Is it really useful to rescue the market with all kinds of tricks?

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

When I was in primary school, I often did a kind of very boring math problems. When a pool was turned on, I turned on the tap, and then asked you when the pool would be drained or filled.

I have the ability to think independently since I was very young. Every time I encounter such a problem, I will ask myself, isn’t this a waste? If you drain water, you can drain it. If you drain water, you can drain it at the same time. In addition to waste, is it meaningful?

Later, when I grew up, I realized that the primary school mathematics was full of profound meaning. It was my mistake to blame the teachers who compiled the textbooks.

I have been asked to write about the room ticket in Zhengzhou.

Before, I told my real estate friends that the demolition is equivalent to the directional drainage of the local version of the real estate.

It is very simple. The room tickets issued to the households whose houses have been demolished and changed cannot be consumed in other places. They can only be consumed locally.

When I think of the consumption points I once got and exchange them for gifts, I always feel that the points are not made of money, so I unconsciously spend more money. When I control my consumption desire, I look at the gifts exchanged with consumption. Good guys, all of them are selling at high prices, which is not cost-effective.

Well, in order to save the market, we created our own demand, money and internal circulation, but it is really hard to comment on whether the people will benefit in the end. Or we can maintain the shaky house price by this means. After all, local demand immediately increased.

Last year, Zhengzhou was hit by a disaster. It was both an epidemic and a torrential rain.

I read about the experience of a restaurant owner in his 40s on the Internet. He couldn’t stand the pressure and finally committed suicide. When he left, he had only a few hundred dollars left.

Take a look at the data of Ali FA’s auction house. Behind each data is a family that can’t afford it.

House has never been easy, but it is easy to bind a lot of things with a house, so that those who should not buy a house at all owe huge debts in a muddle headed way.

I have written many times about the subprime mortgage crisis. Who caused the subprime mortgage?

Over the years, over tapping the potential of land finance is behind unlimited consumption of the future of the people. A man has been burdened with high debts for decades. Can he afford to spend? Dare to innovate? Dare to stick to your ideals and be an honest man?

But the money from selling the land is too easy. It’s too good to spend. Once you start smoking, you can’t stop.

In 2014, the transformation of shanty towns created a lot of demand, so there was a wave of price increases to inventory all over the country, and all kinds of stories about real estate speculation and family prosperity are getting numb.

so what? The birth rate has fallen.

I don’t know how many new jobs can be provided in Zhengzhou, how many young people can be employed, and how many opportunities can be created to make people have confidence to carry 30-year loans and actively face life.

But I know that the environment is not good this year. If young people want to stay in big cities, it will be more difficult because there is no cheap village in the city.

In places like Shenzhen and Guangzhou, the consumption power is high enough, but the village in the city is still left to him, because the median income population can’t afford the high rental cost.

No matter how generous the room ticket is, have you ever thought about the life of the less affluent migrant population?

Have you ever wondered why Zhengzhou has not accumulated high-end industries? The only high-end enterprises that are close to high-tech enterprises are facaikang.

Just ask, how many innovative enterprises were incubated in rental houses in Shenzhen?

Over the years, what kind of shed reform, monetized shed reform, sounds like a livelihood project, but in fact? How many rich people have been demolished by rounds of demolition? Is their money falling from the sky? Who is the final cost layer by layer?

How slow it is to earn money from honest work and how fast and easy it is to get money from land finance. But things in the world are always the easiest and the hardest in the end.

To tell you the truth, the real estate ticket was really a good move. At least it can solve the urgent need for liquidity in the real estate market.

It would be nice if the house ticket could be circulated internally. However, there are pig teammates who make trouble everywhere. Yes, those real estate developers who are full of pride and lack strength!

Since last year’s Evergrande thunderstorm, one real estate enterprise after another has experienced a thunderstorm. Some time ago, I wrote “rongchuang has finally experienced a Thunderstorm”. Unexpectedly, I suddenly read more and became 10w+.

