luoyi (now Luoyang). In 770 BC, King Ping of Zhou finally moved his capital to Luoyi under the protection of princes. The Western Zhou Dynasty perished and the Eastern Zhou Dynasty was established. However, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty could not even keep its own territory, let alone order the princes. In fact, the Zhou Dynasty, as a powerful country, ended since the fall of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Since the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, it has been reduced to a medium-sized vassal state, and Chinese history has also entered the spring and Autumn period.

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