Rongchuang is definitely not the last big thunder developer, but rongchuang has always been a white knight of various developers.

Sunhongbin failed to do Shunchi in the past. He couldn’t afford to sell it cheaply. However, it wasn’t long before the 4trillion market rescue policy came. What was sunhongbin’s mood at that time?

In 2008, 15 years, time and time again, every time the real estate developers encountered difficulties, they would finally have policies to save them. When the wolf came, they shouted several times, and everyone became bolder.

I remember when Evergrande first heard about thunderstorms, I persuaded a friend who was a supplier to boss Xu to quickly throw away the business ticket. At that time, I could sell it at a 70% discount.

At that time, he was confident enough to open his mouth to such a large enterprise. He would certainly be fine.

This is “big but not down”. I have seen too much. Greed has defeated prudence. I am lucky. I can’t cry even now.

Today, I read the news that a certain university started restructuring in July.

I just ha ha, but if you really want to solve the problem earlier, why should you put it off until now? He is full of lies. Everyone deceives him. Who can believe him in the end?

It’s just that he has rich experience in crisis and has been rescued time and time again. He always feels that it’s not his fault to go to today’s situation, and he still wants to keep a piece of his family property.

If it were me, I would carry it. Anyway, dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water. They are dragging you to save the market. Do you want to know whether they were saved? Can I buy a second-hand building for the room ticket? We can only buy those new houses that look scared and God knows when something will go wrong.

Is the debt transferred from who to whom? So something interesting came. The more the market was rescued, the more confident some people were.

Maybe in the end, if you don’t give me a favor, I will lie down and show you. It has become a kind of blackmail. Who will pay for them in the end?

In recent years, there have been many problems about the building quality of the house. I don’t want to say it. I’m really afraid to say it.

Many of the things that should be supervised have not been supervised. Neither the quality nor the supervision accounts exist in name only. Therefore, all kinds of risks are accumulating in indulgence. Who will pay the bill in the end?

The most pitiful thing is the buyer who empties six wallets and carries debts for decades to come. Let alone find someone to decide. If you dare to protest, it will immediately become a red code.

Is it magic?

Don’t tell me that land finance and innovative land finance are overdrawing the future, because this overdraft involves too much, so those who benefit from it have nothing to fear.

Then they kidnapped the local policy again and again. It is said that now some people are proposing not to buy a house maliciously.

I can’t laugh or cry when I read the news. What’s kidnapping like? What’s driving me crazy? Why did I come up with this wording?

How much future can I overdraw?

Now I don’t even use credit cards, flowers, and IOUs. I always have to pay back what I spend. If I want to overdraw my spending power, this kind of consumption may not be necessary at all.

If you live in a house without speculation, the house is a consumer goods. Whether you consume it or not is voluntary. Why not consume it maliciously?

Of course, the liquidity crisis in the real estate industry has been fermenting, but this is not because people do not consume maliciously, but because those who engage in real estate are unwilling to assume their responsibilities and are too greedy.

A big problem has not been solved, but now, does anyone dare to be a supplier to real estate enterprises as before?

For the project progress that could have been achieved by 1 yuan, now we have to invest 3 or 5 yuan. Otherwise, people would rather stop work. At least they can make less losses if they don’t move. Less losses means making money.

What do you think people will think when they see that another construction site has stopped moving?

Why does Henan rural bank make it difficult for small and medium-sized banks in China to withdraw money recently?

Everyone is afraid of you. Who dares to gamble on what he has and what he will have in the future?

This brings us back to the question at the beginning: can water be left in a pool while it is draining water? It depends on how big the hole is.

Because you expect crazy water from above, don’t even think about it.

Now the entire financial environment in the world, the United States and the Empire all say that they are going to decline.

If a big problem is not solved, other holes will open their mouths. If you dare to protect the interests of real estate developers without restrictions, more people will choose to vote with their feet in order to protect their poor rights and interests.

So what did you save? Did you save it?

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